How did Hunk andd Lance meet? Simple.

James, to Hunk: Hey, get out of my seat, loser.

Hunk: *nervously chews sandwich*

Lance, nyooming up beside Hunk: Hey, pick on someone your own size, jackass!

James: That’s a little rich, coming from you.

Lance: Oh you-

Lance: *Angry Spanish* ((screams in despacito))

James: I’ll… go…

*Boi leaves*

Hunk: Thanks, Lance… right?

Lance: yep!

Hunk: So… what were you yelling?

Lance: when I get intimidated I shout the Pacer Test in Spanish.


Hunk: I like you.

However, that peace was short-lived when he heard the sound of a twig breaking behind him. He turned around, hardening some of the water into sharp ice in case he was faced with something dangerous.

But all he saw was the surprised faces of Hunk and Allura.

- Misunderstandings by @angstyzebra

This is my second piece for the @voltronrarepairflashbang! This piece gave me way too much trouble for me to be able to like it any longer (I vastly prefer my other piece), but I still hope you check out the very much amazing fic and the similarly awesome art by @mlbdraws because they’re both super talented and I am honored to be their partner!

Blind!Keith AU Headcanons

I honestly love a blind Keith but not in canon.

• Keith doesn’t have a stick to walk around. Usually because when he was little he used to throw it at anything he ran into, even if it was a person.

• He threw it at Shiro before.

• Keith became so used to the castle that he would wander around aimlessly and still be able to find his way back to his room.

• Kosmo is his service dog. He teleports Keith away from something if he’s about to run into it.

• Keith hates it when Lance (who’s deaf as previously shown in the first part) guides his hand to something when he’s rummaging for things. He loves Lance nonetheless even though he thinks he can’t do things on his own.

• Shiro is super protective. He usually sticks close to Keith until Keith has to shoo him off.

• Kosmo stays with Shiro a lot and Shiro hates it, only because the wolf should be with Keith.

• Pidge likes to describe the things around them to Keith and he loves it. He loves hearing the bounce in her voice as she describes the planet they’re on and all the scientific things she would want to do.

• He loves listening to Hunk hum and prepare dinner. Hunk doesn’t mind Keith just staying there doing nothing but listen. So instead of trying to start a conversation, he hums so Keith knows he’s still there and not alone.

• Allura thinks it’s fascinating that humans who are “blind” can’t see. Keith tried to explain that with some blind people, they’re able to see something but she just continues to ask questions out of curiosity.

• Coran, like finding out about Lance, knew about the sometimes functions of the human, as in blindness and deafness. He wasn’t surprised and had figured that out when Keith didn’t look directly at him or ran into some things.

• Keith hated the theory and myth that blind people navigated the world and can feel a face and describe it by touch. That wasn’t at all how things were for him. He touched things and has touched Lance’s face before but he’s never been able to describe it.

• Although he hates the big myth, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t like running his fingers through Lance or Shiro’s hair. He absolutely loves the soft feeling and the fuzzy, warm feeling that takes over in his chest.

• Allura sometimes lets him braid her hair, even though he’s terrible and only gets it looking like crap. Keith’s way of “doing hair” is putting it in a simple ponytail and calling it a job well done.

• He thought everyone would treat him completely different when they found out he was blind. He was surprised though when they just shrugged it off and only treated him the same as when they thought he could see them. He was grateful for that.

• Krolia couldn’t believe her son was blind. She asked questions like “How” or “Why” a lot when he asked her what was up. She sometimes would grasp his face and just stare into his hazy, still vibrant purple eyes hoping he could be able to see her.

• Keith trips. A lot.

• Keith fell in the kitchen one time while Pidge was in there. “Who’s there?” Keith only grunted. “Nobody! Fuck off!” And crawled out of the kitchen before Pidge could investigate.

• Keith likes to train with the simulator, it usually helps him get used to using his hearing for any movements to pinpoint the robot. On his good days, he could go up to level 2. On his bad days, he gets kicked across the floor.

• Allura locked the simulator on level 1 so Keith got pissed that the robot wouldn’t go any harder on him and winded up screaming curse words at the robot who seemed to prance around him and tease.

• Keith loves to tinker or just feel an object. He once grabbed a tool he hadn’t realized Pidge was using and started throwing it up in the air until Pidge kicked him in the shin and threw him out of Green’s hangar. She slaps his hand whenever he tries to grab at one of her tools. He always yelps. Everyone always laughs at him.

• The one time Keith and Lance got stuck in the elevator, it was the toughest thing for them to get out of. Lance couldn’t understand what Keith was trying to say and Keith couldn’t read Lance’s signs. How they got out, not even they know.

• Keith once got lost in the castle in the middle of the night and wandered into a room thinking it was his. It wasn’t. He woke up to Lance screaming and signing frantically about Keith taking advantage of him while he sleeps.

• Keith remembers what spiders look like, I mean, how could he not? They’re creepy and just crawl all on their 8 legs.

• Keith often wanders into Shiro’s room and falls asleep in there and then blames it on “getting lost and thinking it was his room” when in all honesty, Keith just wanted comfort from his older brother.


Keith is a smol boi with smol feewings~ uwu


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so everyone please stop attacking the vld crew!!

wow this blew up - I also wanted to say that the Voltron crew did not queerbait us as Shiro is still gay and valid rep, it’s Netflix’s fault for shoving Adam and Shiro on all the posters just for more views so everyone please stop