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Descendant 2’s Movie Novel: Confirms Uma, the only WOC out of the new VKs, never gets redeemed and is evil even at the end as Mal, the white girl, beats her.

Me, having already predicted this:

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Why are you and imaginarylights still in the fandom if neither one of you is finding the joy in reading this story anymore? For the past so many chapters all the two of you do is look for problems with zeki. Then you try to point them out as if other zekis are stupid or something. We can clearly see that zeki is moving forward and in order to do that they must go through some suffering and work through their issues. We don't need you or IL to talk down to us. Maybe some zekis already knew that

(continued) you two would attack zeki as soon as the spoilers were released. So they went into a preemptive defensive mode. You guys sure can bring a fandom down. It is one thing to give analysis and another thing to distinctly look to make the fandom feel bad or belittled. That’s just not right. I just don’t get the two of you. I can’t understand why your both still here if your enjoyment of the series is gone. It’s enough that the yumes attack us we don’t need it from within our own shipmates.

Heh, looks like perhaps you’re taking things a little personally here, gentle anon? Newsflash: I can’t spoil your fun–only you can do that to yourself by caring about what I say. 

I’ve said multiple times that I’m here to get my return on my investment, and so I’m sorry to those of you who wish I’d leave, but you’re not getting rid of me so easily. I’m a contrarian by nature, and when someone tells me I can’t do something, that’s a surefire way to keep me doing it, so congrats on failing to achieve your objective. Unlike you youngsters, I’ve lived through a good share of nasty fandom wars in fandoms much bigger than this one and I’m not afraid of them. A good fandom war is something I enjoy, and I don’t mind switching from fighting pro-Kaname fans to fighting Zeki apologists if that’s what floats everyone’s boat these days. You want to take me on, you’ll have your hands full. ;) (But here’s a pro-tip: if you want to fight, you should be brave enough to come off anon to play in the ring. Otherwise you look weak. Even the pro-Kaname fans know this.)

For your sanity’s sake, I’d recommend not trying to pick fights with me and taking the mature route of blocking me or at the very least soft blocking the zeki criticism tag. In a pledge of good faith, I already accommodated those of you who prefer a fluffier, gentler interpretation of Zeki by taking my posts out of the Zeki tag, which should be the “safest” place for your community in light of the advent of the Big Scary Critics. I’m sorry but the main VK tag is fair game to everyone, including me, as far as I’m concerned. If you lovelies keep antagonizing me, the Zeki tag will be fair game too. 

All the best to ya! 

(P.S. - I’m not your shipmate. I am and have always been a free agent! I’m an independent wrong thinker by trade and by choice. Maybe that’ll help you disengage from viewing me as some kind of ally.)


When everybody participate in LR Appreciation week, but you already take part in VK LoliRock challenge.
Day 1
Draw your OC as your favourite character.
My OC is Tori Star, and favourite character is Mephisto. And omg…still crying from the finale. Kill ‘em baby!!!

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Hi! Where can I watch the miraculous ladybug episodes?? i keep seeing spoilers for episode 4 but can't find it in english anywhere D:

Hi! Unfortunately I don’t think it’s available in English yet, nor with English subs. I can luckily speak French, bless the European education system.  If you would like to watch it in French anyway, here are a few links;

1. https://vk.com/bemiraculous?w=wall-122455412_43783

2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQo4CcZAmCo&feature=youtu.be

Vampire Knight Memories and The Deep Dark Forest

This was originally part of my recent chapter analysis but I decided to move it to a seperate post. The focus of this analysis is to explore and speculate how Zero and Yuuki left the Deep Dark Forest and finally reached coexistence between vampires and humans, which was, as we know, a major theme in the original serialisation of the manga, despite the actions of Kaname.

The most recent chapter highlights how Kaname once again is keeping Zero and Yuuki from being happy because of his choices which left a permanent mark not only on Zero and Yuuki but on the world they are now forced to live in. His actions have once again stopped Yuuki and Zero from being radiant together, because he alone has dragged the world into darkness and chaos. Despite having given his blessing to them, Kaname has left both Yuuki and Zero striving to find a world where they can be radiant together. His decision went directly against his words, as his so often do.

The concept of a DDF (Deep Dark Forest) was first introduced in the beginning of arc 2 and was mentioned originally by Kaname who stated that a DDF had sprung up in Yuuki’s heart during the time they were separated. The DDF is not seen as a positive thing. It is in fact a place where one suffers and is the thing that is preventing them from finding happiness. I have said this multiple times, but I truly believe that the DDF is a kind of purgatory and a symbolic place where Kaname traps everyone by chaining them to him where they are forced to suffer endlessly with him. I made a post on this back in VKM3 when Seiren’s story confirmed this notion. You can find it here.

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