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So, imagine there was a huge sleepover. Male nations are downstairs and female nations upstairs. Male nations start playing truth and dare and suddenly it lands on Lithuania/Romania/America/Bulgaria (separate, please) and they choose the truth. They have to admit that they hold feelings for Y/N. And they do it but turns out Y/N wanted some water, came downstairs and heard it. What do they do?

I apologise for my shit writing at Bulgaria;;

Lithuania (Toris Laurinaitis): He’s a shy boy. So shy it’s painful. Chances are he’ll be super quiet but others will pressure him to be louder and that’s when his crush will come down. His face will flush, and tears will well up in his eyes. Chances are he’ll lock himself away and try desperately to not cry. He’s so terrified he’s ruined their friendship, which was one of his deepest, darkest fears.

Romania (Vladimir Popescu): This boy is mischievous af, fairly daring. Chances are he’ll most likely just carelessly shout it out, because he doesn’t expect his crush is coming downstairs. Chances are he’ll either pale or his face will just flush. He won’t know how to play it off. He’s stuck. Into the corner it is with him.

America (Alfred F. Jones): See Vladimir. Only thing is, he doesn’t know how to be quiet so he’ll naturally shout it out to the whole world. However unlike Vlad, he’s able to pull it off, despite having just shouted it as they walked down the stairs. Even with playing it off, however, he’ll still sulk away in a corner for a bit.

Bulgaria (Nikola Dimitrov): He means well. And he’s super quiet despite being cheerful. See Toris, he’ll say it a bit quietly because he’s nervous. He sulks. A lot. Not much to him I guess.

My take on Hillary's speech that slammed the AltRight today:

Her speech in Reno, NV today was originally going to be about small business, but it was changed to what it will be known for a long time: a repudiation of the racist white nationalist ideology called Alt-Right. She took down Donald Trump’s long record of racism and bigotry, from the 1970s until today: Gonzalo Curiel, referring to Mexicans as “rapists”, Birther conspiracies, Star of David tweet, and housing discrimination, to name a few. She pummeled Alex Jones and Breitbart “News” for being the main mouthpieces for this hate-fueled movement called the “AltRight.” She also took down Russian leader Vladimir Putin for his role in propping up far-right AltRight-influenced parties across the world. It is no surprise that Trump is propped up by AltRight demagogues like Stephen Bannon, Milo Yiannopoulos, Mike Cernovich, Jim Hoft, and company. The AltRight’s dangerous and vicious ideology must be defeated at all costs! In order to defeat this monstrous racist, sexist, misogynistic, xenophobic, transphobic, Anti-Semitic, and Islamophobic ideology, please vote Clinton/Kaine (or anyone other than Trump/Pence) this Fall!
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