paler-mo-deactivated20131113  asked:

How did you and Michael meet? :)

Michael purchased a painting from me a few years ago and through our transaction, I learnt he was an award winning writer. Back then I had built up a little following for my artwork and though I was always passionate about writing, I had no idea if it was any good. So I sent some stuff to Michael to get his opinion and he wrote back and said, ‘you know what, I really love your artwork but I think you’re an even more talented writer.’ We lived in two separate countries so we became friends at first, just emailing and chatting via skype. Then we kind of just fell for each other. One night he said, 'do you know if you lived on Mars and I knew I could never meet you, I think I’d still fall in love with you anyway.’ We chatted for almost a year until I finally hopped on a plane and we met up. I’ve been here ever since. :)