vlad konstantinov

The Stomping Land

So since Ark is a buggy, poorly optimized piece of trash that slows my Titan to a crawl, I decided to look back on a game that started this.

The Stomping Land

It was my dream come true really. Instead of playing as a badass supersoldier or something like that, you were just some fucking caveman, stuck on an island full of dinosaurs. Small Dino meat wasn’t that fulfilling and sometimes a bitch ass Tyranosaurus would come up and steal your meal. So you’d wait for the  big dinosaurs to fight and die, get all the meat you can, and run the fuck away.

It was magical, and with the help of the artist Vlad Konstantiov, who works on pieces of art like this

Sadly, The Stomping Land went quiet. The last update as supposed to contain the Austroraptor and a bunch of other cool things due on Thanksgiving. I still have my hopes that one day someone will pick up and continue working on it.