‘People are stars,’ she said out of the blue while we are walking and looking at the stars.

'Tonight,’ she continued,  'as we look at them I realize they are like people.’ She looked at me, 'There are stars that shine so bright. There are stars that fall and die maybe because they can no longer stay at the sky and there are stars that are unseen because their light are not bright enough for people to notice them.’

And then I asked her, 'Then what kind of star are you?’

She smiled and said, 'I am the star who remain unnoticed.’

I wish I could go back in time
where I was 7 years old.

So I could feel again what
it is to have no worries and

So I could feel again to be
alive and young and all.

So I could wake up in the
morning without hiding
my real sad face and
my fake smiles.

So I could be happy in simple
things and enjoy every minute
of my life.

So I could say anything that
will pop in my head without
people judging it and they will
take it as a child curiosity.

So I could dance in the rain
and play and be connected
to nature.

So I could cry and call my mom
whenever something’s bugging
me and when I want to give up
and ask for help.

I wish growing up never exist.
I wish I could be young forever.

—  s.k.j, “Take Me to the Neverland”