Pulp  - Like A Friend Live at Glastonbury 2011.

You are the party that makes me feel my age.

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Suede - My Insatiable One (Live on Jools Holland)

BERNARD! (pronounced “Ber-ned”)


Suede - High Rising Live at O2 Academy Brixton, 2011

Stop. Making. Me. Older.


Blur  -Tender (live on the Late Show with the Harlem Boys Choir)

Supposedly Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston walked down the aisle to this song.  In a Rolling Stone intverview I read a while back, Jen was browsing the racks at Amoeba in LA and grabbed the 13 CD and told the reporter that they used one of the songs in their ceremony, but wouldn’t name it.  A google search on the subject could not confirm this, but People Magazine did report that 

“At 6:30 p.m, a six-piece band backed up by a 40-member gospel choir began singing Al Bowlly’s 1930s classic "Love Is the Greatest Thing.”“

Now, the Al Bowlly song is actually called "Love is the Sweetest Thing” and if you listened to the song you’d have to wonder why one of the more musically-savvy couples (at the time) would choose this song (remember when the couple was caught canoodling at a Radiohead concert?).  

Also, this is People Magazine we’re talking about.

Anyway, if any of you were thinking of walking down the aisle to this song, I’d think twice.  You may find yourself with no distance left to … , oh you know what I mean. 


Low C - Supergrass (dir Hammer and Tongs)

take a sad song and make it better

we were younger, oh the way you turned my head O-o-o


Outtakes from the Like A Friend music video shoot.

Happy Monday to all of our beautiful followers!


Tomorrow Never Dies title sequence with Pulp’s Tomorrow Never Lies (edit).

Disclaimer: I didn’t edit this, but I think it sorta works. 

Pulp submitted this song to be the title track to the Bond film and when the Sheryl Crow song was chosen instead, they re-purposed it and put it on the Help the Aged single as a b-side.

What I always loved about Pulp was they never phoned it in, for their b-sides OR  soundtrack submissions (see  Mile End/Trainspotting and Like a Friend/Great Expectations).  Tomorrow Never Lies features some of their best guitar work as well as one of Jarvis’s best vocal performances.