Cr: Natsu

“i want always to be a boy and have fun”
vixx are very much known for their dark concepts and heavy songs, so here is a playlist of happy and fun songs. you can’t have darkness without light~

i. Starlight - VIXX | ii. Time Machine - VIXX | iii. Sad Ending - VIXX | iv. Say U Say Me -  VIXX | v. One By One - Ken with Hani | vi. I’m a Boy, You’re a Girl - VIXX with OKDAL | vii. Love,La La La - VIXX | viii. Girls, Why?  VIXX with OKDAL | ix. My Girl From Today - VIXX | x. UUUUU - VIXX | xi. Say Love - VIXX | xii. Rock Ur Body - VIXX | xiii. Love Equation - VIXX (R.ef cover) | xiv. G.R.8.U - VIXX


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