Okay so back in TUE we found out that Vlad’s ghost side is super evil when he was separated from it. That means that his human side isn’t all that evil.

NOW imagine that somehow Vlad’s human side and ghost side get split up. Plasmius going on an evil rampage and doing evil stuff but Masters is back to his normal self and wanting to reconcile with Jack and no longer has a weird obsession with Maddie. Vlad wanting to be there for Danny and instead of being a creepy guy who wants Danny to be his son instead becomes that rich uncle who pays for Danny and Jazz’s education and other stuff. Also since Vlad knows about Danny’s halfa status can help him learn and become better but also cover for his ass where Jazz and his friends can’t.

I just want Vlad to be not creepy anymore and be the nice uncle Danny deserves.

Merry Christmas, @ectoplasmicavatar! Hope you like this crossover with ATLA :D sorry I’m so late, but I was very sick, so I couldn’t post it before ç_ç

(in this AU Aang died, the fire nation won and every Avatar is killed as soon as he/she is discovered- so basically, children. In this grim scenario, the Fentons are Avatar Hunters from the water tribe. Danny’s hair bacome White when he enters the avatar state and stay like that for a while, so he uses it to hide his identity :->)