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Can ISAC not exist anymore?

We get idols every year getting injuries and it seriously worries me.

I’m barely even able to keep myself calm hearing them get sick, not get enough sleep or whatnot and ISAC just makes things worst.

VIXX won’t be attending The Show this week due to Taekwoon’s nose injury in which he had to go to the hospital the check up for. Wonshik also had a cold while trying his best to be there.

I’m Confused

Whenever Non-Kpop fans go “Oh, they’re only popular in Asia. No one else knows them” I get so confused cause they make it seem like that’s not good and a small feat. Like Asia is the biggest continent population wise (4,157,300,000 people) and physically, so even if kpop was only known in Asia (which it is not) that’s pretty big. What they mean is “Oh they’re not big because the’re not western or they don’t speak English and that means they are irrelevant”. Say whatever you want though cause my faves keep slaying charts while you all are ignorant and racist.

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you guys still alive? it’s really good move from vixx not to put up the mv the same day as the song. we’ll have time to focus on just the songs and streaming. but like fantasy is just really beyond generic kpop and i love that vixx is taking such great risk to show that they have more side to them. some would’ve wish that vixx promote love me do instead (i think more fans would want sth that sounds like it ngl) but FANTASY on it’s own is already an out-of this (kpop) world experience. it’s really cool and the variations of sounds is surprisingly pleasing to the ears. i love that vixx is showing us such different sound to them but still you’d have the feel that “THIS IS VIXX!”. i am pleased to see that vixx is trying to go out of the box and provide starlights sth that we would’ve not experienced on a daily basis as kpop fans plus FANTASY is a very-theatrical sounding song that it makes it UNDENIABLY VIXX.