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BIG NEWS from Viz’s Moonlight Party Last night - Sailor Moon R The Movie will be coming to US theaters in a limited release starting January 2017! Apparently there will be showings of both the original Japanese version, as well as screenings of a new English dub by Viz’s new cast. No specific dates or locations have been released yet, but I’ll update this info as soon as it does!

'Jojo's Bizarre Adventure' Getting Domestic Anime DVD Release
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‘Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure’ Getting Domestic Anime DVD Release

In a surprising listing on Amazon, it looks like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Season 1 is coming to North America from Warner Home Video. While Viz Media is the master licensor for the property in North America and they do have a close relationship with Warner, this is not a Viz Media release…

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News! - Viz announced that they will be releasing Shotaro Ishinomori’s Link To The Past manga that originally ran in Nintendo Power in the 90s! The manga will be collected into 1 volume, to be released in May. This will be the first Ishinomori manga title in print that we’ve seen in quite some time. I’ll post more info as it’s released!


Earlier today, Viz Media released their first dub clip of Chibi Usa’s new English voice, as played by Sandy Fox! Check out the video above, or on Youtube here.


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