Scott: Dragons don’t exist.

Avi: Stahp. Seriously you want to fight me, I’ll fight you on the side.

Scott: They’re not real.

I love Avi in this. It’s like telling a kid there isn’t a Santa and he refuses to believe. I love it.


I love this!! Finally got some more Michellie :D

Rachel and Finn had been fighting non stop since their return back to their apartment. Arguing about what exactly was going on with her and Quinn – and when she told him that it was nothing, he continued to argue. There was lots of screaming and yelling and even a few tears. But she had practically had it when he said that he wasn’t going to allowher to go to that bar. Even though he knew Puck, he ‘didn’t trust that Quinn guy’. So, she threw his stuff at him and told him that he had to go to a friend’s house for the night. And he did. 

Which meant that she was going out and was going to get drunk off of her ass. 

She was wearing the shortest black skirt that she could find and pulled on a shirt that barely hovered above her belly button.  She pulled on a pair of heels and her hair came down in beach wave curls – her face covered with make up from the skills she had learned from her previous career. Rachel moved out from her apartment and down to the area in front of her complex, where a yellow cab was waiting for her. She immediately stepped inside and sat down, folding one leg over the other, pulling her phone out from her bag and sending Quinn a quick text to tell him that she was on the way over to him – and that was when the cab driver started to drive to his place. 

Video Killed the Radio Star - Chapter 1 - thegoodthebadandthenerdy - Carry On - Rainbow Rowell [Archive of Our Own]
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Fic rec for Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day! I am officially obsessed with this “Carry On” Youtuber AU WIP. Every time I get a notice in my inbox that a new chapter has been posted, it gives me joy.

Video Killed the Radio Star, aka VKTRS, by thegoodthebadandthenerdy. 

Fandom: Carry On - Rainbow Rowell

Relationships: Baz Pitch/Simon Snow

Rating: Teen and Up Audiences

No Archive Warnings Apply

WIP, currently at chapter 11 of ?, current 28,583 words.

Author’s Summary: Simon Snow runs a successful baking channel called RedWingBakes. Agatha Wellbelove and Baz Grimm-Pitch are the proud co owner’s of a hair tutorial channel called GrimmLove. Simon has been subscribed to GrimmLove since they had just 30 followers. Now, they’re one of the biggest channels on the sight. And Simon sorta has a crush on Baz. Or at least, that’s what Penny (owner of ThePennysThoughts, a social activism channel with the occasional book review, and Simon’s best friend/adoptive sister) believes. Simon, of course, vehemently denies any possible romantic feelings because “That’s not how the real world works, Penelope.” But after Simon gets invited to a convention to do a panel with other popular Youtubers, and he meets Baz, it becomes a lot harder to deny his feelings.


Geoff Downes joining our awesome amateur musicians late nite after hours prog jam in the bar which we had taken over each night on the cruise.  (Everyone brought their own instruments and we got them to give us a sound system and sound man too!  The sound man let the party run each night til 3am before he had to unplug everything, but many of us stayed til 5 each morning heading over to the piano and grabbing an acoustic guitar to keep right on playing.) Jon Davison joined us one night staying to sing along with us until the sun came up.

Here we were getting ready to play Yes’ “Into the Lens”, but Geoff came in and we asked him if we wanted to take over the keyboards and he obliged so we played “Video Killed the Radio Star” instead.  That sadly was the last song we got to play in our after hours jam on the cruise, but what a way to finish! 

Rachel spent most of the day  curling her hair – with the help of a few of her friends – and finishing up the rest of the costumes. She was constricted by a corset, and her costume was almost identical to the one in the movie. She decided to go with the movie version because the costumes were easier to make – and a lot less expensive. But she managed to do it within a considerate amount of time and with very few pricks to the fingers. 

The Puckerman’s were already there – Norah more so to help her pull everything in with the corset she was wearing and to film. Considering Noah was going to be in it too – despite his grumblings about it.Rachel Berry did things over the top, made things look as realistic as she possibly could. Even if that meant possibly bruising her ribs for a music video. She managed to pull her costume on, including the red cape that was tied in a simple bow around her neck. Noah was grumbling because he didn’t want to wear a damned mask – while Norah was laughing. Which Rachel caught on camera because she liked doing behind the scenes vlogs.

The brunette turned when she heard a knock on the door, sending a wink to her camera before she turned it around so it was facing the door. She carefully walked over, stumbling over a few items on the floor before she opened the door. “Say hi, Quinn,” she said, pointing the camera up at him. 

Rachel knew she had fucked up – but she was going to fix it. This wasn’t going to be like everything else where she just walked away from it. Quinn meant too much to her to just  have him completely out of her life. She had to fix things. Which was why she had a shopping back in the crease of her arm, a large meat lovers pizza in one of her hands and a six pack of beer dangling from her fingers as she walked a few blocks over  to the near by apartment complex. 

The brunette was let in by one of the other occupants and she easily made her way up to his apartment. She sucked in a breath as she approached his door – feeling her heart pound in chest. She stood there for a few minutes, biting on her bottom lip before she bent down to set the beer on the ground. She straightened out the skirt she was wearing before knocking on the door, reaching down and grasping the beer again, pulling on her best smile.