Kpop community:

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not pieced about the whole not kpop thing, cause you guys can classify yourselfs whatever the way you want… but does it really have to be this dramatic? Can’t you all just be like “no, we are not kpop anymore.” everyone would be okay with it. No, of course not, you guys need to be diva af and create a day. Which is fine do whatever you want, but don’t come here and have the guts to call yourself better then every other kpop group! Saying “we are not kpop, because we are superior” like alot of you did, so don’t come whine like it was a small group and I’m generalizing this, cause if it was a small group people wouldn’t be so bitter about you. If you don’t want to be kpop than don’t be kpop, go pick fight with some western fandom and leave us alone already, we won’t give two fucks about it. You wanna know why? Because just like you all are tired of us, we are tired of you! Picking fights, being cocky, acting like you are king of the world, talking shit about other fandoms and then whining when suddenly no one wants to be friends with you anymore, like we don’t have the right to be mad with what you did. We had enough and that’s our limit, want to get out? there is the door, leave the keys in the table and please don’t come back! Army Independence day? More like Kpop community freedom day!

P.s.: Yes, I’m an army! Or at least I was a multifandom army, and I will still love BTS with all my heart, being kpop or not! But if being an army means you need to be bitchy with other fandoms than I declare myself independent of army, and if you don’t agree with that than the ask box and the reply section is open for you to say as much shit as you want.



This post is about THE TOXIC PART OF THE FANDOM!!! This post is made for discussion and not FIGHTING! If you don’t agree with that then you don’t agree, what can I do? Do you think the independence is funny than do whatever floats your boat, dude!

ALSO PEOPLE THINKING THIS IS ALL JUST ABOUT ARMYS! THIS IS NOT! ARMYS ARE HERE TO SERVE AS AN EXAMPLE, NOT A PUNCH BAG! ALL FANDOMS SHOULD TAKE THIS TO HEART, THE FACT THAT I DID ABOUT AN ARMY SITUATION DOES NOT MEAN I’M JUSTIFYING OTHER FANDOMS TOXICITY TOO!!!! I’m really sorry to not make myself clear first and reading again I have seen my mistake, hope you understand this as an apology as for the armys who didn’t made part of this thing, and that are kind. And please stop fighting with one another in the reply section, this is exactly the thing I said we shouldn’t do and it seems like you completely ignored. I DON’T HATE ARMYs AND DEFENELY DON’T HATE BTS! thank you.

(If you don’t belive my words than that’s your problem! People seem to know exactly what I think, who I am, and all my concerns… even tho I don’t have any idea of who they are because there is just anon asks. I’m just tired of receiving almost the same responses with the same arguments. Also because they took everything I said, put into trash and did the opposite, like “yeah you just proved my point, congrats!”….This is not thanking a back in what I said, this is and addition on my opinion. That’s it, have a good day.)