My love letter to the VLD Crew (Animators to BG Artists, and anything inbetween)

As much as I love to shit on what vld has done wrong, I am gonna miss the show. I invested so much time in it, and I really liked it. While many people aren’t really fond of the direction it’s going in, I can safely say that voltron really inspired me. Vld is what really pushed me into wanting to go into animation. I can’t lie and say that vld didn’t change my life, because it did.

Up until the show came out, I was unsure about what it is I wanted to do. I told everyone I wanted to be a video game concept artist, but honestly I didn’t believe it myself. All I knew was that I wanted to be a part of the creation of something people can enjoy, relate to, and connect with. Of course I loved video games but it didn’t feel right. Living in a household that contributed to my love for the forms of story telling, has really pushed me to pay attention to the things that make said story accessible. And watching voltron, I could tell the crew really cared about what they were creating. From the backgrounds, to the movements created by the character interactions with the environment, to the facial expressions; these things never cease to amaze me.

I remember watching season 7, it was around 6:00am and Keith, Pidge, and Allura were about to break into the base, and I remember laying my eyes on the back grounds when they were in the sewer system, and I just was blown away. Like it was only in a montage but I couldn’t help but pause and stare at it.

Ever since I first started watching the show, I would constantly look at it and say to myself “I really wanna make something like that” I REALLY wanna make something like that. This one panel the show had and this lady who was on the color coordinating team was on it. I really wanted to hear what she had to say, because we RARELY hear from that side of the show’s production, and I’m not going to lie those are the people I want to hear from the most because without them she show would NEVER be the same. EVER.

I want to create something everyone can love and get entertainment from. And Voltron Legendary Defender just threw me head first into my dream. I’m not the only one, I’ve seen many fic writers say they want to write actual books because vld’s existence gave them the chance to explore their writing. I never intended on this show being as important to me.

Even if you guys don’t think you did your job well I’m hear to tell you you did it well enough to inspire me. This show changed my life for the better, and I believe the people behind the aspects that inspired me should be given credit where credit is due. Now that the show is ending I feel like this needs to be said, So thank you so much for helping me realize my dream.

I didn’t mean to make this so long but I really want the crew to see this, is there anyway you guys can help me. I really want them to know I appreciate them.

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# 221 & 316 with Prince Lotor

(Request: lotor 221, 316.)

221. “Come sit on my lap.”

316. “You can’t die. I love you. So if you die, I’m going to find you in the afterlife and revive you myself, and then scold you like hell!”

Why did Lotor always have to get himself into every dangerous situation he possibly could? It was frustrating to say the least. You wanted to punch his lights out every time he came back to the ship with some new form of injury, or every time he explained some plan to you in his other generals that, while being a good plan, was definitely going to get someone (him) injured in one way or another.


You knew that you should’ve went with Lotor on that mission, you just knew it. Lotor showed back up hours later with Axca in tow, as apparently he only needed her to help him with whatever insane idea he’d come up with this time. Something to do with quintessence, no doubt. You didn’t care, though. All you cared about was if Lotor was safe. He came back pretty beat up, with his hair tousled and a large cut under his chin. Parts of his armor looked as though they’d been blasted with something. Once again, you didn’t really want to know what. It took all you had in you not to break his nose right then and there for not letting you and the others come with him. He really was too determined sometimes.

“You’re dead.” You hiss, pointing your finger in an accusing manor and stalking towards the Prince. Lotor was used to your empty threats by now. All he did was chuckle, placing his slightly scuffed up helmet down on a control panel and walking over to sit in his mock-throne/pilot seat.

“Am I now? What have I done this time?” You narrow your eyes.

“Look at you! You’ve got cuts all over your face, your armor is scratched, and let’s not even talk about your hair. You have got to be more careful.” You huff, crossing you arms over you chest. Lotor sighs, patting his thigh.

Come sit on my lap.” You begrudgingly do so, walking over and sitting down across his lap like a cat. You did this all of the time. You weren’t really sure what sort of name you’d put on your relationship with the Galran Prince, but it definitely had a romantic subtext to it. “I’m fine.” You roll your eyes, still keeping up your sassy front.

“Maybe now you are, but what about in the future? You’re going to get yourself killed.” He frowns, reaching over to take you hand.

“I’m not going to get myself killed, love. I can assure you of that.”

You can’t die. I love you. So if you die, I’m going to find you in the afterlife and revive you myself, and then scold you like hell.” You say sternly, poking his nose for emphasis. Lotor arches a brow.

“You love me?”

“Sadly.” You tease. “And that means that I feel obligated to protect you at all costs.” You lean down, pressing a soft, quick kiss to his lips. His hands move down to your waist, holding you in place.

“You don’t need to worry.” He says reassuringly.

“I better not have to worry. I‘m not lying about barging my way into hell, bringing you back and then screaming at you.” Lotor smiles up at you with an almost lovesick expression.

“I know you aren’t.”

Lotor x Reader - Overprotective

Request: @fairy-cat-mother ;  For the dialogue prompt: 22 with Lotor if you’re inspired by it? 🙏 if not, I totally understand!

Pronouns = gender neutral

Prompts – #22: “Because I care about you!”

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Sorry it’s late! Again. I’m currently sick and trying to find motivation for school. Writing has been well but its losing priorities as I head closer to exams so you may see me spaced out and often posting late. Apologies once again!


I slide the glove onto my hand, my fingers easily slotting into their respective places. I begin to tighten the straps at the wrist to ensure they are tight.

I go to do the same to the other, but Lotor beats me to it.

“Have you got the map?” He asks as he turns my wrist around, inspecting it closely.

“Yes, Pidge has already downloaded the map into my pod and my helmet.” I answer calmly, allowing Lotor to take my other wrist to continue his inspection.

“But do you have the ventilation map?” He let’s go of my wrist, moving his gaze to my shoulder pads.

I sigh. “Yes I have the ventilation maps, and Coran has also added a feature that allows me to see all nearby vent entries and exits through my helmet.”

“Good, good. That’s good.” Lotor abruptly turns me around, his hands sliding down my back, his fingers carefully checking all the clasps and zips of my suit.


“Do you know that to do?”

I furrow my brow in slight annoyance and frustration. “Yes. I know what I need to do. Why-“

“And you know the safest way to complete it?”

“Yes! Lotor-“

“Have you checked the pod’s navigational systems?”

“Lotor!” I turn around, stepping away from him. I glare at him, frustration practically leaking from me. “Why do you keep asking me questions you already know the answer to?”

“Because I care about you!” He fires back immediately. I continue to tare at him as his comment sets off in a brief silence.

Lotor sighs, his head hanging low in a look of shame. “I apologise. I just worry about you. And…I don’t want to see you get hurt.”

I let out my own sigh, taking one step towards him. “I understand that. But I’ve been on these sorts of missions before, I know how to handle them.”

“I’m sorry.” I barely hear him with his quiet tone.

“Don’t apologise. You’re right to show concern, but it’s up to you how you express that concern.” I take another step closer to him. “Sometimes, you just need to step back a bit.”

Lotor averts his eyes from the floor to mine, shame and guilt coating his face.

I open my arms and smile at him. “Come here.”

Lotor doesn’t waste a second, taking the invitation and walking into my arms, his own coming around and curling around my waist as mine closes around his chest.

“I understand you’re worried, really I do. But I’ve been on these sorts of missions before and I returned with barely a scratch.”

“I know. But it’s just my instinct that makes me worry about you.”

I smile, unable to stop the chuckle that bubbles at my throat. “That’s what makes you a good boyfriend.”

Lotor lets out his own chuckle, his hand coming up to thread through my hair.

I slightly pull away from Lotor, enough to lean up and capture his lips in a passionate kiss.

He immediately reacts by pushing me deeper into the kiss using his hand which sis still entangled into my hair.

We gasp for breath as we part, out lungs yearning for oxygen.

Nothing is said. Nothing needs to be said. It’s just us, together and strong with each other. As long as we both survive together, nothing can come between us, something that only we will understand.

Me: *half-asleep, suddenly remembering that scene in season 5 when Allura talks with Lotor and calls his race a race of murderers*

Me: *sits up in bed, wide eyed* Please tell me she only meant the ones who followed Zarkon. Please tell me she only meant Galra like Zarkon and Sendak. Please tell me she was just really emotional because she was talking to the son of her father’s murderer and that she didn’t mean the whole Galra race. It’s understandable she feels that way, but a lot of Galra are working with them, it would feel so awful if they were put in that category too, please Allura tell me you were only really emotional, angry and untrusting toward Lotor and that you don’t still view every Galra like that, EVEN THOUGH IT IS UNDERSTANDABLE, PLEASE JUST TELL ME YOU DON’T VIEW ALL OF THEM LIKE-

so everyone please stop attacking the vld crew!!

wow this blew up - I also wanted to say that the Voltron crew did not queerbait us as Shiro is still gay and valid rep, it’s Netflix’s fault for shoving Adam and Shiro on all the posters just for more views so everyone please stop