a more productivity/studywithme-ish type of vlog :) i’m currently preparing for my end of year examinations and this was a compilation of the clips i took during the holiday week period. hope life is treating you well and have a splendid day ahead!! 

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Celebrity Crush - David Dobrik

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(Y/Sn) = Your ship name

word count: 1060

My phone dings on the counter next to me, pulling my attention away from the woman doing my hair.

David Dobrik uploaded a new video!

I smile and click on the notification which takes me to the youtube video he just uploaded. I watch the entire 4 minutes and 20 seconds, laughing the entire time.

“(Y/n), you’re going to be on in five or so.”

“Thank you.”

I smooth out my dress before walking out on stage, Jimmy Fallon holds out his hand to help me up the stairs. The crowd goes wild when they see me. I take my seat and the crowd dies down a bit.

“How are you doing tonight?” Jimmy asks, smiling at me.

“I’m great!” I cheer, “I’m really excited to be here, so thank you.”

“No, I’m just so glad to have you here! I was completely obsessed with the first two seasons of Riverdale. What can I expect from season three?” Jimmy asks.

“We continually get darker it seems. But this season has been a lot of fun to make. I can’t give away much but it’s definitely not what you’re expecting!”

We continue the interview for a little while longer before we move onto a game called Rapid Fire. We go back and forth asking each other questions without hesitating. Then after we answer we can explain what we said.

“Where is your favorite place to be?” Jimmy asks, reading off the first card.

“California.” I answer quickly. “I just love the weather and the people.”

“Who is your favorite person to have on the show?” I ask Jimmy.

He hesitates for only a second and then answers. We continue back and forth for a while.

“Who is your celebrity crush?”

“David Dobrik.” I answer without even a second thought.

The crowd cheers and I feel my face flush a little bit.

“Now, who is David Dobrik?” Jimmy asks once the crowd calms down.

“He’s a youtuber. He does some crazy stuff to his friends but he’s an all around cutie.” I grin.

We move on through the rest of the interview and I quickly walk off stage. I forgot completely about my answer until I see my phone is blowing up. People are already commenting about us together and writing articles about us being together.

“Great.” I roll my eyes.

David’s POV

“David, did you see what’s trending on twitter right now?” Jason asks walking over to me.


I immediately open twitter on my phone is lighting up with notifications. Most all of them are tagging me with (Y/n)(L/n).

#(Y/Sn) is trending number two. Why is this trending? I’ve mentioned liking her in vlog or two but not recently. Where is all of this coming from?

“Isn’t she the one you have a crush on?” Jason asks.

“Yeah, why are the fans going crazy?”

I finally see what is making them lose their minds. Someone tweeted the link to a video where (Y/n) says that I’m her celebrity crush. I can’t even move, I’m so shocked.

“Way to go man.” Jason claps me on the shoulder with a laugh.

I open up instagram and start taking a video.

“Hey you guys, I’m sure you’ve seen the video of (Y/n). I am totally freaking out right now.” I laugh and run a hand through my hair. “Please tag her in my instagram because I am getting that date! You guys know I’ve liked her for a while, send her my way!”

Your POV

The next day the messages have only multiplied. I finally follow the tag and look on David’s page. He has something on his story so I watch it and I can’t believe what I see. David likes me? He knows me?

I laugh and board the plane back to L.A.

Before we take off I message Jason Nash.

Hey, want to set up a prank on David?

Nothing would make me happier.

We keep talking back and forth and set up a plan. A six hour flight later and I’ve landed in my city of Los Angeles. I change out of plane clothes and put on a simple outfit and head over to David’s. Jason texted me his address. Coincidentally, we don’t live that far apart since we both live in the Hollywood hills. I have enough time to stop as home first.

I make it to David’s right on time. Jason films the bit for David’s channel. I come into his house to witness as Jason messes around with him first making him think he did something to his drink. Finally, he gets David on the floor with a shirt covering his eyes. 

“Please no, Jason! I don’t like being on this side of it!” David argues, writhing around on the floor.

“Payback!” Jason taunts.

“Okay, I’m going to put it on you now!” Jason gestures me to come over. I step around David and sit down on his lap with a leg on each side of him.

“Did you get me a girlfriend?” David asks, jokingly.

“Hmm, maybe.” I say, suddenly speaking for the first time since entering his house.

David instantly sits up and takes off the shirt. He sees me sitting there and a grin breaks out on his face. I can’t even wipe the smile off my face if I wanted to.

He pulls me into a hug and I can’t help but laugh at how eager he is.

“Hi.” I greet.

“I can’t believe you’re here!” He mumbles into my hair.

Jason cuts and gives us some time together just us. I stand up and give David a hand to help him up too.

“It’s nice to finally meet you.” David says with a laugh.

“I could say the same.” I follow him over to the couch where we sit down and face each other.

“I can’t believe (Y/n)(L/n) is sitting on my couch right now.” He shakes his head in disbelief.

“I can’t believe I’m sitting on David Dobrik’s couch.” I joke right back.

We get quiet for a minute and David just smiles and gives me a look that makes my heart drop for a second. In a good way.

“So how about that date?” I smirk.

“They just put their friends in bad places so they wouldn’t really care if it was dangerous for someone else or hurt somebody”

“Impulsive is a dangerous thing for both themselves and people around them”

“we know he’s definitely impulsive but he’s also like a younger guy you know we think there’s empathy but is it a visitor show?”

“they’re deceitful. They mimic to fit in well, In order to get people to be the tools that they need”

“theyll mimic behaviors they know will elicit the response they want”

“we are not going to respond to someone just asking for something, we’d have to feel emotionally involved in someway in order to do something we normally wouldnt do”

The mind of… David Dobrik? 🤣

has anyone noticed the multiple “are you happy?” questions david is getting in vlogs?


javert’s les mis arc told in vlog form

Vlogue - David Dobrik

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word count: 1058

“(Y/n), are you all dressed for your scene?” Zane’s voice calls through the door.

“Yeah, just give me a second.”

I turn around to see my reflection. The red dress that was picked out for me looks great. It’s tight but in all of the right places. It’s covered in beautiful jewels. This dress has to be more than my rent, I don’t even want to know the price. I adjust the crown on the top of my head a little bit.

“Oh my god, (Y/n)!” Erin gushes when she sees me walk out.

“Shut up!” I roll me eyes, “Did you see yourself in the mirror?”

We both laugh and talk a little but before I’m called away by Zane.

“Hey, so what’s the plan?” I ask. I don’t really know what the plan is. Zane told me about how it’s supposed to be like Vogue and the Met Gala but I don’t really know my role in everything.

“You’re the queen.” He grins.

I have to fight rolling my eyes. I hate when the group jokes about me being the ‘queen’ of the vlog squad. It all started because I was the first in the group to reach one million even though I didn’t start my channel first.

“Seriously, Zane?” I huff and he just laughs.

“C’mon, baby! You were made for this!” He continues to plead with me.

“Fine! You better tell people that this was your doing or else I’ll never hear the end of it.” I walk over to the throne that he pointed me to.

“It gets better.” Zane has an evil smirk on his face.

“How could this get better?” I question.

“David is the king.”

As soon as he says those words David shows up dressed and ready to film.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” I mutter.

My relationship with David is complicated. We’re good friends obviously but we’ve also always flirted. We just like to tease each other and have fun with it but the fans lose it. They either love us together or they send me death threats. They already think that we’re dating so this will only add fuel to the fire.

“What? Aren’t you happy to see me?” David grins as he walks over.

“I’m always happy to see you, my King.” I tease. David flushes out of embarrassment and Zane breaks out in a loud laugh.

“This is going to be fun.” Zane grins, his evil intentions evident. He walks back to stand back behind all of the lighting and the cameras.

“Okay, let’s start off with a few shots of the two of you. Both of you should sit in the thrones like you own the place.” Zane instructs.

David and I listen and we even smirk to each other before turning to the cameras.

“(Y/n), would you sit on David’s lap?” Zane asks after we have taken a few more shots.

“Excuse me?” I laugh dryly.

“I think it would make for a great look. I’m not even joking with you.”

I look to David and he shrugs to show he doesn’t care. I roll my eyes and pick up my dress so I can walk over to his chair. I sit down and can’t help but laugh at our now close proximity.

“Well, this is going to be fun.” David whispers in my ear.

We only spend another hour or two filming and they move onto someone else. Finally David and I get to leave the room and stop being forced together. We find a hallway to take a break in for a while.

“Freedom!” I cheer jokingly as David and I are finally left alone from the crew.

David smiles at me and then takes off his crown. He spins it between his hands before looking up at me again.

“This is definitely going to floor the ‘we’re dating’ rumors.” David comments.

“I know. Those fans really push for it.” I lean against the wall opposite him. “It’s crazy.”

“Yeah… is it though? Is the idea of us that crazy?” He looks up at me with a vulnerable look in his eyes.  

“What do you mean?” I ask taking a step closer to him.

“We spend a lot of time together. You’re always over at my house and when we’re not were at your apartment. We always tease each other and joke about dating. I don’t think the idea of us is all that crazy.” He takes a step closer to me, now there’s hardly any distance between us.

“I guess it’s not that crazy.” I whisper.

We’re standing so close now that his lips are mere inches from mine. He’s so close but still out of reach.

David’s hand reaches forward and he brushes back a strand of hair. His hand doesn’t leave my face though. Instead he uses it to pull me closer until our lips finally meet. His lips are warm against mine. I can feel him smiling which makes me smile as well.

I run my hands up the sides of his arms and stop once I reach his hair. I tug on it which makes him moan. I smirk proudly against his lips for making him do so. He retaliates by pushing me against the wall. The action takes me by surprise and I gasp.

“-and that’s a wrap!”

David and I pull away to see Zane and the rest of the Vlog Squad standing at the end of the hall. Cameras and everything.

I can feel my face blush at the embarrassing moment. They’re all smiling but I can only manage to hide my face into David’s chest. He wraps his arms around me to pull me in tighter.

Everyone starts clapping which makes me laugh. I turn toward David and take his hand in mine. We both bow as a joke because of the unintentional show we just put on. The king and queen.

“Are you guys dating?” Kristen asks, walking up to us.


I look to David for help with an answer. He looks just as dumbfounded as I do.

“I guess we are.” David answers and I can’t help but let a proud smile breakout on my face.

“I just got the best clickbait!” Zane cheers and David and I both roll our eyes.


Shiro’s vlog for those who haven’t seen it yet!