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smtm 4 head's up

smtm notoriously edits and cuts interactions to make things look bad.

the rapper idols are often the target of disses,mocking and shaming (funny coz 4th season feels more like an idol edition so yeah it’s more likely them drowning idol rappers or each other more than necessary…may the best idol rapper win?)

there will be times that a lot of N words will be said (idk why but some korean rappers have this thing about trying to be better than the black hip-hop community)

your fav will eventually have to stoop low and be cheap and talk about disgraceful things just to add flavor to their rap or for the show itself but that doesn’t mean they are like that kind of a person (or maybe they are?),sometimes it’s what the show asks of them.anw,you know what your fav will and will not do

like any other korean (variety) show,it will be highly (and most likely) SCRIPTED (so when your fav says something unlikely of him,it might have something to do with the pd’s requests)

your fav might get hated on just because he gets easy pass (for being an idol),your role as a fan is to continue supporting the bae and don’t ever stoop down on a level where defending your fav becomes really cheap and annoying.that’s not nice nor good,it sometimes gets more haters than necessary.

since it’s a variety show,don’t take things too seriously.after all of this is over,the bae will continue being the rapper that he is,maybe even more experienced and well versed.

this is your fav’s time to shine.and whether he makes it or not,it doesn’t mean he’s bad,it’s just that someone is better so please stop with trying to prove him/her too much because that counts as annoying af,let him/her do it for him/herself.

lastly,to be able to get through this,you’ll have to enjoy the show as it comes.get in the moment during but let go easily after.the show comes and goes so don’t let it linger for too long.

ps: most of the time,those people who calls out on your fav’s performance as too idol-y are the same people who tells the non-idol rappers that they’re trying too hard so dun take them seriously.sometimes more smtm viewers are more likely to talk cheaper and lower than than the rappers themselves.



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Hello guys,
Hope all of you are doing hella fine ❤
I have a something to ask…
Since I’m no more that active on tumblr and in vixx fandom, May I ask you if you could tag me or sen me things you think I can enjoy? Like gif/edit/Hongbin’s sexy/porn pic/news or whatever you want?
This would be really helpful and I’ll be really grateful to anybody who tags/send me things ;;

Sorry to bother you guys everytime T_T
Ily ❤

The Little Things // VIXX’s Leo

[A/N] I was planning on posting a Suga oneshot at first, but then this idea popped into my head and I just couldn’t let go of it /because I got sucked into the vortex known as VIXX just recently and now my fate is sealed/ Please do enjoy reading :)

It was the little things Taekwoon noticed about you.

In all fairness, it should be said that generally speaking he was quite an attentive person to begin with. He didn’t speak much (Wonshik had once joked that it was because his vocabulary was too limited, making it a point to buy him a gag dictionary for his next birthday), but he had an incredibly acute sense of observation which prompted him to look more than participate.

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