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Date Your Best Friend

YouTuber!Au Series

Word Count: 1,169

Genre: Fluff

Joshua sits in front of his camera. An outlet to share his music to the world has evolved into so much more. His viewers turned into fans, and his fans loved beyond the guitar and the voice. They wanted to know more about Joshua the person, not just Joshua the singer.

So how could Joshua talk about himself without mentioning you? He couldn’t do that. Even with the guys, your name is brought up every two sentences. 

However, being the sweet person that Joshua is, he never really said your name on camera out of consideration for your privacy. Of course, he flaunts the fact that his girlfriend was the most amazing person on earth, and he gushes about how much he loves you in vlogs. He’d also dedicate every song that reminded him of you, which is a lot, every chance he gets. Naturally, when you watch his videos a big happy smile would beautifully grace your face. 

“Hi, it’s Joshua! We have a very special guest today!” Joshua announces in front of his camera. You giggle quietly in your spot out of the frame. 

“Drum roll please!” Joshua exclaims excitedly, patting his lap. He pulled you into the frame, his arms were wrapped around your shoulder as yours were wrapped around his waist. 

You managed to wave to the camera and squeak out a cute hi while you and Joshua laugh happily, simply enjoying each others company.

“So, this is the person that I have been telling you guys about. AKA the person that I’m completely in love with, y/n.” Joshua’s words rang inside the shaken corridors of your heart. 

“Hi, guys! I’m Y/N! It’s nice to finally meet you all.” You say with a bright smile. 

Joshua holds up his phone, and explains, “So today, my lovely ray of sunshine has taken a break from their busy schedule to answer questions you guys have left us on my twitter, Instagram, and snapchat!” 

Joshua’s right hand was holding his phone, as his left was holding your hand.

“When did you two first meet?” Joshua reads from the phone.

“It was in elementary school right?” You recall back the memory.

Joshua laughs out loud. “Oh yeahhh! You stole my juice box, and then told me my haircut looked stupid.” He playfully nudged your shoulder with his.

“Hey, all great friendships start out that way!” You giggle.

He humorously scrunched his face up at your statement. “No you were a bully.”

“Only because you were so adorable when you got mad at me. Even now.” You messily ruffled his hair causing him to roll his eyes and try to get his perfect  hair back into place. 

“Wait, did you guys hear that? Y/N thinks I’m adorable.” Joshua lowly chuckles with a proud expression on his face.

“Okay, okay next question, you weirdo.” You laugh, taking his phone to scroll down the twitter feed. 

Joshua points to the screen at one question that has caught his eyes. “Has Joshua ever serenaded you?” 

“Yes, actually.” You smile at the sweet memories of him singing to you. “No matter how late it is at night, or how tired he is, if I’m having trouble sleeping he’d always sing me to sleep. Or if I’m sad, he’d sing something to cheer up. All in all, Joshua is always singing to me. So thank you, babe.” You top your answer off with a kiss on Joshua’s smiling lips. 

“Oh this is a good one!” You point at a question.

Joshua reads it out loud. “When did you start realizing that you were catching feelings, when did you tell the boys and how did they react?”

“I’m assuming that one is for me.” Joshua chuckles at the camera, a hint of blush starts to show on his cheeks. 

“I’ve always seen you as a friend up until freshman year. That was when you told me you had a crush on one of our classmates, but I didn’t know why I was so bothered by it.” Joshua explains.

“Because of how strangely I was feeling, I talked to Vernon about it and he was actually the one that helped me come to terms with my feelings.” 

“Wait,” You pause him. “You’ve liked me since freshman year?”

Joshua nods shyly. “Yeah, I did. But I decided not to tell you until last year because I was just scared of how you would react.” 

That was something you never knew. It was senior year now, the last year of high school for the both of you. So, you’ve realized Joshua has loved you for quite some time now.

“Vernon was especially annoyed with me during that time because I’ve always talked about you, but I never had the confidence to ask you out.” Joshua says sweetly with a peck on your cheek, causing you to blush and to tease him about his little crush on you at that time. 

“Ooh! I found the perfect follow up question.” You excitedly start to read, “How did Joshua ask you out?”

Joshua groans out in embarrassment while you laugh at his expense. “You’re never going to let that go, huh?”

“Nope!” You grin. 

He rolled his eyes but nonetheless he continued on telling the story. “I took her out to our favorite spot to hang out which is this little dock on the lake. I was so nervous and out of it, then why you told me that you would go on a date with me I was so happy that I started to jump. Then, I fell off the dock and into the lake.”

You couldn’t stop giggling at the image of wet Joshua doggy paddling at the surface of the water. 

“Okay okay, let’s move on.” Joshua says as he attempts to control your laughter by rubbing your back.

“What is it like to date me?” Joshua asks.

“Hm..” You smile. “It’s like I’m dating my best friend. But don’t tell Vernon I said that, because he’s gonna argue with me that he’s your only best friend.”

“Who cares about Vernon?” Joshua jokes. “You are my best friend.” Joshua pulls you in for a hug as a means to leave sloppy kisses on your face. Joshua pauses to look at the camera. “Just kidding man, I love you, you’re my best friend too, Vernon.”

The next fifteen minutes, you and your boyfriend answered questions about your relationship and each other. Some were funny, and some led you to find out things about Joshua that you never knew before. 

“Ok, last question. Do you love me?” You asked, slightly tilting your head amusedly. 

Joshua diverted his attention from his phone to your eyes. A smile spread across your lips, transferred to your cheeks and reached your eyes. 

“I’ve loved you ever since you stole my juice box, and I’ve been and will continue to love you as hard as any human possibly can love.” Joshua places a kiss upon your forehead, and you could feel the truth behind his words. 

Written by Admin V.K

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Wie findest du eigentlich die Idee, dass die Admins dieser VK-Charaktere Pages aus Finn und Jan ein Paar gemacht haben? Ich persönlich finde es mega nice.

Ich sehe das zwiegespalten; einerseits habe ich diese Charaktere erfunden und kein Mensch (außer mir selbst) könnte eine Pia, einen Tom oder auch Finn, Jan, Leonie,… authentisch repräsentieren; nur ich kenne sie in all ihrer Tiefe, alle anderen bloß das, was ich von ihnen nach außen trage. 
Wie gesagt hab ich aber keinen Einfluss auf die Fantasien anderer und jeder kann in die Geschichte hineininterpreieren, was auch immer er möchte! Ärgerlich wird es natürlich, wenn diese Profile als offizielle Vertreter meiner Fantasie wahrgenommen werden (aber auch das hab ich leider nicht unter Kontrolle), denn das ist absolut nicht in meinem Sinne! 

Wenn du allerdings bloß meine persönliche Meinung zum JanxFinn Pairing wissen möchtest:

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AU where Saiko tries to stealthily help Urie with his ghoulification by making him read vampire knight and pointing out how many people love Zero


This is perfect. Urie stressing himself over becoming a monster that is hated by society as well and worrying that this changes how people would see him as a person and Saiko comes in and goes like, “Look, read this shojou manga where this really hot bishie gets turned into a monster he hates so much and that is usually shunned by society just like you did but he still is one of the most loved characters around so you’ll be fine.” 

@cfcrownsandroses {here x}

    “Oh come on Ben, You know I have a natural charm that most can’t refuse. Everyone knows it isn’t a party unless I’m there.” She flutters her eyes lashes, giving a coy smile before breaking into a small laugh. “But yes, threatening does help if you do it right.”

Seventeen as Male Leads

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Seventeen as the male lead in romantic movie? Thanks :D

S.Coups: Will Blakelee from The Last Song

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Jeonghan: Credence from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (yes this isn’t a romantic movie but oops :^))

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Joshua: Charlie from Perks of Being a Wallflower 

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Jun: Mike O’ Donnell from 17 Again

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Hoshi: Danny Zuko from Grease

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Wonwoo: Leo from The Vow

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Woozi: Adam Wilde from If I Stay

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D.K: Link from Hairspray

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Mingyu: Charlie Wyman from Letters to Juliet

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The8: Moose from the Step Up Movies (Moose isn’t a lead but he’s hella badass :^))

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Vernon: Landon Carter from A Walk to Remember

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Seungkwan: Jesse Swanson from Pitch Perfect

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Dino: Ren MacCormack from Footloose

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- Admin V.K

anominous007 said: But victor ends up with victoria, I was thinking maybe Phoenix is the (alive) groom, Iris is the dead bride and Miles is Victoria… Also, is it just me or does Barkis looks WAY too much like von Karma? o-O

(about corpse bride au)

aight so I know the emotional crux of the film is emily realizing that she’s about to take away this girl’s happiness exactly the same way she had hers stripped from her all those years ago and victor was never actually hers to keep and she’s able to finally find peace with herself at the end but like…….

i still love victor/emily i dont even car e i’ll fight everyone probably

plus pl s imagine the ‘i like ur enthusiasm’ scene w/ the piano w/ p/e yells softly

Killer! Kook AU- Chapter One (Part One)


Author: Admin Mari

Genre: AU, Killer! Kook AU

Warnings: Suggested Homosexuality, Guns, Mentioned Murder, Assassination

Summary: Kook is given a job by V that is a little different from the usual ones…

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Gun. Check.

Mask. Check.

Gloves. Check.

He listed off the item in his head, shuffling through the duffel bag strewn open on the floor.

“Bunny boy,” V called. “Come to me for your assignment.”

Kook rose from his kneeling position and stretched. A weary groan left his lips and he felt his joints crack.

V heard the noises and winced.

“You need to rest. You’ll mess up your work if you don’t take care of your health.”

Kook shook his head as he rubbed the back of his neck.

“I’m fine,” he said. “What’s the assignment you have for me?”

V looked at Kook for a little while until a wicked smile ghosted his thin lips. He pulled an envelope from an inner pocket of his blazer and pressed it into Kook’s chest.

“Target is a white female, roughly into her early thirties. Blonde hair and dark eyes. She’s going to be attending a banquet here in Seoul tonight for the inauguration of new president for a rising software company.”

Kook nodded and opened the envelope. The contents were to the usual protocol: head shot of the target, address, description of target’s background, and the description of the job. He read them over quickly but his eyes froze at a line on the job description.

When his gaze flew to V’s, he could see V’s golden eyes churning like a glass of champagne.

“What’s wrong?” V laughed, pushing a finger against his lips to suppress a smile.

“It says here the only way to get her alone…” Jungkook began.

“…is to seduce her. She’s a bit of a cougar,” V finished, smile apparent.

Kook’s face scrunched more and V chuckled more. His long fingers rose to the younger man’s face and his thumbs rubbed at the creases of his forehead.

“Relax, bunny,” V said. “You can do it.”

He leaned closer to him and pressed a kiss to Kook’s forehead that lingered on his skin a bit too long.

“You’ll be fine. You’re good at what you do.”

The manner in which V spoke to him made feel as if he was taking in drops of a sweet and sickly drug; just enough to keep him wanting more but sadly V always made sure that he didn’t give Kook too much.

“Alright, V,” Jungkook said. “I’ll do it.”


S.Coups: Chad

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Jeonghan: Troy

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Joshua: Ms. Montez

Jun: Jason

Hoshi: Ryan

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Wonwoo: Gabriella

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Woozi: Kelsi

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D.K: Johnny

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Mingyu: Zeke

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The8: Taylor

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Seungkwan: Sharpay

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Vernon: Skater Cello Guy

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Dino: Martha

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  • “you like me?”
  • “yes, hoshi, I like you”
  • that was the beginning for something VERY beautiful to come
  • and im not just talking about his smile after you confessed to each other
  • you and Hoshi would lie in bed for an hour or two after you both have woken up
  • without saying anything, he would tuck your hair behind your ears just softly smiling at you
  • he’d pinch your cheeks, and bop your nose
  • Hoshi would just be so so happy to actually be able to wake up next to you
  • like how in the world did he get so lucky??
  • he doesn’t say it often but just by the way he looks at you, you know he loves you so much
  • he’s ALL for that PDA
  • Hoshi would give you random kisses on your cheek and lips
  • he’d enjoy having his hands around your waist veryy much
  • his kisses would be so passionate
  • Hoshi would cup your face as he makes out with you, tangling his hand in your hair
  • Hoshi just dies when your hands are trailing under his shirt
  • the type to get turned on reallyyy easily
  • is it hot in here or is it just Hoshi??
  • Hoshi would make fun of you a lot, it’s all out of love of course
  • but he’s also careful
  • he takes note of your insecurities, none of his jokes would EVER be directed towards your insecurities
  • sometimes he’d be giggling and blushing out of nowhere
  • “Hoshi, why are you smiling so much?”
  • “I’m just so happy to call you mine.”
  • ouch
  • when you guys do argue, Hoshi would let his voice slip
  • Hoshi doesn’t mean to yell at you
  • when he sees how scared you’ve gotten, he would immediately regret it and would leave you so you can have some space. Hoshi wouldn’t really know how to process the fight either
  • after a while, he’d text you so you two can meet up and talk it out
  • you find out that he’s been crying because of how guilty he felt :(
  • “I just want to make you happy, Y/N.”
  • Hoshi drags you to all of his dance performances
  • omg omg when he’s dancing, he’d make direct eye contact with you
  • and in the beginning of the performance he’d dedicate the dance to you :’)
  • but imagine the hip thrusts while he’s looking right at you??!!! 
  • i swear to god, he’s trying to make you faint or something because its getting real hot in here
  • although, he’s very confident on stage
  • he’s such a dork off stage
  • his good morning texts to you are puns
  • his snapchats to you are of him dancing
  • often times, when you guys facetime, you’re both in the same room ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Hoshi wouldn’t really take it out on you when he’s jealous, rather there would be very subtle death glares towards whoever is being to touchy feely with you
  • okay i lied
  • he does take it out on you
  • in the bedroom
  • okay, let’s be real
  • underneath the stage persona, and outgoing personality, HE’S SO ADORABLE
  • “You look really handsome in your suit, Hoshi.”
  • BAM
  • his face gets instantly red and he’s off to find a corner to hide in
  • Hoshi would be a very passionate and intense partner, he wouldn’t hesitate to tell you how much he loves you when he does. Hoshi would appreciate every single day that he has with you. It could be two years that he’s been with you and still wouldn’t be able to believe how lucky he is. And do you hear that? That’s the sound of me crying from far away :’)

Admin V.K

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Power, Pt. 2



Word Count: 1,446

Genre: Smut

It wasn’t your typical Saturday night. But with Seungcheol, how could anything be typical?

“Do you like what you see, Princess?”

You nodded in awe, choosing to ignore his sexually-implied words, and marveled at the view in front of you. You had told him you liked the beach, but this was no ordinary beach. He had taken you to a spacious and pristine bungalow, just a few kilometers off the shore of Rosalie Bay. The sunset was beautiful, and there was nothing else in the horizon interrupting nature’s beauty. It was magnificent.

“Seungcheol… this is amazing…”

He chuckled deeply, snaking his arms around your hips and clasping his hands together, on top of your stomach. His face snuggled into the nape of your neck as he began to leave soft pecks that would lead up to your ear. 

“I’m glad you like it. I thought you would.”

Being a god and all, he had an aura that surrounded him which invited you in, causing you to let your guard down. Seungcheol hugged you closer, his eyes were close as he took in your sweet scent. Your soft skin drove him insane, he couldn’t help but to let his hands wander under your shirt. 

You didn’t even have to be afraid of getting cold as the ocean’s breeze blew against your skin, Seungcheol’s presence kept you warm.

You let out a sigh, and along with the breath that left your lips so did every worry that you have ever had. Being next to Seungcheol, all you could feel was bliss. 

He spun you around, your hands were now placed on his chest. Seungcheol guided your fingers to the buttons on his dress shirt. Your hands were slightly shaking as you loosened the buttons one by one, you spread the fabric once you were done to reveal his toned chest. Seungcheol shook the shirt off his shoulders, letting it fall onto the soft sand. 

Layer by layer your own articles of clothing fell around you yet Seungcheol was standing in only his boxers. With you being completely unclothed, he took a step back. 

“You’re the most beautiful mortal I’ve ever laid my eyes on.” Lust filled his eyes, to him you were a piece of artwork that deserved to be admired. Normally, you would’ve been insecure beyond belief but there was just something about his gaze that made you feel brave.

With the snap of Seungcheol’s fingers, a large red velvet quilt was laid out with wine beside it. He took your hand in his, kissing it gently as he kept his eyes on you.

He laid you down onto the blanket, you felt the velvet hit your back. Your hair sprawled out, you looked like a perfect mess for him to unravel. One of his hands was placed beside your head to keep himself balanced, the other was tracing down your bare stomach.

You were helpless under his touch as he drew goosebumps to raise on your arms. Your senses were alerted when his hand gripped your thigh violently which was accompanied by a smirk on his angelic face. 

You were growing wet at the anticipation he was building up. Sensing this, Seungcheol whispered, “Tell me what you want, baby”. 

The lump in your throat was like a chunk of wet cement you couldn’t swallow, yet you managed to tell him, “touch me”. 

And touch you he did. His fingers wasted no time to slip inside your folds, he bit his lip as he felt your ridges and wetness. Seungcheol focused on going slow, making sure he was taking his time and to draw out your moans.

You felt every inch of his fingers, as he slipped in and out. Your eyes were shut close as pleasure washed over and caused your vision to be slightly hazy. 

Seungcheol abruptly altered his pace from slow to fast, he felt himself growing harder and harder as he watched your face contort in indulgence. 

“You like that, baby?” He growled into your ear, his fingers taking a break. He pulled them out of you and proceeded to lick them. 

Seungcheol made a sound of satisfaction, loving the way that you tasted. He kissed you afterwards. “You taste so good, don’t you think so?” He asked in a husky, low voice. 

Although you were breathing heavily, you were still utterly so breathless. As you thought he was going to go easy on you, his lips connected to your neck as he bit, and sucked until your neck was covered in purple marks. 

You couldn’t help the uncontrollable moans that were leaving your lips, to Seungcheol your moans were better than anything Mount Olympus could offer. 
The more you moaned, the harsher he was, the more teeth he used and the longer he sucked. 

Once he was done with your neck, he moved onto your thighs. His hands gripped your thighs, relishing in their beauty before he kissed the inner side of them.

Your eyes shot opened in surprise when you felt his lips hovering above your heat, his tongue licked a long stripe up the area.

His lips finally settled onto your clit, he lightly sucked as his fingers reentered you slowly.  He kept up this motion until you felt lightheaded from the painfully slow building of the pleasure. 

All you could hear was the ocean waves crashing against the shore, and the breeze added to your sensations.

You were so immersed in the moment you didn’t realize he had stopped. His eyes were dark, and full of lust. Seungcheol didn’t say anything except he just stared at you, admiring how beautiful you were under him. 

With a snap of his fingers you were transported back to what you presumed was his bedroom. You felt soft silk sheets underneath you, and the sound of the ocean was gone. Plus, the room wasn’t that well lit considering candles were the only source of light.

“Oh baby, you’re gonna be in for a treat.” Seungcheol smiled sweetly down at you. You were laying under him while he was straddling your sides. 

You had taken into account that you were both naked, and you were oh so ready for what you assumed was going to happen.

Without another word, his length had thrust into you. All power, and passion. While his dick was sliding in and out of you, he didn’t hesitate to tell you how beautiful you looked moaning his name. 

After he had you laying on your back, he quickly flipped you over so you were on all fours. Seungcheol smacked your ass, as he saw his hand print leave its mark he had only gotten harder. When he heard you yelp in shock, a smirk graced his face. 

“What do you want, baby?” He whispered seductively, as he caressed your thighs with his slightly calloused hands, and admired your backside. 

You had trouble forming your words as your mind was too preoccupied with the thought of him positioned behind you.

You felt another smack followed by him massaging the area. You whimpered out loud to which he asked you again. “What does my baby want me to do, huh?”

“Do you want another smack from daddy?” He said in a low voice that dripped with allure.

“I want you inside me.” You finally answered, your voice barely a whisper.

Without another word, you felt his thick dick slide into you from behind. His large hands were gripping the sides of your waist, pulling you into him every time he thrust forward.

You couldn’t help the moans that were escaping from your lips. But Seungcheol seemed to have gotten off from that, given that every loud sound that came out of your mouth he’d only thrust harder.

The sound of skin slapping rang through the large, marble room. You were gripping the sheets underneath you as Seungcheol continued to ram into you consistently and endlessly.

“I’m so close, baby.” Seungcheol moaned as his fingers dug even deeper into your hips.

You felt the heat building up in your stomach, even though you couldn’t form coherent words, the most beautiful sounds came out of your mouth.

He collapsed next to you after his release. You didn’t even realize that he had put on a condom, considering he was a god and all you didn’t know if he needed one or not.

Once he had taken care of the condom, he rolled over to face you. A sheepish smile was bared on his face, “Just because I’m a god doesn’t mean I don’t need to use protection too.”

You scoffed, and chuckled lightly. “Oh yeah, after that, you’ve definitely proven that you’re a god.”

Written by Admin V.K and Chorizo

A Rose in a Field of Dead Flowers

Hades! Joshua| 13 Days of SevenWeen

Word Count: 1,459

Genre: Fluff

Joshua was often lonely. Being the ruler of the underworld wasn’t always all fun and games. However he did have one friend he often talked to. Jun, Medusa’s son. 

To say that the two males liked each other was a stretch, they tolerated each other but only because they had no one else to talk to. In all honesty, Joshua was rather lonely. 

He’d tell Jun tales of how much he’d want a significant other, and Jun would try to tune him out.

Whether it be fate or coincidence, upon Jun’s journeys he had stumbled upon someone within Joshua’s standards on his travels to Sicily. When Jun returned to Greece, he informed Joshua of this person to which Joshua has already fallen deeply in love with the thought of them.

Yet one thought had continuously badgered at him. Who would love the God of the Underworld?

Being a god has its’ perks, with a blink of an eye Joshua was engulfed flames. He was teleported to the flower fields of Sicily where he saw you.

The contrast between the two of you was vast. You were alive, glowing underneath the sunlight, the sweat beads on your forehead glistened, your cheeks were a slight pink as your eyes held life. Joshua’s face was flawless, too perfect and sculpted. His complexion didn’t show a hint of an imperfection or color, it was truly as if he was carved out of stone.

You haven’t noticed Joshua standing across the field from you. The task of plucking flowers from the ground was keeping you occupied and unaware.

In a blue fiery mist, you watched as the flowers around you start to wilt except for the rose you were holding in your hand. The sky appeared as if it was lit on fire, it was painted red with black smoke for clouds.

Your eyes scanned the once vibrant field, now it appeared to be a graveyard of the flowers that once blossomed. Even the basket of flowers that accompanied of you were now filled with dead daisies and roses. You were the only breathing, living entity here. It took your optimum level of calmness to keep your heart at bay. Fear was the only thing you were feeling, and Joshua sensed that.

“Show yourself!” You shouted. Granted you were from Italy, the tales and myths of Greek gods and goddesses has spread through trade and merchants. It wasn’t uncommon for someone to speak of sightings of those gods or stories of the miracles they’ve performed.

As if a veil was pulled back, an all black chariot completed with four massive black horse stood clear among the dead flowers. You slightly gasped in fear, stumbling back. The rose you held was dropped beside you.

Joshua, dressed in a black suit, made casual strides towards you with his hands in his pockets and a look of wonder on his face. He knelt down once he was in front of you, he reached for the fallen rose which caused your state of anxiety and terror to be more obviously presented.

His hand paused as you let out a yelp and scooted back. Joshua’s eyes stared at yours for a good few seconds before proceeding to pick up the rose. As his fingers grasped the stem, the entirety of the rose had faded to a dark brown to which he smirked in satisfaction.

Joshua flickered his eyes to yours. He presented the lifeless object to you but not before he placed a gentle kiss on the bud.

“Now the rose is beautiful but not as beautiful as you.” His voice was like velvet, dripping with seduction.

Out of panic you accepted his gift , your eyes never leaving his.

“Where am I?” Your voice was barely a whisper as the tears started to well up in your eyes, the air became heavy to inhale.

Joshua’s lips turned upwards into a mischievous yet charming smile. “My dear, you are in the Underworld.”


Joshua kept you in the Underworld for who knows how long, you weren’t keeping track. A part of you yearned for the sunlight on Earth, the other part have grown fond of his darkness.

You were front and center when Joshua did unbearable things. Yet, when it was just the two of you together in his grand bedroom he was all charms and smiles.

Here in the Underworld there was no night or day, so you slept and woke up when you pleased. You were in bed when you heard the door click open.

“My love,” Joshua called out. You felt your heart flip with the name, yet you were ever so conflicted with being in love with the ruler of the Underworld. You played it coy, you were expressionless for the most part.

Even when Joshua had confessed his need for a partner, and him finally finding you made him feel something again, you tried your best to appear unaffected. It worked. Joshua has never once felt like he had made you feel anything for him asides from fear and reluctance, this speculation crushes him every single time he thinks about it.

His cat-like eyes were the only twinkling thing in this damned place, in all honesty you loved staring into them.

“I have some news.” Joshua sat down at the edge of the bed, you felt his weight dip down. You turned around to face him, still laying on your side.

“You’re so beautiful.” An awestruck look graced his face as his eyebrows slightly scrunched together, and the edges of his lips were curved upwards. You swallowed the lump in your throat, your face managed to stay stone-like.

Joshua sheepishly coughed to clear his throat, his smile disappearing. “That wasn’t the news.” Joshua took a deep breath. “The news at hand is… someone has appeared from the mainland to claim you as their spouse. They go by the name of Peirithous, do you know that person?”

You sat up from your comfortable position, you frowned at the name.

Joshua nodded. “So you do. What would you like me to do to this Peirithous?”

The malicious gleam you’ve become familiar with flashed in his eyes. Without another word to Joshua, you walked over to your dresser that was stock full of clothes. You got dressed right there and then, unbothered by Joshua’s presence.

Together you both walked out to the palace’s Throne Room. There a familiar face greeted you.

“Y/N, it’s been a year since your disappearance. I’m here to rescue you from this dreadful place.” Peirithous declared. In short, Peirithous was your entitled ex. Peirithous was crazy, and felt like they were obligated to marry you.

“I don’t need saving.” You spoke out in a clear and loud voice to which Joshua chuckled at your confidence.

Peirithous scoffed. “You’d rather stay here with him?”


Peirithous once again scoffed. “Then come with me.”

“No.” You firmly stated. Joshua approached your side, he whispered in your ear.

I’ll get rid of this problem, I’ll make it all better. Joshua’s voice brought tingles down your spine.

With a reluctant sigh, you hissed. “Do it.”

Maybe it was this place, the overwhelming dark aura that hung over your head all day. Maybe it was accompanying the Lord of Death. Whatever it was, you allowed Joshua to pierce Peirithous’s heart with a blade. And you liked it.

After all of that was done and the body was gotten rid of, Joshua led you back to his bedroom where the both of you were allowed some privacy. Joshua gently pushed you down onto the bed so that you were sitting. He got down on one knee.

“Do you really want to stay with me?” Joshua inquired, looking up at you with fluttering eyelashes. Maybe it was time to stop your act. You nodded a solemn yes. You did, you really did.

With the flick of a wrist, a single pomegranate seed appeared in Joshua’s hand. He held it out to you.

“In all of my years of existence, of seeing magnificent wonders of the world, of witnessing endless fields of flowers, to laying eyes on you. Y/N, you’re still the most beautiful being I’ve ever had the honor of even catching a glimpse of.” Joshua drew out every word as if he had all the time in the world, well he did. He just wanted to make sure you understood how deeply he felt for you.

“If you eat this pomegranate seed, you’ll be able to stay with me forever.” His voice came out airy and delightful. As cliche as it sounds, Joshua’s breath was hitched when the word “forever” left his mouth.

Needless to say, you accepted the red seed and tossed it in your mouth. Finally, Joshua won’t have to face forever alone anymore.

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  • this gif gets me
  • always smiles when he thinks about you
  • when he talks to you on the phone his face just lights up
  • you take care of him when he’s sick and he does the same for you
  • however….
  • lets just say when you’re sick, he gets very doting and can get very panicky
  • spills soup on you
  • but buys you a million stuffed animals
  • now you’re bed has no more room for you because a bunch of stuffed bunnies and puppies and kittens have invaded it 
  • moving on
  • everyime he comes over he brings you food/coffee/things you like
  • “seokmin you dont have to buy me these gifts!” “but they’re for you, and nothing is enough for my love!” 
  • *got the gifts from his 
  • the best boyfriend in the entire world
  • armssssssss
  • like damn, imagine those muscular ams wrapped around your waist as he’s resting his chin on your shoulder
  • and then he whispers into your ear “I’m so glad you’re mine”
  • the type of boyfriend to try to pack you lunch even if it’s just ramen
  • the note he packs with it would say “Cheer up, sweetie! Eat a lot to have strength!”
  • believes in serenading you
  • it’s a tradition between you two that when he drops you off at your house, you two would stay in the car and whatever song comes on the radio he would sing it to you :’)
  • dear lord, when you step into the room his already bright smile would be 100x brighter
  • “guys, look!! that’s my significant other!!! aren’t they so beautiful??”
  • “yes, seokmin, we know”
  • D.K would be so excited whenever he saw you, it would always feel like the first time he laid eyes on you
  • imagine sleepy face time calls with D.K
  • his hair would be so messy, he’d have a soft smile on his lips, his eyes would be drooping
  • “Hey, seokmin, are you sure you’re not sleepy?”
  • seokmin would yawn and say “yes, I’m okay, I still just want to talk to you and hear your voice.”
  • 2 min. later, he’s snoring his ass off
  • his mouth would be open, and his nose would crinkle sometimes
  • so being the great partner that you are, you seize the moment and screenshot it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Seokmin would really try his best in the relationship because he knows that you would do the same <3

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anon asked:

YOOO SO IDK IF ANY OF THE ADMINS HAVE SEEN OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB BUT IF ANY OF THEM HAVE can y'all do svt as hosts?? If not then that’s fine! ^^


  • successor to Tamaki 
  • even dyed his hair blonde to resemble Tamaki
  • s.coups isn’t weird he’s just dedicated okay
  • king of aegyo 
  • everyone falls for his “shy shy shy”
  • like how can this manly man be such a cutie pie??? 
  • uses his dimple to his advantage
  • he’s the boyfriend host
  • ever feeling lonely and want all of the benefits of having a boyfriend but without the commitment??
  • go to s.coups
  • tries to remember all of the clients’ names just so he can wink and say hi to them outside of club
  • compliment his hair, or tell him how handsome he his and bam you’re instantly his favorite
  • will listen to your problems and tell you that you’re always right even if you’re not lmao he’s not responsible for your actions, he’s just here to tell you what you wanna hear BECAUSE THAT’S HIS JOB ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • he’s very comfortable like all the time so don’t be startled if he starts to cuddle with you on the couch even if you only met him like 4 seconds ago
  • omg he WILL play with your hair while you’re talking to him, he’ll ask first of course 
  • if you say no (but why would you say no), he’ll just stare at you with those chocolatey eyes and it’s like is it me or is it getting steamy in here??
  • the others have to remind him that he’s good at talking to girls
  • because lets be real, s.coups doesnt know how to talk to girls
  • ask him to do his satoori accent, ask him to speak in his native dialect 
  • DO IT
  • most of the time what he says to the clients is what he hears from the movies
  • “if you’re a bird, I’m a bird”
  • …. “s.coups, we were talking about chemistry homework”
  • but whatever it works most of the time 
  • but then s.coups tripped and accidentally ripped the curtain so whoops
  • like S.Coups is either player material or a middle school boy, theres no between


  • lmao hardcore judges the other members
  • but doesnt think the others have the right to judge him 
  • he does cheesy ass things like tucking the guest’s hair behind their ear
  • or bopping their nose
  • or taking their hand in his 
  • listening to jeonghan speak is very therapeutic
  • “aww, I’m sorry that happened to you”
  • “here have some chocolate, it’ll make you feel better”
  • “wanna take a selfie together? I dont want to forget your beautiful face”
  • he’s a pro at this tbh
  • it comes so naturally to him, everyone else is very impressed
  • so princely, he’s definitely the elegant princely host
  • once they had a butler concept
  • all the others were dressed as mighty fine butlers
  • but they made jeonghan dress up as a maid
  • everyone enjoyed it in one sense or the other
  • except for him, he was like an angry housewife with his angry feather dusting
  • gets along well with haruhi’s dad
  • mostly because her dad feeds jeonghan whenever Haruhi and Ryoji visits
  • and jeonghan is Ryoji’s favorite
  • …Ryoji sees a lot of himself in Jeonghan
  • lmao it’s probably just the hair? who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • thinks everybody in the club needs to calm their ass down
  • like he appreciates the clients and all
  • but not when they be screaming in his ear, and fangirling all up in his grill
  • the look on his face says “girl/boy, chill”
  • gives the overly excited ones the side glance all the time
  • so basically hoshi, seungkwan, dk, and occasionally joshua 
  • so close to filing a restraining order against joshua during club hours 
  • speaking of harassing
  • jeonghan walks by dino when he’s with a guest to “check up” on him
  • in reality, he’s waiting for the perfect moment to embarrass dino
  • “dino, whose baby are you?”
  • “not yours, you asshole”
  • “what was that, dino?”
  • “jeonghan’s baby” 
  • that little segment between the two of them gives Jeonghan the strength and will to get through all of the guests :’) 


  • the gentleman host
  • like are you surprised??
  • probably not
  • the guests request him when they need a shoulder to cry on
  • he’s like the club’s psychologist
  • carries tissues around just in case someone needs it :’)
  • a great listener, 10/10 would recommend therapist joshua
  • or when they need his honey-like voice singing to them while playing guitar
  • kiss kiss fall in love but in an acoustic version sung by the one and only joshua hong
  • tbh who doesn’t need that in their life??
  • compliments all of the guests individually
  • always asks about their days because he really cares :’)
  • reads poems to the guests
  • “your hair is like the ocean waves that flows under the moonlight”
  • or just plain out cheesy things like “I’ll be your prince if you’ll be my princess”
  • lmao steals S.Coups’ regulars on the daily 
  • s.coups may play with his guests’ hair but Joshua makes them coffee and gives them candy :3
  • still holds a silent grudge against Jun because he broke josh’s guitar 
  • helps the guests with their english homework
  • his favorite thing to do is wink at literally anyone and anything
  • when he looks in the mirror he winks at himself 
  • ya know, just to practice
  • pretends he’s an actor in a movie that’s placed in europe during the olden times
  • like when he looks at a guest, he just turns his head real slowly and dramatically, with his lips parted into a slight smile 
  • and it’s like the heavens have parted and presented to us the angel that is joshua hong
  • he’s lowkey gay for jeonghan too 
  • hikaru and kaoru who???
  • more like jeonghan and joshua ;))))
  • lmao this is why jeonghan avoids joshua
  • joshua just doesnt know when to stop with the bromance


  • he’s greasy off and on duty
  • caught going on dates with at least 4 of his clients
  • aspires to be like Mori
  • but can’t
  • because Jun is Jun, and Jun is derpy 25/8
  • but that doesn’t stop him from texting Mori, and asking him tips on how to be cool
  • texted Mori once asking him how he’s so tall because Jun wants to be as tall as him too
  • Mori was kind of annoyed at first because Jun kept texting him at 3 am but found it to be endearing
  • in all honesty, Jun is Mori, and The8 is Honey
  • meets up with Mori to learn kendo, while Jun teaches Mori martial arts in return
  • once tried to demonstrate something in the music room and broke a guitar…
  • it was joshua’s guitar lmao oops
  • you know the lip bite kiss thing Jun did for a behind the scenes video for a show?  
  • yeah, he occasionally does that to the clients to make them feel ATTACKED
  • tries to be like Mori in the sense that Jun will TRY to keep a poker face
  • but once the guest says some nonsensical thing
  • Jun will implode and bust out a dumb expression
  • when Jun and the8 and dino and hoshi dances in the club room
  • joshua will kinda be lurking in the back LMAO joshua’s their silent hype man
  • Jun appreciates Joshua’s support so much that he offered to set Joshua up with one of his guests
  • but Joshua was like NoooOOOOoooo
  • Jun always wear sleeveless shirts… even in the winter sometimes
  • so he’ll flex his muscles a lot for the clients ;)))
  • “the8, can you use bronzer to make the muscles on my arms look more defined?”
  • the8 judges him real hard for that
  • surprisingly, Jun isn’t really up for skinship despite every offensive thing that he does
  • idk man, he’s just not up for always hugging, or holding hands with someone that he doesn’t know that well
  • the guests would always complain to him
  • but he genuinely just feels uncomfortable doing so
  • got really freaked out when a guest back hugged him


  • need some aegyo fan service? 
  • need to feel attacked?
  • then you’ve came to the right host!!! 
  • the guests LOVE Hoshi because of his versatility
  • one second he’s ready to meet your dad
  • the other you’ll be wanting to call him daddy
  • one second he’s a hamster
  • the other he’s a clock
  • what is hoshi even???
  • he provides all of the top notch background music
  • it ranges from Justin Timberlake to Trot Music
  • his favorite theme would be James Bond
  • host-shi
  • get it?
  • it’s a combo of host and hoshi
  • but it can also mean “Mr.Host” in korean 
  • lmao so sorry that was so bad
  • he comes up with funny skits for the beginning of club for the clients
  • it makes him really happy when he sees people enjoying his performances with seokmin and seungkwan
  • lays dramatically on the grand piano when Woozi starts playing
  • bites the stem of a rose while dramatically laying on the grand piano
  • god, he’s so extra
  • sometimes if Woozi plays classical music, Hoshi would grab a guest’s hand and dance around the room with them
  • Like he’ll be twirling you and he’d have this gigantic smile on his face because wow you cute and this is really fun 
  • supports Seungkwan’s decision on getting a disco ball 
  • really wants a hamster to be the mascot for the club
  • because hamsters are cute, and hoshi resembles one and hoshi believes that he’ll make a great mascot for the club
  • everyone agreed surprisingly
  • so now theres a little hamster cage in the corner of the club
  • Hoshi is always very excited to show the guests the Hamster 
  • 1. this makes the guest thinks that he’s even cuter because hoshi is just so excited by this hamster
  • 2. it’s very amusing to see the hamster poop in hoshi’s hand 
  • ends up naming the hamster Soonyoung lmao


  • wonwoo is also a fan of the james bond theme!!
  • but we all know wonwoo is gonna spill juice on his tie
  • it’s okay that’s wonwoo’s charm
  • he’s the intimidating looking one that gossips about the latest dramas with you 
  • guests like him because he’s like the moon
  • dark and mysterious
  • but he’s also like the moon if the moon had Weenie Hut Jr. on it
  • because c’mon, Wonwoo is a cutie pie that hates doing aegyo but is forced to because it’s his job to make others happy
  • lmao we know wonwoo secretly basks in all the aegyo when he does do it 
  • petitioned to turn the host club into book club every other meeting
  • lmao he was the only one petitioning
  • chats to the guests about his new favorite book
  • “err.. Wonwoo? I thought you were the one that was supposed to be listening to me…?”
  • “….Me Before You.”
  • in all honesty, wonwoo is just this shy and cute guy
  • he’s only in this club because his friends told him to be
  • he doesn’t know what to do here
  • he’s kind of clueless tbh
  • strangely enough, that’s why all the guests flock to him
  • wonwoo is naive and innocent
  • kind of like the club’s pet hamster
  • wonwoo does find it really fun when the guests take interest in what he says
  • unlike the other members who feel like they’re here for the guests
  • Wonwoo feels like the guests are here for him because they CARE about him
  • like wow he feels so loved, he doesn’t deserve this :’) 
  • constantly apologizes because he’s always like “sorry, if im boring”
  • whenever Haruhi swings by to visit, Wonwoo loves talking to her because she makes him feel understood
  • also if it get’s chilly in the room, you can bet that he’ll give you his jacket
  • he won’t put it around you


  • whenever hoshi isn’t playing the bomb background music
  • woozi is providing it
  • i mean since they are in Music Room #3, you bet he’s gonna utilize all of the instruments in there
  • S.coups would literally shower him in pink rose petals or cherry blossoms because he’s just extra like that
  • every single time Woozi plays the piano, he’s all like “( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), yes, worship me” 
  • everyone is entranced by him and his godly vocals
  • respects Tamaki, thinks he’s very extra and a lot like coups
  • tbh Tamaki visits once in awhile just so he can hear Woozi compliment and gush at him
  • Tamaki eventually teaches Woozi how to play Nocturne Pour Tamaki
  • literally everyone in the club stops what they’re doing to see these two play the piano :’)
  • in terms of Woozi being with guests 
  • he’s so awkward
  • omg someone help him
  • the most cringe-worthy member here when it comes to socializing with the guests
  • woozi cringes at himself
  • in times like these, he really envies Seungkwan’s talking skills
  • Woozi does aegyo whenever he’s asked to
  • he kind of shrivels up inside but he still does it
  • ok Woozi legit gives good advice compared to S.Coups
  • like Woozi will come up with a solution for anything and everything 
  • this is why he’s vice president of the club
  • like Kyoya, he’s in charge of the money
  • ignores every request that Seungkwan makes
  • found out about Jun dating the guests, lmao Woozi was not happy
  • “if you wanna be a hoe, then imma let you be a hoe”
  • Woozi set Jun up on a date with all of the club’s regulars
  • woozi lowkey made the regulars pay $20 in “admission” fee to go on a date with jun
  • woozi was very pleased at his punishment :^)
  • he’s a justified ruler while s.coups is too busy worrying about whatever s.coups worries about lmao


  • brings his guests hot chocolate during christmas
  • aw hot chocolate and sweater paws with D.K :’)
  • if you’re having a bad day and need a distraction, you know who to go to
  • honestly D.K will cry with you
  • he just hates seeing anyone sad
  • *cues Joshua with the tissues*
  • but when he grins his big smile at you, you better be ready and have an EMT on standby
  • reenacts “My Ear Candy” with Seungkwan on occasion 
  • the guests go WILD for it
  • salty at Woozi for not getting the club a disco ball
  • it’d be a party everydayyy
  • okay, somehow D.K has gotten really close with Kirimi Nekozawa 
  • So when Kirimi’s brother would bring her to the school
  • D.K would always read her manga
  • like isn’t that the cutest thing 
  • often times, when he reads to her it’s in the club room
  • so all of the guests just gush over the image of him being fatherly
  • and when the guests comments on how cool he is 
  • he just sheepishly smiles and blushes :’)
  • a very considerate host
  • the first thing he’ll ask his guest is if they’re okay, and if they’re comfortable, and if they’re hungry
  • very very shy and timid when it comes to skinship
  • but he wouldn’t mind snuggling up close to you while you talk about your day
  • if you ask him to sing HE DEFINITELY WILL
  • but yes, he’ll try to sing you any song as long as it’s appropriate
  • he prefers to sing ballads because he just feels like it’s more sincere
  • will thank you 10 thousand times for visitng him and taking the time out of your day to talk to him
  • D.K just really wants to make sure that his guests know they’re appreciated and loved
  • he actually keeps in touch with some of his regulars outside of club because HE JUST CARES SO MUCH AND WANTS THE BEST FOR THEIR WELL BEING


  • it’s a given that Mingyu is in charge of the snacks and tea around here
  • tells Joshua everyday to stop making coffee for his guests because his coffee is terrible
  • but joshua doesn’t listen
  • the guests will legit fight each other to get mingyu’s undivided attention
  • the other members’ regulars are all pretty chill
  • but not mingyu’s lmao
  • Mingyu’s regulars are pretty insane, in the sense that they will absolutely not share him
  • mingyu is too attractive to be shared
  • and there is certainly not enough of him to go around
  • Mingyu loves the attention but hides behind Wonwoo sometimes because mingyu gets scared too
  • is very cutesy 
  • does little subtle aegyo 
  • like scrunching up his nose
  • and shaking his head cutely
  • gosh, his facial expressions are adorable
  • like he’d make surprised faces, happy faces, grumpy faces just to be cute
  • omg he’s a 5 year old
  • king of compliments!!!
  • he’d give you so many compliments
  • every time you come to club he’d notice something new about you
  • “oh you got a haircut???”
  • “is that a new sweater :O”
  • “those jeans look great on you!”
  • gets playfully heated if the other members interrupt him and his guest speaking 
  • like excuse you, who do you think you are to interrupt mingyu’s bonding time with his beloved guests
  • they’d all be like “okay damn”
  • for some reason he just feels so relaxed when he listens to the guests talk about their day
  • like everyone’s lives are so interesting to him
  • he’s always going to have a smile on his face when you see him
  • the first thing he’s gonna do is give you something that he made for you to eat
  • how cute :’)
  • Tamaki really likes Mingyu
  • lol Mingyu is just really attractive and Tamaki acknowledges that
  • mostly because Tamaki knows that Mingyu is going to bring in so many new guests to the host club :^)
  • Renge legit has such a huge crush on Mingyu
  • he found it endearing at first but now he’s just scared
  • tbh the rest of the members are scared of her too
  • especially s.coups
  • anyway, Mingyu is voted most popular member!!


  • if he feels like he didn’t get his point across to you 
  • he’d definitely go home and write you a letter because he wants to make sure you know how he feels
  • like D.K, The8 just cares so much about his regulars
  • tbh Woozi wouldn’t admit it but The8 is the reason why they’re not getting the disco ball
  • while showcasing his martial arts skills The8 had managed to kick right through a painting
  • that and because of Jun breaking Joshua’s guitar
  • anyway
  • The8 is Mori’s favorite
  • honestly all of the former members equally love the8 
  • the8 is the number one person guests go to for help on homework 
  • like the8 is just hella good at explaining things and he’s also pretty patient as well
  • plus he’s not afraid to tell someone that they’re wrong
  • as for skinship
  • he rather not lmao
  • don’t touch the boy without consent pleasE
  • he’ll even hold your hand if you really wanted him to
  • will very gladly do aegyo
  • omg ask to take pictures with him
  • it’ll make his day
  • like he wouldn’t think that it’s creepy at all
  • the8 would think that it’s very cute that you want to take pictures with him, he’d feel so honored tbh
  • like Jun, the8 didn’t want to be a host
  • but he thought that it would help him with his shyness
  • the8 has so many stories hehe
  • he doesn’t overshare but he shares enough >:)
  • like the one time mingyu slipped on a banana peel walking into the music room, and he couldn’t walk for a week
  • or when he caught Jun licking the back of his hand to fix his hair cause he didn’t have gel lmao
  • the8 is recognized for being talented, having witty humor, and honestly being such a nice guy all the time 
  • he treats his guests with the utmost respect, and never invades their space
  • on one hand he’s like an older brother who just wants the best for you, the other hand he’s such boyfriend material LIKE HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO FEEL ABOUT THIS BOY


  • tried really hard to convince Woozi to get a disco ball for the club
  • seungkwan just wants to partayyyy
  • hypes up his guests, encourages them to lighten up from school
  • he’s the moodmaker
  • Seungkwan just wants to make sure no one is stressed out from an exam or anything
  • because he believes that this club is a stress free zone
  • but if you are stressed out, Seungkwan will genuinely give you great advice
  • Seungkwan has some wise words up his sleeve, and it’ll surely make you feel better
  • Seungkwan isn’t afraid to be himself
  • and who he is is pretty goofy, so expect lots of laughing from his corner of the room
  • tbh this club makes him feel like he matters
  • 1. not only do the guests always compliment him on his cheekbones and hair
  • 2. He gets to make people happy :’) 
  • when hoshi gets on top of that grand piano, that’s seungkwan’s cue to be as extra af as well
  • and we all know that d.k joins in
  • no matter how many times someone gently brushes his hand, he’ll still get so giddy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • seungkwan has genuine reactions to guest’s stories 
  • he’s just so interactive with the people around him, and it’s never awkward with him
  • he’s always doing some comedic act or cracking a joke
  • Seungkwan gets the most laughs out of his guests, he’s voted the funniest member :D
  • but he’s also sassy in a way that makes it fun for the guests to playfully tease him back
  • seungkwan doesn’t have a favorite theme
  • either way he still finds a way to be hella extra :D 
  • him and his guests are always coming up with ways of pranking the other members
  • especially vernon lmao
  • seungkwan would get lowkey jealous if he saw his regulars with someone else :(
  • “after all we’ve been through together, you left me for JOSHUA?”
  • he’s joking, but lowkey would be just a tad bit hurt inside


  • like he’s the cliche embodiment of a high school guy not knowing how to talk to a girl 
  • normal conversations are fine
  • he can handle those
  • he can even handle deep conversations about dreams and life and family
  • but when you hit him with the “flirting”
  • he’s not gonna know what language you’re speaking
  • don’t call him cute
  • don’t call him hot
  • don’t compliment him
  • unless you wanna see him melt into a puddle
  • in that case THEN GO AHEAD
  • vernon would just smile awkwardly
  • and rub the back of his neck 
  • “what? I’m cute? you mean me? nah, im not cute”
  • like his ego would be boosted just a tad bit BUT THIS IS SO AWKWARD 
  • vernon would explode any minute if you compliment him, kinda adorable though :^) 
  • so when woozi, or dk, or seungkwan, or hoshi is performing 
  • everyone would urge vernon to go up and rap because that’s his thing ya feel
  • but he’s like “nah guys, if i mess up i wouldn’t look cool anymore in front of my guests”
  • “you were never cool in the first place tbh”, seungkwan would say which would slightly offend vernon
  • just kidding lmao
  • vernon has put up with seungkwan too long to be offended
  • so proud :’)
  • but give it like 5 more minutes then he’s back to being hansol again
  • when it comes to skinship
  • he’s very comfortable with putting his hand around your shoulders while you guys are sitting at the couch
  • vernon likes to have a good chill time
  • so he’d crack a lot of jokes
  • when you start smiling, he’d be like “yes this is good, i’m making them happy”
  • he understands that as a host his main goal is to make his guests happy
  • so vernon is worried about that 24/7
  • Kyoya would advise him that it’s irrational to be worried about things like that, because if guests keep flocking to him then he’s obviously doing something right
  • and vernon is just like yeah maybe people do like me and enjoy talking to me
  • yes, yes they do :’)


  • definitely the cute ones that all the noonas thirst over
  • Honey senpai gave Dino Usa-Chan as an initiation gift to the club
  • dino was very touched
  • tbh so touched that he brushes Usa-Chan everytime before club
  • would compete with Woozi for who’s the cutest 
  • woozi didn’t ask for this
  • woozi doesnt care if he’s the cutest in the host club 
  • dino’s just competitive 
  • gets all the girls gigglin when he does his Michael Jackson dance moves
  • moonwalks across Music Room #3 often
  • serves the cake and tea by… moonwalking
  • lowkey hates getting teased because of his age and being the youngest one there
  • he’s always like “I’M A MAN, OKAY?” 
  • the clients pinches his cheeks anyway 
  • poor dino :( 
  • tbh Jeonghan is 2/3 of the blame for that
  • dino wants to whack jeonghan with Usa-chan but he resists the urge
  • plus dino is too sweet for that heinous action
  • the other 1/3 is because Dino is SUCH A SQUISH SQUISH BABY 
  • one day, one of the club’s theme is like a james bond concept which was suggested by hoshi
  • and everyone starts to THIRST after dino like he’s the last man on earth because damnn dino looks FINEE in his suit 
  • and plus that jawline, and messy ruffled hair
  • especially when he dances to No F.U.N during club
  • SO the clients start to cuddle up on Dino
  • at first he was like HEll YEah 
  • but then after a while he’s just kind of scared because he wanted this to happen
  • wishes Jeonghan would come back and treat dino like he’s his baby
  • but it’s too late, jeonghan has already moved on from that

Written By Admin V.K