Danny Phantom Headcanons: Pt 3

(Part 2 is here!!)

1: There are nights where Danny is just too exhausted to fight off Ghosts. Luckily for him, Phantom splits from him to take care of the ghosts so Danny can rest. Unfortunately, any injury Phantom gets when fighting will be felt and seen by Danny when he wakes up.

2: Ghosts can eat and drink things, but unlike humans, every bit of whatever they ingest is converted into energy. Because of this, they never have to have restroom breaks.

3: Clockwork does get bored on the job. And when he’s bored, shenanigans ensue. The only reason the Observants aren’t on his ass is it never has a negative effect on the timeline. Except for that one time involving a honey wand. Just mentioning honey will make him cringe in regret, and he’ll never live it down.

4: Vlad and Danny can get along, but it depends on what the current situation is, or if it’s something they have in common and have no problem talking about it with the other.

You know… I wonder exactly how well Vlad gets along with other ghosts. I mean, he has the ghost of the Dairy King living in his house. Does he even realize that he has a ghostly roommate? Or does he keep the Dairy King around because, hey, at least he’s company.