Boyfriend Ken

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  • King of being an annoying boyfriend
  • You thought Hakyeon’s girlfriend had it bad, then u started dating Jaehwan.
  • Calls you at 4 AM to ask how to cook something
  • Sings out of tune constantly, despite being a singer.
  • Tries to get his way with aegyo
  • He didn’t ask for the passcode to your apartment he watched you type it in and wrote it down.
  • You thought someone was breaking into your apartment it was not fun.
  • He’s really bad at surprises but he tries.
  • He’s not good with Romance, but it’s cute how he tries.
  • He’s usually really cringy
  • Feather kisses
  • Back hugs & neck kisses.
  • It honestly feels like he needs to kiss you in order to survive
  • He thinks it’s cute when you get scared of horror movies.
  • He facetimes you whenever he’s far away
  • He hates not being around you, it’s probably worse than death to him.
  • When he gets back he’s probably really clingy for the first few days.
  • Might as well be attached to your side.

Smut-ish part

  • Another whiner in vixx
  • Loves leaving marks on you
  • He likes receiving marks too, but ya know, he’s an idol.
  • Thigh riding
  • Body worship
  • Tight collars that restrict his breathing
  • He likes watching you get yourself off
  • He likes being in control, but he likes having the control taken away from him as well.
  • Tie him to the bed and that’s probably the loudest you’ll ever hear him.
  • phone sex when he’s far away because he can’t wait to get back
  • When he does get back he has you against the wall in .4 seconds.

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Route: Error

(This is the anon who wanted to share the little thing I wrote based on the Akashi request. It’s my first time actually writing a scenario, and I apologize about it being a bit long ^^; I actually wrote this to the song called Error by VIXX, I think the song sorta suits with this situation)

Fixed some formatting and tenses! This is a submission by an anon who, as stated above, wrote a continuation to the infamous Akashi request! Note that this is NOT work by our blog, credit goes to this anon! -Admin Fyre

*In case anyone is wondering, this will be added to the first part as one of the routes, and the rest will be written when continuations are requested next week!

Part One: Serpent’s Embrace

Alternate scenarios:

Part Two (routes):

Accompanying song: Error by VIXX

Love, in the end
Is a lie to just one person
Now look at me forgetting you
With your eyes wide open.

Yet subconsciously, something about that moment just felt so wrong.

You sat there in the cold bedroom, alone staring at the phone that’s been repeating the same message Akashi left in the morning over and over like a broken record. 

You’ve been sitting next to the phone all morning hoping that maybe - just maybe - he would realize he had forgotten his passport call back.

But he didn’t.

You were hoping he’d come back and wake you up from this nightmare and reassure you that this wasn’t happening.

But he didn’t.

Ignoring the fact that your hands were now trembling, you reached into your sweater pocket and took out your phone. You thought maybe he texted you about his forgotten passport earlier and you just didn’t notice, only to be disappointed yet again when you are faced with the blank notification screen in front of you.

Not knowing what to do next, you instinctively did the unthinkable as your fingers reached across the screen and dialed Akashi’s phone number. You panicked as the sound of your phone dialing echoed in the empty room. Your finger quickly hovered over the red button to end the call, but you momentarily hesitated before you could press it.

Part of you wanted to know, but a part of you also wanted to have faith in Akashi, no matter how irrational it seemed at this point. By the time you decided it was probably for the best if you didn’t say anything and just left things the way they were; a clicking noise from the other end of the line indicated your call was answered.

You froze. You’ve done it now, you scolded yourself.  Regretting to have not hung up sooner, you nervously brought the phone up to you ear.


In that moment, you could immediately feel the color drain from your face when you recognized the voice responding from the other end was not Akashi’s.


The feminine voice echoed yet again, albeit impatiently this time.  It was the voice you wanted to hear the least right now. You could almost smell that familiar sickeningly vile scent of artificial fruit laced with underlying malice through the very sound of her voice. Choking back tears that threatened to trickle down your face, unable to breath, you hung up.

And that was all it took to shatter your heart and everything you’ve desperately held onto up until now into broken pieces.

An equally sickening, venomous smile of satisfaction managed to spread on her face as she hungs up and proceeded to toss the phone onto the bedroom side table after deleting your number from the call log of his phone.

“You seem to be in a rather good mood this morning.” Akashi noted with a smile as he stepped out from the bathroom in his robe, towel in hand.

Sayuri smiled as she made her way towards Akashi, her slender arms wrapping around him like a serpent trapping its prey. “I’m just happy that I get to have you all to myself.”

A week had come by and gone and before he knew it, and Akashi found himself standing in front of his house once again.  The moment Akashi set foot inside his house, his instincts immediately told him that something was wrong. Usually, you would be the first one to welcome him home whether it was after a long day of work or a long business trip overseas, but you weren’t there. The feeling of uneasiness began to creep up his throat as he found himself returning to an empty house where everything was quiet.

Too quiet.

His uneasiness grew even more as he spotted what seemed to be a note next to a sealed envelope left on the living room table. Apprehensively, he picked up the piece of paper and began reading through what he recognized as your neat handwriting.

Welcome home Akashi,

I hope the contract negotiation went well. How was Shanghai? Knowing you, you must have been too busy with work and probably didn’t get a chance to go sightseeing while you were there. I heard they have an ocean aquarium and lots of art museums over in Shanghai. Maybe one day, we could go there together for vacation. Though, going back to places that remind you of work is probably not much fun is it? Maybe someday we could go somewhere further away from work and everything else.

Just the two of us.

But that will probably have to wait seeing as to how busy you seem to be lately, you probably won’t have time for me. At least not for quite some time.

I was going to make you your favorite tofu soup when you come back, but I figured that you must be tired from all the work and traveling from the past week and probably just want some peace and quiet for yourself, so I’ll save that for another time.  For now, just rest well; remember to take care and not to overwork yourself, I’ll see you later.

You forgot your passport at home by the way.

It took Akashi a moment to register the words that lay in front of him as he read over the last line of the letter once again. He picked up the envelope next to the letter on the table and felt the color drain from his face once he found none other than his passport and your copy of the house key he gave to you.  He stood there, dazed and unable to breathe.

After taking a moment to regain his composure, he calmly pulled his phone out of his pocket and dialed your number. “Calm down, everything is fine…” he thought as the sound of the phone dialing echoed in his ears. “Everything is just fine….”

If I hold onto you, it hurts
But if I let you go, it hurts even more.

Everything was not fine, and he knew it once his call was redirected to your voicemail.  Frustrated and not knowing what to do, he threw his phone on the couch and ran through the house searching like mad. “This isn’t happening” he thought. “You couldn’t have—That’s impossible.” He told himself, “You couldn’t have found out. You couldn’t have left me, not like this.“ Yet as he searched through the house, you and your belongings were nowhere to be found.

Saying that I’ll forget you
Is all a lie that remains in me
Your face spreads throughout my heart again
And it hurts even more than before.

It was then he realized that the choice he made back then, was wrong.

He messed up, and now you were gone.