VIXX Reaction: When you are having an argument with your mother at dinner about them and she slaps you

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He would be on his feet with widened eyes the moment he saw what was about to occur. He would grow angry really quickly, and he would move to stand in front of you, guarding you with his body as he glared at your mother, warning her to stay away from you without having to speak. He would hold your hand in his tightly, telling you that he was there for you and that he would protect you.

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He would rush over, taking your face in his hands and soothing your cheek gently with his fingers. He would ask desperately if you were okay, under his breath so that it was just to you, but it would be very rushed and full of worry. He wouldn’t even pay attention to your mother at this point, he would be too focused on seeing that you were alright.

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He wouldn’t be able to stop himself from getting involved in the argument. He wanted to respect your mother, but if she was being unreasonable and taking it out of you, he wouldn’t be able to stop himself. His anger would hit the roof the moment she laid her hands on you. He would go over to you and wrap his arms around you, turning to your mother with a scowl. ‘Was that really necessary?’

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He would be extremely angry and upset. I feel like Ravi would probably blame himself a lot. Since the argument was about him, he would feel like it was his fault that your mother was so angry and that she acted that way. He would rush over to you in panic, his hand hovering next to your face in case the pressure would hurt your wound more. He would just apologise in panic and ask if you were okay.

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He would be really angry, but he would try to handle it the best that he could. He would come over and ask you calmly if you were okay before taking your hand and turning to your mother, standing in front of you protectively. ‘I think it’s best that we leave now.’ he would say firmly through gritted teeth, with a fake politeness, before leaving with you under his arm.

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He also wouldn’t hesitate to argue with your mother. He wouldn’t mind that she was saying bad things about him, he would care more about the fact that she was taking it out on you. ‘Argue with me if you have a problem, leave Y/N out of it!’ He would say. As soon as you were hurt, he would drag you away from that house in anger. He would treat your cheek for you afterwards, although he would still be irate for a while.

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Hyuk is SAVAGE!! 😂😂

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vixx as people on airplanes
  • n:immediately starts a conversation with everyone within a five seat radius and brings extra candy so he can give it to children and babies and ken
  • leo:speaks to no one. earbuds in 24/7. stares at the baby two rows back until it cries, but he really just thought it was cute and was debating whether or not to take a picture for the Random Cute Babies and Animals album on his phone. he looks through it when he's sad
  • ken:listens to music and accidentally starts singing along out loud. spills water on someone's laptop and apologizes so much he cries
  • ravi:looks left. looks right. surreptitiously takes out his knitting and works on it, humming quietly to himself
  • hongbin:doesnt drink anything so he wont have to use the airplane bathroom. reads the safety manual thing in the seatback like 8 times. keeps swiping people's peanuts for snacks later
  • hyuk:takes the aisle seat and sleeps through the whole flight, much to the dismay of the man next to him who really has to pee