vlog brothers

I want to write a paper on John Green for my English class. The assignment is to write about someone well known who inspires you or is a “hero” to you. My professor says he’s not an appropriate subject because no one knows who John Green is. Help me prove my professor wrong and LIKE THIS IF YOU KNOW WHO JOHN GREEN IS AND REBLOG IF HE HAS EVER INSPIRED YOU

Help me out Nerdfighteria 

Please reblog or like if YouTubers have ever made you genuinely happy, improved your day, made you feel better about yourself, etc.

Each URL will be written in a notebook that I will show to my parents next time we get into an argument about how being a YouTuber is “weird” or “for lazy people who can’t get a real job” or “doesn’t make a difference in anyone’s life”.

Finished drawing my favorite YouTube creators! A little thanks for making me happy and inspiring me every day! 😊
Pictured (left to right):
- @rhettandlink , @danisnotonfire @amazingphil , Hannah Hart
- The Game Grumps: Arin Hanson ( @egofaptor), Dan Avidan, @flapflaps AKA Mortemer AKA Suzy Berhow, Brian Wecht, Barry Kramer
- Ross O'Donnovan ( @rubberninja), Holly Conrad @commanderholly, Jontron aka Jon Jafari, @markiplier, @therealjacksepticeye,
- Hank Green @edwardspoonhands, John Green, Ian of BrutalMoose, Justin and Griffin McElroy of the Monster Factory series on Polygon