vixx are a bunch of trolls

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sorry to bother u and if this hasn't been done, maybe an exo/bts reaction to their gf being a secret genius? ur reactions make me so sosososososo happy and u capture their reactions so perfectly omg ilysm thank u for this blog!!!!

Ok~ SORRY this is so late~~ We’re glad you like the blog so much hihi~ And we’ll make sure to keep it that way :)Here’s the BTS reaction~


Sehun: “If you’re so smart then calculate just how much Bubble Tea I can have a month without going broke”

Jongin: *when you start talking about more advanced anything* “Enough enough, I believe you know!”

Zitao: “How long have we been together? Why am I just finding out now?”

Kyungsoo: *whenever you start talking about stuff he doesn’t understand*

Chanyeol: *completely shocked*

Jongdae: “Hahahaha, Is this because of that time I trolled you three times in a row?”

Baekhyun: *thinks he’s being punked or something*

Yixing: “Of course, you just have the best suprises”

Joonmyeon: “I wasn’t expecting this, I was not expecting this”

Yifan: *it takes a little time for him to comprehend it*

Luhan: “With your brains and my sports and our looks we’ll have the ultimate bunch of kids”


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