The point of cursive writing

I was thinking about that Hank said in his last video that cursive writing is useless

I taught a couple of beginner English class to refugees and asylum seekers, who can write Arabic but not our alphabet. So they have the ability to do precise letters and fine motor skills but aren’t familiar with our letters. 

So I teach them how to make a letter. And they copy the letter and it looks the same, but they write it differently. For example, they start writing the ‘V’ on the right and go left. Or for an ‘e’ they make a ‘c’ and then put a line in. And while that’s fine and gets you to your goal, you’re never going to be able to write fast*. Cursive writing forces you to write the letters in a practical way because you *have* to write from left to right, and in as smooth a move as possible. It forces you to write the individual letters with a kind of logical ‘flow’ from one letter to the other. 

So I think cursive writing is beneficial in learning to write, even if you don’t write cursive ever again. 

*of course, writing fast isn’t an essential skill, you’ll manage perfectly fine if each letter takes a second. But it is practical to be able to quickly note something down, in my opinion. 


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