To Inspire and Control: Danny’s and Vlad’s Obsessions

I just wanna remind everyone that Vlad went through the effort to create and program a Jack program/hologram.

I just find it interesting that the man he supposedly hates and wishes were dead, is given his own program/hologram. Why?

I think Vlad still likes Jack and wants him to be the best friend he remembers from those early college days. Vlad just wants the Fentons to change to fit the roles he wants them to. Jack, the perfect friend, Maddie, the perfect wife, Danny, the perfect son. They won’t do what he says, they don’t like him in the ways he wants them to. He’s tried. He’s tried money, suggestions, and anything else Vlad can think of, but they don’t want that, they don’t obey.

So the only choice he has left is to clone a son, program a wife and friend, and maybe get rid of the originals and the failed clones, because they would only remind him that he’s living a lie. If he does that, then he finally has control over his life.

Control he didn’t have in the hospital. Control he didn’t have when he slowly wasted away.

Danny wants to do something great. He wants to be someone people can look up to. He wants to be a symbol. Danny wanted/wants to inspire people to think of the bigger picture either as an astronaut or a superhero.

Vlad? Vlad just wants control again.