I tried to do a speed-type thing to start up things again. But this took over an hour so that didn’t quite work out so well. But it was fun.

I chose to draw her because someone reminded me I had a WIP of her I needed to finish– I actually put it on hiatus until I decide what weapon to give her– which won’t be until I unlock every single weapon in the game. I’m actually pretty close~

Just planning out some more stuff. I want to give her other-Marica’s axe even though in my game I have her using a scythe. We’ll see. Both are pretty difficult to get a hold of reference-wise v_v

Anyway, this is just a casual thing–I’m hoping to tackle some more requests later today <3 (The hardest part is coming up with poses tbh. *so unimaginitive* OTL)

Painting Process - "How to"

I kind of made this in response to someone’s comment that they would never be able to do this. I think it’s just a matter of not knowing where to start???

I’m still learning myself… very very slowly, but if it’s something you’re interested in, here’s the current process I’ve currently been attempting.

Final picture: 

1) But you start out with a sketch:

More under the cut. :)

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