vlog recs

Miraculers- FIC RECS NEEDED!

So for my youtube next week I thought I would do something a lil’ different! 

As a way of spreading some much needed love to my fellow fanfic writers, I want to do a vlog of my favourite Miraculous Ladybug fanfics!

I have a number of fics already in my head. But in order to do this vlog properly, I need some help :3 I need you to please send me some recommendations of your favourite ML fanfics! 

I only ask that you send me finished fics and those fics be rated teen or lower, as I’d like this to be a SFW recommendation vlog!

I would love to read some fanfics by lesser known authors too! But I don’t have as much time to sift through AO3 >.< so help a gal out! 

Caspar: From now on, we will be using code names. You can address me as Eagle One

Troye, code name – Been There, Done That.

Joe is – Currently Doing That. 

Tyler is – It Happened Once in a Dream

(Tyler: Hell yeah bitch)

Louise, code name – If I Had To Pick a Chick.

Oli is – Eagle Two.

Oli: Oh thank God.