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Given I haven’t yet done my (apparently) annual Q&A vlog I thought a reddit Ask-Me-Anything might be just as good. They’ve just posted the schedule. If you don’t have a reddit account, they’re free and don’t REQUIRE an e-mail address. If you don’t want one then I’ll probably do a Q&A vlog at some point in the next few months.


The AMA will be this Saturday at 12pm Pacific time on the Buffy subreddit. New videos should be up on that same day at the latest.

Filming in Korea

Hey guys! So, I am going to Korea over the summer, and I wanted to make some vlogs when I’m there, show you around, fangirl about k-pop, mukbangs, stuff about culture and language, q&a’s and just show you around my hometown. So if you guys would like to see some of that in the near future the link is SUBSCRIBE HERE(YOUTUBE), (bc tumblr isn’t a great place to upload videos) and I am slightly hesitant if you guys would like this so if you would let me know by reblogging,liking, or letting me know in my inbox


I have a new role. None of you are allowed to write or say “I wish I had as much confidence as you😔” under my photos anymore. I pretty much give you all the same response. “You are as confident, you just don’t know it yet.” It’s a choice, ladies. It has NOTHING to do with my particular body/hair/finances(or lack thereof). DOUBLE CHIN-got that. STOMACH BULDGE-gat that. STRETCH MARKS-gat that. PROBLEM SKIN-gat THAT. But at the end of the day—YOU STILL CAN’T TELL ME NOTHIN. And that, my friend, is a choice. I choose not to care about what anyone else thinks of me. I think I’m sexy and that’s the ONLY REASON why you think I am. You feel me? So now it’s your turn. •••• GUYS, what do you want to see from me? I’ve been getting a lot of requests for vlogs and Q&A VIDS…drop me a comment below so I can bring you guys more of what you want to see! #SelfConfidence (at Brampton, Ontario)

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tid on YouTube

Tessa: such a booktuber, book hauls, book reviews, book-to-film criticism, book tags… literally anything related to books, sometimes feat. her boyfriends

Jem: violin videos, artsy photography, days out on the town… barely makes videos but still has insanely high subscriber count because hes so sweet

Will: daily vlogs, prank videos, q and a’s, anything and everything to make people laugh, maintains hes not a booktuber but everyone knows he lowkey is

Charlotte: mommy videos! so so so many mommy videos, kids doing their “firsts”, pro parent tips, how to teach your children to do things…

Henry: DIY’s and fix-its, the shoddiest camera-work ever, extremely excitable science tutorials, some things with his family (”look! lottie, I’ve built something!”)

Gabriel: annoyed rants, prank war with Will (and secretly getting pranked by Cecily), shadowhunters weapons reviews, has like 28 side channels

Gideon: videos and lessons in Spanish, travelling vlogs, trying exotic foods, loads and loads of collabs, has subscribers in over 100 countries

Sophie: chatty videos, advice videos, fashion tutorials, mini history lessons, collabs and travelling with Gideon, all of her subscribers ship them x100000

Cecily: short, satirical films of her friends (mostly when they don’t know they’re being filmed), secretive pranks, jumpscares, random product reviews

Jessamine: hair/makeup/clothes tutorials, fashion faux pas, celebrity reviews, manners videos, etiquette rules and decorum, house tours, interviews


Imagine, cute adventure vlogs, challenges, and Q&A’s (✿ ♥‿♥)



Feeling stuck around whether your work is good enough? Unsure how what you want to make is useful for people? Check out this video for some food for thought on them matters!

Keep creating & get at me with questions, feedback, and anything about what you’re working on please & thanks :)


I started a youtube channel and I am almost to 1000 subscribers. 
Once I get to 1000 subscribers I am going to be doing a Q&A video as well!

So share this video and ask me some questions for the video! 



Apparently I still make YouTube Videos. Neat.


Watch Now:https://youtu.be/hbUMGyLZBjY
Video by @shainadilla

the raven cycle youtube au

Gansey: artsy photography, traveling vlogs, mini history lessons, hauls of clothing and antique treasures, home decor (he is a nerd), gangsey collabs (the whisper challenge!!), short stories about his day

Blue: DIY cute crafts and decor, outfits of the week, baking with Noah, survey on the streets kinda stuff, women advice/relate, monthly favorites, hair tutorials

Noah: almost daily vlogs, lots of collabs, skateboarding and driving montages, gaming channel, random hauls, pranks on the gangsey but mostly on Gansey

Ronan: (only posts videos like twice a month) challenges, lip syncing music videos with Noah, rants, car vlogs sometimes featuring Adam

Adam: life advice, q & a’s, inspirational videos with A+ editing, the boyfriend challenge with Ronan, how-to tutorials, nature montages


So, this is my new Undertale animation! What if Mettaton had a YouTube channel! I think he would have been like Tyler Oakley lol idk XD

And do not miss messages from live chat! It was the most painful part of making ><

Reblogs are wery helps me!!!

THX and enjoy ^^

Dirty Q&A-Swazz Imagine

Requested: Please make an imagine where y/n is a YouTuber dating John (swazz). They make a dirty q&a for her channel, fans start going crazy because she calls him daddy and how cute they are together. Thanks love

A/N: Sorry this took me so long but hope you like it, requests are open, let me know what you guys think!!

Today Swazz and I were filming a video for my channel he had been in my videos before and my vlogs but today we were going to do a Dirty Q&A w both sit down on my bed ready to start filming

“hey guys welcome back to my channel and today I have John and we are doing a dirty Q&A, so I asked you guys on Twitter to send us some questions so let’s get started first question how long were we dating before we had sex?” “Wow straight in there” John laughs “she made me wait for ages” “ a month is not ages” “it is when your girl is fine as hell and you’ve wanted her for ages” “shut up so I guess that answers that question” John picks the next one

 "ohh this is a good one The first time you met did you want to fuck each other" “I can’t believe you choose that one” “basically y/n and I had a lot of sexual tension before we were together isn’t that right” “yes we did so I guess that’s a yes too” he laughs and pulls me into his side “where was the first time you had sex?” “That’s easy y/n and I were at her parents house and it just happened” “oh my gosh my mum is going to watch this” “sorry y/m/n but I always tell the truth”

“Next up Have you ever had sex in a car?” Swazz jumps I “yes we have and trust me guys car sex is the best like its amazing we have done it more than once or twice” I swear this video is you just telling everyone everything about our sex" “but its so good I have to be truthful like I said before I tell the truth”

“Lets move on Does Swazz always touch you?” “yeah I do I cant keep my hands off her” “he does but I like it, it makes me feel like I’m only his” “yeah I do it because everyone will know she’s mine and no one can take her away from me and her body is great and I just can’t help myself” “that’s kinda cute” “kinda? I’m hella cute lil ma and you know it”

“okay right next question Does y/n have any kinks? Not like whips and shit but she likes it a bit rough” I slap his arm telling him to shut up “sorry babe they wanted to know” “well John has a daddy kink and he makes me call him it all the time” he gets embarrassed and hides his face in your neck “baby stop” “well I think that’s it for this weeks video after we’ve revealed some shit we probably shouldn’t have but anyway, bye guys”

I upload the video and I instantly get tweets about how they love that I call him daddy and that we are goals. I run and jump on John who is still siting on the bed “woah babe what’s up” “everyone is saying that they love that I call you daddy” “well I love it too so maybe we should put it into practice” he flips me over and starts to trail kisses down my neck moving his way down my body leaving hickeys every now and again


If EXO were YouTubers: Sehun

Dance, vlogs and fashion is what Sehun’s channel would consist of. Dance is his main passion, and that’s initially how he gained his fame on YouTube, but it also takes up a lot of his time. So, to meet the high demand for videos, (mostly because ulzzang) he’ll upload vlogs, monthly Q&A’s, and the occasional fashion (hauls, lookbooks, etc.) videos to fill the gaps between dance practice/performance videos.

As well as his dance skills, a lot of Sehun’s initial fame will come from his connections with actors, musicians and other YouTubers. (the other boys btw)

- Admin M



My friendo and I have been talkin’ about the channel on the Youtubes, and we decided to do a vlog or two together!

So I need all da q’s you got. I want to hear all of the questions you got, the questions you wanna ask.

I’ll write them down, so submit them to me!!


NEW VLOG! A very special Q&A episode. 

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For YouTube you could do what I eat in a days, workouts, college life, q & A's, vlogs. You could do anything you want and I'd basically die of happiness haha!

You are honestly the cutest! 💙 I’m about to start school but I will definitely try! These ideas are perfect!