vk 1


Airport. Avec:

1. George Cleverley bespoke.

2. Mark “Puerto” Rykken Paul Stuart 3/2Peak blazer.

3. VK socks from Todd Hogg Coffman’s.

4. Alan Flusser horizontal bespoke shirting.

5. Ancient Moleskins from Country Classics in Middleburg, Va.

6. Kleinberg belting designed by Todd Hogg. Ostrich foreskin turn back. Gold o-rings borrowed from my Flusser belts. Needed to heighten the hoochie-coochie threshold on this otherwise staid traveling endamnsemble.

7. Hamilton Seckron watch. Grosgraingerized.

8. Drake’s pocket square from I don’t know.

9. DCA Airport Panini. Fit.

10. Orvis.

11. Shut up.