vixx's first win

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do you have anything talking about the members friendship with leo/his with them? it seems like the only one he's actually close to is N

Leo is quite close with N in some way due to the fact they are the same age but Leo is still very close with the other VIXX members. In fact VIXX’s first sub unit was comprised of Ravi and Leo and those two are defiantly close.

I mean just look at that smile. They still seem pretty close in fact wonteak moments are a pretty common thing. Ravi actually called Leo his hamster in a very loving way and welp… that is why Leo is sometimes called a hamster.

Look actual skin to skin contact ^

Vixx has a bond with one another and it is pretty great. They all are supportive of one another but still tease each other like brothers do. They have been through a lot and have shared so hard time and great moments together.

Now this moment is so special to me. As many know this is after VIXX got their first win back in 2014. Yes we see N holding a crying Leo but look at Ken… Leo and Ken are both the main vocals and share that stress together. They are hard working and know how much this moment means. Ken understands how Leo is feeling and by having his hand on his back he is offering his support and understanding in his own special way. He probably feels just about the same as Leo and is there in the moment with him. This one little moment really goes to show how caring and tightly knit VIXX is.

Now to him and Hongbin…

I honestly don’t know too much about Leo and Hongbin’s relationship but I do know that seeing Leo cling to the bean is quite common. I also know that they watch Hongbin sunshine Park Hyoshin together. Hongbin is also a little lovable bean that is super supportive of his team and even brought LR food when they were promoting. 

AND NOW FOR THE GOOD STUFF!!!! Our little Hyuk and his hyung Leo….

at first Hyuk was a tiny fluff who was scared of Leo but boy has that changed. No Hyuk even dears to drag Leo around and calls him his ramen shuttle.

It went from this ^

to this ^

Like dude

ANYWAYS Leo is close with his other band members and has friendships with them although he is also extraordinarily close with N.


VIXX got their first win for Fantasy!!!!!!!!!!


“Hmm, I’ll keep that in mind.” You felt a lot more at ease now other than the fact that your heart was beating out of your chest.

You walked to the the kitchen to get some water hoping that it would help calm you. Taekwoon followed behind.

“Do you want something to drink?” You turned to see him only a foot or two behind you. Yeah, that wasn’t helping your heart rhythm.

“No, thanks.” He declined.

You were pouring water into your cup when his hand reached around from behind you and settled on the right side of your neck. Startled you missed the glass and water poured out on the counter.

“Ah, thats what I hear.” His fingers found the pulse point on your neck and stayed there. You pushed his hand off and whirled around.

“Y-you can hear that?” You stared at him in disbelief.

“Only if its really pounding. Like now.” He brushed your hair off your shoulder. “Its part of what helps me keep track of you or find you if I need to. The others can here it too but only if you’re really close. I have more of a range.” He took the towel hanging from the stove handle and began mopping up the water on the counter. When he was finished, he turned back to you and leaned against the counter and folded his arms over his chest.

“So, aside from the fact that I make you nervous as hell, is there any other issue that we need to clear up?” You gaped at his ability to be so blunt. How the hell can he be so calm about all this.

Fine. You walked over to the counter where he had laid the wet towel. You picked it up acting like you were wiping up some more water.

“Just a question.” He nodded for you to continue. “Are your reflexes good? Being part panther I’m sure you’re fast.”

“Oh, I’m very fast. I have the quickest refle-” He didn’t get to finish because you had taken the wet towel and whipped it at his face. He wasn’t quick enough to dodge and the towel slid down leaving his face soaked.

The look on his face had you laughing hysterically. You ended up holding your stomach because you were laughing so hard. You looked back up to Taekwoon’s face and he wasn’t laughing. Your laughter ceased altogether when he looked at you with bright red eyes.


You didn’t take time to think about it, you just ran. You barely made it past the kitchen when his long arms wrapped around your waist and hauled your back up against his chest. Given the height difference, your feet lacked several inches touching the ground.

You tried to throw his off balance by kicking your feet around but he wasn’t budging. Just then you heard the door open. You turned to see Ravi and Hongbin come through the door.

“Hyung, do you know where the ramen is? We-” Hongbin stopped when he saw you in Taekwoon’s arms.

“Ravi! Hongbin! Help me!” You reached your arms out to them like a child would do to their parents. They looked at Taekwoon and then shook their heads.

“Cowards! There’s two of you! Go and send Hyuk, then! Or Hakyeon! If I die, you’ll have to search for another handler!” You yelled at them as they backed up out of the door, laughing.

Oh, you were so getting even with them later. That is, if you survived the panther holding you.

“Jung Taekwoon, you put me down right now!” Maybe you could make him go weak like you did with Ravi earlier.

You felt proud of yourself when he set you down on your feet. His arms were still around your waist like a vice though. Hm, maybe you needed to be more forceful.

“C'mon, let go.” You smacked at his arms on your waist but they didn’t release you.

“Doesn’t work on me like it does Wonshik. I’m a bit stronger than he is.” His lips grazed your ear as he spoke and goosebumps formed on your arms. You only now realized how wide his shoulders really were. He was playing with you and you were trying very hard not to like it. You were currently going down like the Titanic, though.

“Now, what should we do? Throwing that towel wasn’t very nice but I suppose I could let it go. It might cost you.” He loosened his grip on you enough to turn you around to face him. His arms came back around your waist and you were completely flush against his chest. You looked up at him in fascination as you watched his eyes go from bright red to pale green. You were thankful they had changed. The red unnerved you for some reason.

“Well, you could let ME go and then we can just forget about this whole thing. Sound good?” You smiled at him hoping it would work.

“Hmm, no, I don’t think so. I’ll think of something later. Just know you’re not off the hook yet.”

“Jung Taekwoon! Let go of our Noona!” Hyuk burst into your apartment followed by the rest of the members. Taekwoon rolled his eyes and let his hands fall to his sides.

Hyuk grabbed your wrist and gently pulled you behind him “protecting” you from Taekwoon.

“Taekwoon hyung, you can’t have her all too yourself! You’re gonna scare her away.” Ken placed his arm around you. You looked at Taekwoon and stuck your tongue out at him.

“Come on guys, we have to get up early. Noona, be ready to go by 5am, okay? You’ll have to come with us.” Hakyeon truly was the mother of the group. You nodded in agreement.

Groans and protests was heard until Hakyeon went after their necks one by one. He walked over and ushered Taekwoon towards the door. You watched as they walked by. Taekwoon’s eyes never left yours. When he was almost by you he winked.

Well, tomorrow should probably be interesting.


I don’t know what to do. The groups I Stan and the fandoms I’m a part of are getting so hectic nowadays that I can’t even properly process anymore (and I’m slowly going broke).

-Teen Top. Maknae…you killed me. This is too sudden! You look so grown up! You are younger than the other producers but you are a senior. Lol
-Vixx just had their first win. Starlights, for never failing to give the dorks a win, good job!
-B.A.P. released skydive MV, album with dope tracks made available, had their first showcase. Babyz, stay strong and alive. :)
-KNK released their comeback photo teasers and damn it! They look so good! Kimchi’s blond!
-Up10tion had their first Fanmeet and was deemed successful. Sunyoul and wooshin were in a skirt….again.
-Monsta X keeps on giving. Vlive vids and constant SNS updates are killing me.
-Shinhwa opened their Vlive channel and is about to have a comeback (?). Eric is too cute in 3MaD.

Yep. I’m slowly going mad, madder even. Help me.

I Found you >> Ken

“ Let’s go to the beach” he said while linking his arm with yours.

“Yes, yes let’s go ” you nodded excited, smiling like an idiot.He looked at you admiring your happy face.

“ Are you that happy !? ” He grinned.

“ Yes ” you nodded “ the beach is my favorite place. We will have a lot of fun oppa” he patted your head and kissed your cheeks.

“ Yeah I will make sure it will be fun ” he winked cutely. You smiled shyly and hugged him.

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[131206] VIXX first ever win during Voodoo Doll Era

I blame that shy guy and the maknae for VIXX failure. The Korean showbiz is all about being funny, Likeable and over the top. The shy guy has no personality, so no one wants to check the band out, because he scares everyone away. The Maknae is just useless. The only thing he does is crack his voice on stage. He can’t sing, dance or rap. He’s just dragging them down. If it wasn’t for those two dead-beats, VIXX might have their first win, and they would be more famous then they are now.