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I’m Confused

Whenever Non-Kpop fans go “Oh, they’re only popular in Asia. No one else knows them” I get so confused cause they make it seem like that’s not good and a small feat. Like Asia is the biggest continent population wise (4,157,300,000 people) and physically, so even if kpop was only known in Asia (which it is not) that’s pretty big. What they mean is “Oh they’re not big because the’re not western or they don’t speak English and that means they are irrelevant”. Say whatever you want though cause my faves keep slaying charts while you all are ignorant and racist.

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Starlights and EXO-Ls learned each others fanchants so they can both cheer for VIXX and EXO during their performances at the GDA.
  • exo-ls did it as a thank you for leo and ravi when they took care of xiumin during isac futsal game.wontaek took care of him and assisted him to stand up and walk to their bench when he got hurt and leo even included him for his thank you when their team won
  • starlights appreciated the gesture so much that they also learned love me right fanchant so they can cheer for exo as well.
I don't think people realize how important Hakyeons birthday pic is

like every member alone is gold

first we have the cute lil bday boy

next our “ever the life of the party” jung leo

Kim “My mom says I can’t throw gang signs so heres a V" ₩on$hik

now theres Kenbin over here lookin’ like a married couple

like Hongbin wheRE IS YOUR HAND GOING HMMM????
srsly tho guys they have the rings and everything I’m weak

and my personal favorite:

"When the blunt hit you too hard” Stoner maknae