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Descendant 2’s Movie Novel: Confirms Uma, the only WOC out of the new VKs, never gets redeemed and is evil even at the end as Mal, the white girl, beats her.

Me, having already predicted this:

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1. VK’s (Vampire Kakyoin’s) first time meeting Marina was when he showed up at her home one evening.
In the middle of the night, she opened the door to find a strange teen carrying her sleeping young daughter in his arms.
Due to an emergency, It was no longer safe for Jolyne to be with her father, whom was at the SPW on business. Jotaro had Jolyne sent home to her mother, and there was no other person that he trusted available to take her there.

2. Marina didn’t know Kakyoin, but he seemed familiar. She had seen the old Polaroid from Egypt before, but did not put the two together. After all, she was told that the person in the photo had died a long time ago.

3. Kakyoin did not introduce himself with his name, only that he was a friend of Jotaro, and that he must be going right away.

4. Marina had questions and was worried, wanting to know where Jotaro was, and why he didn’t come himself. Kakyoin almost made it out the door, but Jolyne woke up and immediatly started crying for him to stay.
Some scary things had happend prior to them arriving at Marina’s house, and she didn’t want him to “leave her too”. Obviously he was important to her Ex and daughter, so Marina insisted that he stay.
Kakyoin’s window to catch his nighttime flight back to Texas was closing. The next over night flight would not be for a few days, so Kakyoin ended up staying with Marina and Jolyne.

5. Kakyoin was pleased to finally be able to meet her, but also a bit down for a mixture of reasons. Mostly because he could not have met her while she was still with Jotaro/been there for the wedding, and because he couldn’t formerly introduce himself.

6. Knowing that Jotaro wouldn’t want Marina involved, VK continued to dodge any questions pertaining to his identity. It was a little easier because Jolyne couldn’t pronounce his name correctly.

7.He felt really bad for not being truthful to Marina the entire time he stayed with her. He wasn’t going to say anything without the OK from Jotaro. It wasn’t his place. To somewhat make up for it (in his mind at least) he offered to do whatever chores he could around the house.
He was however getting questionable looks from Marina as he always kept the curtains drawn and would avoid any sunlit rooms.

8. After a few days, Kakyoin was starting to look a bit sickly since he had gone a few days without blood. Normally he had a container of pigs blood back in the archives that he would feed from over the course of a week.
It was enough to keep him sane, and he feared that he might loose it if he stayed any longer. Marina noticed his appearance and suggested that he go see a doctor, not knowing the true cause of his behavior.

9. Unable to get a hold of Jotaro, Kakyoin locked himself in the bathroom and wouldn’t come out. Marina’s motherly nature did not let her ignore Kakyoin. Believing  him to just be a stubborn teen, locked in her own bathroom, Marina got a little tough.
Wanting to avoid any conflict, Kakyoin escaped out the window as soon as night fell. Marina was left very worried and had searched for him for hours. Later on, a brief phone call from Jotaro put her mind somewhat at ease upon hearing that Kakyoin was alright and back at the SPW.
Kakyoin felt horrible for running out like that, and vowed to somehow make it up to her.

10. It would be a while until they met again. Eventually he at least told her his name, but it was unclear if he was related in anyway to the Kakyoin she had heard stories about.
Once Marina’s stand was awakened, Kakyoin showed up to collect data on it.

(Going to leave it at that. The requirement was for 10 head canons, so I will leave the future open ;P )  


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I work with kids who come from a background of families dealing with variety of substance abuse issues, as well as, other forms of abuse. The other day I witnessed a 7Yr old push and pin a 4yr old to the ground. Which he (7Yr) promptly began to interact with her (4yr) in an inappropriate sexual manor. The two workers pulled him off of her as soon as they saw what was happening. What gets me frustrated is they didn't do anything about it. They just said "no" to him. 1-VK

I’m also sad because, I feel like leaving this unaddressed could be harmful to both of the kids involved. The sexual behavior exhibited was concerning especially for the age. My boss didn’t do anything about when witnessing it. I can’t decide if the action taken was appropriate or if something should still be done to address it. Is it accurate to have concern? Is there anything that could be done to address this? I am uncertain on how or if I should discuss this with my boss. Thanks! 2-VK

Hi VK,

I can’t come to a certain opinion without seeing what happened and knowing more about the kids, treatment approach, etc. I agree that it is a concern when a child exhibits sexual behavior, but before getting too concerned it’s important to figure out whether the behavior is truly sexual or whether it’s normal kid exploration behavior that’s perceived by adults as sexual or whether it’s some other kind of kid behavior that’s perceived by adults as sexual. So figuring out what domain it falls into first makes sense to me, and based on that, deciding whether it’s a concern. 

I have a couple of thoughts about what should be done. I don’t know that the workers did anything wrong in just separating the two kids and telling the initiator to stop. It’s important not to rely on punishment, but rather just explain and model appropriate behavior (whether or not the child has been exposed to inappropriate behavior). The other thing I would hope providers would do in this situation is to assess if the 7 year old is safe and not being exposed to abuse. Your agency in general might benefit from teaching kids “good touch” and “bad touch” if they don’t already.

I think talking to your boss makes complete sense. You could just ask about what was going on and why the intervention used was chosen, from an educational perspective. If you’re unhappy with their explanation then pursuing more makes sense to me. 

Vampire Knight Memories and The Deep Dark Forest

This was originally part of my recent chapter analysis but I decided to move it to a seperate post. The focus of this analysis is to explore and speculate how Zero and Yuuki left the Deep Dark Forest and finally reached coexistence between vampires and humans, which was, as we know, a major theme in the original serialisation of the manga, despite the actions of Kaname.

The most recent chapter highlights how Kaname once again is keeping Zero and Yuuki from being happy because of his choices which left a permanent mark not only on Zero and Yuuki but on the world they are now forced to live in. His actions have once again stopped Yuuki and Zero from being radiant together, because he alone has dragged the world into darkness and chaos. Despite having given his blessing to them, Kaname has left both Yuuki and Zero striving to find a world where they can be radiant together. His decision went directly against his words, as his so often do.

The concept of a DDF (Deep Dark Forest) was first introduced in the beginning of arc 2 and was mentioned originally by Kaname who stated that a DDF had sprung up in Yuuki’s heart during the time they were separated. The DDF is not seen as a positive thing. It is in fact a place where one suffers and is the thing that is preventing them from finding happiness. I have said this multiple times, but I truly believe that the DDF is a kind of purgatory and a symbolic place where Kaname traps everyone by chaining them to him where they are forced to suffer endlessly with him. I made a post on this back in VKM3 when Seiren’s story confirmed this notion. You can find it here.

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