Hello! Last weekend at the Toronto Independent Game Jam I (Mathew Kumar, in case you’re lost) and a team of developers—Capy's Vic Nguyen and Frankie Leung, Andrew Carvalho (previously of Queasy Games) and Shaun Hatton (offsite as “DJ Finish Him”)—created Knight and Damsel, which I describe as a “competitive two-player feminist puzzle platformer.”

As there’s been a bit of interest in the game since Vic shared some of his work online (including coverage from, of all places, Kotaku) I thought I should share some screenshots of the game being played and describe it (roughly.)

So! Knight and Damsel’s inspiration actually comes from a few places, but one worth mentioning is Feminist Frequency’s first Tropes vs. Women in Video Games video, Damsel in Distress. I’m not particularly interested in this context of debating the quality/value of the series, but one thing that struck me was an aside that in your average video game, if a princess is captured, she waits passively to be rescued. Yet for heroes, being captured is just another challenge to be faced (and heroes getting captured happens all the time. It’s basically all James Bond does.)

Hence the set-up: in Knight and Damsel, one player takes the role of the Knight, questing to save the Damsel, and one player takes the role of the Damsel, who can quite happily save herself.

The twist is: what is a knight without a damsel to save? To avoid losing face, the Knight must do what he can to stop the Damsel rescuing herself, something she isn’t too happy about. So we worked up some video game magic that allows the Knight and Damsel to affect each other’s screens by throwing the blocks, axes and bombs that litter the level onto the other’s screen, allowing them to hurt or trap their opponent, while, at the same time, doing their best to navigate further into the level before their opponent.

Both the Knight and Damsel are inevitably heading towards each other, however, and at this stage of the game it becomes a tense, shared-screen face-off, with the Knight attempting to grab the dodging Damsel before she can run back to town. Once the Damsel either rescues herself or is “rescued” scores are totted up based on who managed to get further (plus some bonuses) and either the Knight is praised by the unsuspecting townsfolk for his heroism, or the Damsel gains new respect for proving she didn’t need to be rescued at all.

And that’s the game! As we only had a weekend, it’s currently only a proof of concept, but one that (I feel) definitely works. The majority of the team have other obligations right now (Super Time Force, for example) but we are looking at ways we can take the time to not merely “finish” it as a jam game but polish and tune the play and add a bit more content to put it out properly. I personally very much hope that we can.

for vixel’s pixel freckles, should i keep them rainbow or should i have them a single color like black or pink??? plz give me suggestions…..

The Vixels Setting

As my first post I’m going to introduce an idea I’ve had for a long time: The Vixels. What better way to start than to explain the setting of the idea and the backstory?

      The planet Meraki… It is much like Earth, but with stranger things such as anthropomorphic beings and magical artifacts. Meraki means to be creative and to put your soul and heart into what you do. The planet was originally empty, only having still wild-life such as flowers and trees. It’s almost as if the planet has a mind of its own as it starts to create new wild-life; sentient creatures.
      These beings resembled humans more than the current inhabitants do and they acted similarly to how humans do today. At first, these creatures embraced the beauty of a planet and took care of it, only using resources given to them rather than taking from the planet. After a while, they started to become greedy, forcefully taking things from the nature such as the meat from animals made to be companions or wood from trees meant to be sacred. The world became angry with the actions of its inhabitants, so it sent natural disasters after them, eventually wiping them out.

      Buxel – Buxel Esti Yael, one of the princesses of the planet Meraki and sister to Lixel, is a very kind-hearted person. She has a passionate love for bees but has distaste for honey, falsely believing bees had to be killed in order to retrieve the honey. Her general fur color is a honey gold, having black paws and black hands. She also has black chest fluff that goes up and creates a black “ring” around her neck. The marking on her ear is one of the few markings that represent peace and tranquility. Buxel’s hair is straight and blonde. She has long hair and black hair at the tips. Her haircut is a bob with bangs, her long hair hanging down in the back. Whenever she has her helmet on, her hair looks shorter than it actually is, the long portion hanging through the opening in the back of the helmet. She has zircon-colored eyes and a black nose.
      While Buxel is a very shy character, she has a very bright personality and is very reliable. She can also get very angry and loud if something terrible happens to anyone she loves or cares about. She isn’t very self-confident, always looking down at herself. She calls herself weak, comparing her strength to the strength of her sister.
      Buxel has a very strong relationship with her slightly older sister, Lixel being the first one she goes to for help and comfort.

I love Vixel, he’s honestly the cutest thing ever to me. I wish I was more like him so that I could stop hating myself so much haha. I’ll get there eventually I hope~