Headcanon that Vlad used to be a dork about space like Danny is?

Space dork Vlad headcanon.

Both Danny and Vlad overhear someone talking about space but they get something wrong, and bc Danny/Vlad so passionate about space, they both go to correct the person at the same time and then they’re just like wait what

Vlad trying to get the idea of space football to be a thing but every investor he goes to laughs at the idea like “Hahahaha that’s funny haha ha…ha….oh….you were serious.”

Vlad 110% backing any expedition into space and being incredibly irate that a program to send things to Europa hasn’t been made yet like are you people serious there could be space mermaids under that ice.

Vlad trying to buy an entire planet from NASA and NASA patiently telling him for the 239th time that no one can purchase extraterrestrial territories as per an international agreement law.

Vlad spending years stargazing until he finds an undiscovered star, which he names Madeline. He tries to bring it up indiscreetly to Maddie to try to be romantic but she just finds it a little creepy.

Vlad being terrified of being left in space post PP because its too big too empty too quiet and he’s certain he’s gonna die, a fact made worse bc he knows how scientists have theorized people die in space.

Vlad gloating about his private space shuttle and space station to Danny.

Danny stowing away in the shuttle next time Vlad goes up because fuck you fruitloop Danny will not be withheld from his dreams

Danny and Vlad arguing loudly about if aliens exist.

Vlad trying to get Pluto back as a planet bc he’s a dork who would feel for poor Pluto like us all. Vlad then absolutely flipping his shit over the recent Pluto data coming back.


… Right now, I’m just imagining what if Jack actually did die, but then ended up coming back as a ghost. I can’t tell if this is absolutely terrible or absolutely wonderful. Because on one hand, Jack is dead, and that’s sad, and we all know that Vlad would immediately swoop in to try and steal Maddie. But then again, Jack likes Vlad. And Jack probably can’t take care of his wife and family since he’s dead… So just imagine… Jack wants someone to take care of his family, so that Maddie doesn’t have to struggle through it alone, and he would actually somewhat approve of Vlad taking his place, so… Jack becomes the best wing man ever for Vlad. It’s wonderful and horrible at the same time!