We're Tuesday?! O.O

So… apparently we’re Tuesday and I didn’t even realize it. We had company during the weekend and lost track of time I guess. 

I have no video prepared for tomorrow…. so I think I may just record a bit of  Don’t Starve. What do you guys think? Would you want to see that?

Edit: I don’t think it’ll happen. Just spent 15 minuets recording only to find out that I have a bit of a toaster mic going on and the FPS is shiiiiit. Maybe some other time : <

Only…what about tomorrow? O.O! 

Youtube Close Captioning

So I was checking out the features of Youtube and realized that the close captioning features sucks balls. 

“a bomb susan and i need to talk to you guys about life”
“gal people associate even he’s being a complete idiot makes every statistic that xd”
“unlock the bastards stellar”
“it’ll sit still does”
“time is all things that he and he might text-based committee you mickey kantor” 
“and indicate to profile we had to retire and then paragraph about what's happening and let the others like it there in you write a response paragraph to that”

Apparently this is what I talk about in my latest Youtube Video…
If you maybe, I dunno, wanna know what I actually talked about you can find it here on my page: http://www.youtube.com/user/VlogerBunny?feature=mhee