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How abouuutt... A bonding moment between Jazz and Danny?

Killed two birds with one stone on this one. Jazz dressed up as Kitty cuz they bonded over coffee and psychology one day. Danny just wants to annoy the shit out of Vlad. @bluedropz

Vlad x Lisa 
Thank you  Anon! Your negotiation seemed fair and I appreciate your donations <3 Here is your colored commission and have a nice day <3 
Anon,wanted me to finish this drawing and paid to see the final result, I hope you like it too.

From: anon and I 
To: Castlevania Fandom

ALSO ANON is willing to pay for an special commission involving Alucard if this post reaches the 200 notes !!! 


I still have 5 spots left! Y’all, I’ve got -$2.73 in my bank rn… and bills are going to come up soon.

Aside from my digital art, I also edit videos. If you’ve got a short vid (~3 min or less), then I can cut something together for you for $15. (Perfect for portfolio reels!)

I’ll do whatever you want, y’all. OCs, robots, people, cartoons, furry, NS//FW, I got you. Just let me know your preferred method of receiving the work.







If you have any questions, please let me know! Or, if you just want to pity me donate, you can drop by my Paypal here.

We’re going to fight.’

Hero of the day number two: Sehyuk of the future.


I’m honestly curious if there are any readers of Heroes following me or even running across these illustrations on Tumblr, or if this series is just generally out of context… Gonna post anyway, because what can you do?