and-a-slight-drizzle  asked:

I just donated $55 to the p4a, can you draw hank doing the twenty one pilots hand sign? He's said he likes them a lot. Thank you!

@and-a-slight-drizzle said: Ok wait I just sent in a request but I want to add to it if that’s ok, also Katherine, next to hank, wearing a shirt with the twenty one pilots logo 😂 thank you again!

P4A 2016 Tumblr Requests


Hi! So I’m going on a social media hiatus for a while starting today. (There will still be a new vlogbrothers video from me every Tuesday and a new episode of our podcast Dear Hank and John each week.) 

There are a lot of reasons for the break, but it boils down to this: For both professional and personal reasons, I want and need to write a book, and so I want to direct all my energy toward the story.

I’ve also had a difficult few months in terms of dealing with my mental illness, which is a chronic (but treatable!) part of my life, and I’m hopeful that taking a step back from online life will help me regain some equilibrium. 

How long will this last? I don’t know. Rosianna will keep things updated around here on the crash course/art assignment/public health/AFC Wimbledon/etc. fronts. If she’s posting, you’ll know because she’ll put RHR in tags.

I made a post earlier today with lots of updates on various endeavors, so if you’re curious about any of our ongoing projects you can find and/or follow them here.

Thanks for everything. DFTBA.