vixen dress


“ With Maria, there is that option of her falling in love with him, right? Her husband is a crook; he beats her. I’m sure if Hamilton was like, "I want to be with you, let’s run away,” she would grab her baby and do it. But that doesn’t happen. Then the Reynolds Pamphlets came out, and everyone knew about her business. So instead of playing it like a villain, I feel bad for her. There’s always another side to the story, and in this case, you don’t know exactly what was the truth. This affair happened for three years, and he’s a powerful man. I tried to find as many layers as possible. Even if it just comes out in a smirk, those little details make her more than a vixen in a red dress.“


If there ever was a photoshoot beset with obstacles. Look at me, I even got hold of a prop and DIY’ed it - that’s serious bloggery effort there. I was, however, interrupted three quarters of the way through the shoot by the unexpected arrival of monsoon. Quite dramatic, as you can see! I’m not complaining though because I could never complain about monsoon, rain baby after all.

The pin up dress, bloodred lips and heels are rather unlike me mostly because I don’t really dress up anymore. I’m quite settled in my baggy, comfy, minimal (well, by my standards!) routine and I’m getting to a point where I just prioritize comfort without thinking. I never quite gravitated towards pin up style despite its popularity in the plus size world - an aesthetic that relies so stringently on a rigid interpretation of beauty just isn’t my thing. (I expanded on this and related themes in my recent Rookie piece, btw, if you want to go read it!) Fashion loses all its appeal for me the moment I can’t play around with it anymore, and pin up style doesn’t really give you much room for that. So when I do play with it, it’s in an isolated instance like yesterday.

Donning a shapely, feminine dress such as this one from Voodoo Vixen suffices in turning around my usual messy haired look instantly. I don’t need much else to complete the illusion - a bit of Ruby Woo on my lips, a velvet bow, and a pair of vintage heels - that’s all it takes to transform me into an unlikely, rather hairy pinup. Some things are sacred, you know? Nothing touches my body hair, and I mean nothing. There’s years of laziness and simply not caring that I’ve put into my pits and elsewhere, and I shall not be shaved without a fight, nuh-uh.


♥  Romina dress  c/o Voodoo Vixen   ♥  MAC Ruby Woo  ♥  Old velvet bow   ♥  Vintage Mary Jane Heels   ♥