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Hanniween icons, part 2

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The absolute unexpected highlight of Red Dragon Con 2 was undoubtedly Vladimir Jon Cubrt. He has a criminally low amount of twitter followers! I kinda feel bad since he’d have a ton more if we’d have known how cool he was all this time.


I have to admit I wasn’t especially excited when I saw he was coming but I WAS SO WRONG! He’s a delight, super sweet, had a conversation with everyone asking him questions at his panel, danced with us, sang to us, freaking BEATBOXED, kissed the Mads cardboard statue, wore a flower crown, and generally was our kind of weirdo. He also had a zillion intelligent headcanons about his character and the show.

I told him he’s going to get a huge influx of followers if I had anything to say about it. He’s tweeting a bit more since the con, so I truly hope we can remind him often of how much of a total darling he is.


Kacey Rohl Highlights @ HannibalCon (10/8)

Vladmir dancing: https://www.instagram.com/p/BLTgX2XjMRf/ (Which is even funnier since he danced professionally.)

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So Mads dances, Raúl dances AND Vladimir dances

Your move, Hugh



***WATCH IN HD PLEASE!!!*** Before the story of Hannibal began, there was a different tale being woven – the story of Abigail Hobbs and her father, the Minnesota Shrike. Consumed by his fear of losing his daughter and no longer being able to control her, Garrett Jacob Hobbs reveals that if he doesn’t have replacement girls, he will have to kill Abigail, his only pride and joy. Despite her horror, Abigail decides that it’s either her or the girls, and becomes his accomplice. Together, they lure girls until her father’s death.

~This vid took me like 18 hours (not even joking), and the rendering was an absolute nightmare, so I reeeally hope you guys enjoy. Especially since this has been a longtime dream of mine. Meaning, I’ve wanted to try this idea for SO LONG, but didn’t think I’d be able to pull it off. Shockingly enough, I did, and I made it FAR longer than I was expecting. Initially, I almost didn’t include the bits with Marissa Schurr, but then I thought OH HAIL NO, I DIDN’T SPEND 5 HOURS GRABBING CLIPS FROM HEMLOCK GROVE FOR NOTHING, so I hope the bits of her don’t seem too out of place. The one line of Marissa’s is actually my favorite (where she compliments Abigail’s beauty), because I headcanon that GJH frowned upon vanity (but only in Abigail’s case since he didn’t want her to draw unwanted attention), so when Abigail hears for the first time that she’s pretty, she just kind of lights up since she’s unaccustomed to being complimented. Idk, I just think it’s a lovely moment. And totally unintentional, since I hadn’t known that line was going to be in the clips I used.

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