the signs as things vlad masters has done

aries: created clones of a kid because he wouldnt become his son

taurus: literally starts an apocalypse that lasts for a good ten days

gemini: makes a 16 year old fight her 14 year old little brother

cancer: said he wouldnt get a cat but gets a cat anyway

leo: ran for mayor because a 14 year old pranked him

virgo: uses food names as curse words

libra: attempted to steal and entire ghost portal because his exploded

scorpio: tried to kill his old college friend and marry his wife and adopt his son

sagittarius: gave a 14 year old girl ghost hunting equipment so he could spy on another 14 year old

capricorn: almost destroyed earth, twice

aquarious: made an entire shelf of books dedicated to knitting

pisces: referred to himself as daddy three times in the span of one minute

Okay, but imagine this: Vlad’s a billionaire. He can have legit anything he’d ever want. He could spoil Danny and Jazz rotten for their birthdays and holidays.

but instead he knits them sweaters.

It starts out as a joke, a kind of ‘har har, all you get is an ugly sweater u brats’ bc he intentionally makes them really bad and Danny absolutely isn’t a fan.

But then Jazz really likes hers and wears it all the time. She thinks it’s really pretty in it’s own weird way and super comfy and Danny’s always embarrassed when she wears them in public and to school but she doesn’t give two craps bc dammit Uncle Vlad made me this and it’s my Favorite.

And Vlad’s so confused so he does it again next time, but this time they’re really super nice since he’s actually an awesome knitter and Jazz is so excited about this new sweater she puts it on immediately and just…give Vlad a big ol hug that catches him so off guard he doesn’t know what to do. and Danny doesn’t understand but he’s forced to admit that they’re a pretty good sweaters after everyone pressures him into putting his on. He wears it when he’s alone or under things so no one knows he’s wearing it but Jazz knows. And Jazz tells Vlad and Vlad rubs it in his face bc he’s a jerk. But Danny doesn’t stop wearing it.

So every birthday and Christmas party, Jazz gets a new sweater until all the sweaters she has are from Vlad. Even as she outgrows them, she keeps them. Danny doesn’t get nearly as many, given the fact that he doesn’t really have any need for sweaters and doesn’t appreciate them as much as his sister, but every other year, a box’ll appear on his bed, wrapped neatly.

Then one year when Vlad’s giving Jazz her gift, Jazz gives him one back. He’s amused, but perplexed. Jazz only says, “It took a while to learn, I’m sorry if it’s horrible.”

he opens it and it’s a sweater she knitted for him as a thank you.