Summer Love - Part 1: An Old Friend

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My second favourite Original Character is vlexxa’s character Lucy Williams, a witch that befriended Stan and Ford in their childhood. But when she grow up, she moved to a better city. Bless you vlexxa!

Summer Love - Part 1: An Old Friend

Plot: Pre-Weirdmageddon fanfic. A teenage Lucy Williams returns to Glass Shard Beach City, New Jersey to visit her best friends Stan and Ford.

~ Glass Shard Beach City, New Jersey, June 19th, 1967 ~ 

“C’mon Sixer! Let’s finish the Stan O’War!!!” Said an excitedly teenager Stanley, this is the first day of summer vacations and Stan knew that the tourist normally come in these days and Stan knew what that meant! “C’mon is the first day of summer and you know what that means? Hot Babes!!!! Millions of babes who go to the beach to sun tanning, make new friends and see hunks! That means me and you Sixer! C’mon!!!”

“In first place, we’re still in Spring! Summer doesn’t start until two days!! Second it’s “you and me!” Grammar Stanley!” Said Ford, he was reading the blueprints of the Stan O’War.

“I’ll Grammar Stanley you if you don’t quit your sight from that paper Ford! We’re going to miss the hot babes and guys like Crampelter and his gang are going to steal potential Summer girlfriends! C’mon!!!” Said Stan hurry, he was desperated for coming to the beach as soon as possible.

“I’m comming fast as I can Knucklehead! But first I’m doing the meditions, I need to check were we can get a decent sail and a pole, the one that the Stan O’War has is heavily damaged!” Said Ford, he was wondering which could be the size of the Sails and Poles of the Stan O’War. But Stan was heated.

“Do you know what will be damaged if we doens’t reach the beach in time? Your face!!!” Said Stan apressured “Quit your nose from that…” Stan heard the Coockoo Clock that their mom had, indicating the 11:00 am, Stan was scared. “OH NO IT’S TOO LATE!!! Please Stanford, we can worry about the Sails later! Just grab the Toolbox and go to the beach it’s too late Ford! MY LIFE IS ON THE LINE!!!” Said Stan scaredly.

“OK! That’s not good, why are you hurried about if we go to the beach or not?” Ford was worried, he never saw Stan so panicked before.

“Because um uh… that’s doesn’t matter Sixer!” Said Stan trying to calm his fear.


“Well, you got me! Carla wanted to talk with me today at the 11:00 in the Beach, she wanted to tell me something important! And I tought we can work in the Stan O’War while she was with us!” said Stan blushed.

“And you wanted to pressure me for that?” Asked Ford.

“Well, it’s not good that a man leave a girl waiting!” said Stan confidentely.


“Also I wanted your company” Said Stan.

“Well, I almost finnish this, you can go ahead! I’ll catch you later!” Said Stanford.

“Well OK! But if I meet another hot babe, don’t count with me!”

“OK! Whatever you say knucklehead.”

~ Glass Shard Beach, New Jersey, June 19th, 1967 ~

“Heading to beach to see my sunshine! Doodly-doo, I wonder what she could tell me?” Stan sung all the way towards the beach. “Hi there honey, your giant teddy bear is here”.

“Hi Stan! I’m glad that you came.” Said Carla.

“Well, nothing in the world prevent me from seeing my beautiful sunshine.” Stan noticed Carla’s face “Something is bothering you? What’s happening?” Stan asked worried.

“Stanley, we need to talk.” That’s the phrase, that’s not a good sign.

“About what? Something is bothering you?” Stan askes, he felt that this would lead to nothing good.

“Stanley, I need to tell you this. Our relationship is not going to lead to nothing good. So I’m breaking with you.” said Carla almost crying.

“What? It’s about me? What I did this time? It was about that dog scam? Because I’m sorry I didn’t knew that Scottish Terrier had a owner!” said Stan concerned.

“No! It’s not about that. Do remember where my dad works?”

“Yes, but what does it means?”

“Well, my dad got promoted Stanley and we’re going to move to Idaho.” Said Carla, sadly.

“Idaho!? That is in the other row of the country! Also their potatoes are not so good!” said Stan angrily.

“I’m sorry Stan! You’re the best boyfriend that I ever had and leaving you is very hurtful for me! I hope that you understand.” Said Carla crying.

“But, what if I talk with your dad? Maybe we can change this!” Said Stan.

“Please, no Stanley! You know my dad! He’s a very strict man and also is stubborn! You won’t make him change his posture, whe he gets an idea!” Said Carla.

“I’m stubborn too! I can at least try! They can’t split us! You’re the best thing that has happened in my life!” Said Stan sadly.

“You too! You and your brother are the two of best guys I ever met!” Said Carla.

“You’re the one of the best woman I met in my life! Without you I’m nothin’!” Said Stan crying.

“Stanley are you crying?” Carla asked she saw Stan crying.

“Hey the air is so salty and…! Well… you got me I’m crying! I don’t want to loose you!” Said Stan sadly.

“Me neither Stanley! But hey look the silver linning! We can still sending us postcards! We can be friends from distance! I promise send you cards everytime I remember you!” Said Carla.

“Promise that we still can be friends?” Said Stan sadly.

“Yes Stanley! We always be friends! I’ll never forget you!” Said Carla happy.

“Word.” Said Stanley.

“Stanley, you’re a good guy, you’re so brave, strong, funny, confident and you’re also a jerk and a doofus! But you’re not worthless or a failure! So I give us the best wishes you can find the woman of your dreams!” Said Carla sadly.

“Thank you! um.. hmm, can we share a hug before you go?” Stan said sadly.

Carla and Stan kiss and hug each other,both are crying.

“Sorry Stanley. But I have to go now. I’ll miss you.” said Carla.

“Oh… well me too. Write me!” Said Stan sadly.

“OK. Godybe Stanley.” said Carla.

“Goodbye Carla…” Stan muttered under his breath.

“Hey, Stanley, you’re here good, well I know where exactly where we can get some poles and…” Ford noticed his brother’s sadness. “Stanley, are you crying?” asked Ford concernered.

“Wha… No! I’m just only sweating from my eyes!” Said Stan furiously.

“Stanley, human’s eyes are the only part of the human body that never sweats, because they always must to be wet. Are you sad for something?” Asked Ford.

“You giant nerd! Well you got me… I’m cryin’, that’s what you wanted to hear? Yes Mr. Manly Stanley is cryin’!” said Stan sad, as Ford consoled his twin.

“Oh, it happened something? What happened with Carla?” Asked Ford.

“It happened nothin’, just that Carla broke with me!” Said Stan crying.

“But… but… Why? Why she broke with you? It was for that dog scam, because I told that this Scottish Terrier will….” said Ford.

“It wasn’t about that.” said Stan.”

“So, what was about?” asked Ford.

“Her dad got a promotion and she’s goin’ to… Idaho! Oh Ford, you where is Idaho? In the other end of the country!” said Stan very sad.

“WOW! I’m so sorry Stanley. I didn’t knew that, so she’s breaking with you, because she’s going to a farther place?” Said Ford.

“Are you don’t even listening me?” She’s going to far Stanford! She’s going far away from me and is going to meet more hot guys… and she’s going to forget about me!” Said Stan sadly.

“Hey, don’t worry Stanley! Look the shinning line, Summer is starting! Hot Girls are going to come to bath and are alone! Maybe you can meet new girlfriends! And they can love you as the knucklehead you are!” said Ford trying to cheer up Stan.

“I want Carla as my girlfriend!” Said Stan sadly.

“I know it! But at least you can try to be happy!” Said Ford.

“Umm…” Hummed Stan.

“…And I think that Carla, also wants that you be happy, with the girl, that you select marry in a future!” Said Ford, trying to Stan smile.  

“I don’t know Ford, I’m a failure for women!” Said Stan sadly.

“Well, we can spend the day trying to make you happy! And get some babes! Who wants to be a total hunk in front of these girls?” Asked Ford, trying to cheer up Stan.

“I’m not in mode right now Sixer!” Said Stan in Defeat.

“C’mon Stanley! I know that you can’t be sad for too long!” Said Ford.

“I can, and no girl can make me feel otherwise Ford!” Said Stan.

“Oh my gosh, are you! It can’t be! It can’t be! It can’t be!” Said a teenager around Ford’s and Stan’s age.

“An who are you?” Asked Stan.

“Do we know you?” Asked Ford.

“Oh yes you do! Don’t you remember me? The girl who punched Crampelter and Knucklehead make her to take a Manly Test!”

“Lucy?” Asked Ford, bewildered.

“Lucy the Witch Obssesed Weirdo? Are you?” Asked Stan, confused.

And here I ended.

I hope you like it!

Lucy Williams is the OC of  vlexxa. Give the credit to her!

anonymous asked:

If you have to sum up you comic until now. How it could be?

Let me see… *takes air*

SO, Ford is having nightmares…but not just about Bill but about a misterious woman…

But aparently no one knows about her, ‘cause He is hidding the secret!

Dippe discovers a letter from a girl named Lucy. Mabel thinks it could be Ford’s gf or something, but is a total mistery…

Then (thanks to Stan) They discoverd is an old childhood BF of the twins, but they want to know more!

Then they meet this girl, she is Jane and Mabel ships “Dippane”

Jane is cool, and Dipper knows that, what he just know is that…

Like WHHAT?! (right?) Well, Jane is a witch and Lucy is too, ‘cause she is Lucy’s family! D: and She thinks (acuses actually) Ford from not having her powers…Meanwhile, Mabel discover that Lucy and Ford had a huge problem in the past…

But Jane was lying all the time, She can do magic, She just lied in order to destroy Ford and avenge her grandmother…

Ford is trying to tell Jane and everyone the what actually happened…but we have to wait ‘cause we are in hiatus now

That was fun! But I recomend you to read the full comic anyways, just look for #TheLostPage or #LucyWilliams or #TLP