vixx stage

idols: wholeheartedly puts in effort to communicate with international fans by trying to speak in English even though they’re clearly not confident with their English speaking skills. 

international fans who can’t even properly say one sentence without saying the word “like” three times in a sentence: Wow Engrish LMFAO 


Reblog if you love Kim Wonshik

And you appreciate all he’s done for VIXX and STARLIGHTS!!! He’s worked so hard for everyone and he’s worked so hard on his solo debut! He deserves so much love!!!


I’ve seen so many of these challenges floating around, but never one for VIXX (if there is one, then oops lmao) and considering we have so many gif makers, I thought it’d be something fun! 

These challenges usually have a certain number of sets to make for each one, but I’m gonna keep it open so you can make as many as you like ~

  • bias(es)
  • bias wrecker
  • favourite era
  • favourite mv
  • favourite pairing
  • favourite friendship
  • favourite photoshoot
  • favourite drama/musical
  • favourite outfit/hairstyle
  • favourite lyrics
  • favourite special stage

St☆rlight Challenge!
↳ Day 7 / 7 ~ VIXX Favourite Special Stage- 140103 In Summer + Turn Around And Look At Me

Bonus; Hongbin messing up (*≧艸≦)

imagine for his first comeback, Ravi decides for the concept to be playboy bunnies–but all his backup dancers are wearing suits and he’s the one dressed up in a strapless leotard, fishnet stockings, red stilettos (because he can’t trail too far from his brand color), and bunny ears, complete with white cuffs and a cute collar. he’s never felt more at home on stage.