theater is probably the best thing about high school for me. for many others, it may be a sport, band, debate, gymnastics, or something else. of course, many people don’t share the same degree of fervor i have for video games, so i pursue my acting hobbies inside school. whatever it is, i hope your passion makes you feel more human.

there’s something about being close with the theater department which is cool. it’s cool when your director calls you out of your dreadful last class of the day just so you can get out early and breathe. it’s funny to see faculty members chill with the drama kids, hearing funny stories, hearing them say words that would otherwise be “forbidden” in a school setting. it’s nice to have a sense of belonging in a group that seemed so weird at first. it’s nice to feel the rush when the curtains open and the lights blind you, only allowing your imagination to paint the scenery around you as you hold plastic swords and wear costumes.

there’s something about acting. the fact that it taps into your inner emotions not only with yourself, but with those around you. i’m pretty sure almost everyone has had the childhood excitement of acting like a super hero or someone you liked. reviving that familiar feeling really strikes a beautiful chord with me. basically, i feel like i have a firm grip on who i am and what i enjoy.

whether you like sports, band, debate, gymnastics, or something else, hold onto it because it helps you feel like you’re someone special because of your unconditional enthusiasm for something. honestly, everyone is special, and people need to relish that.


Hello! Last weekend at the Toronto Independent Game Jam I (Mathew Kumar, in case you’re lost) and a team of developers—Capy’s Vic Nguyen and Frankie Leung, Andrew Carvalho (previously of Queasy Games) and Shaun Hatton (offsite as “DJ Finish Him”)—created Knight and Damsel, which I describe as a “competitive two-player feminist puzzle platformer.”

As there’s been a bit of interest in the game since Vic shared some of his work online (including coverage from, of all places, Kotaku) I thought I should share some screenshots of the game being played and describe it (roughly.)

So! Knight and Damsel’s inspiration actually comes from a few places, but one worth mentioning is Feminist Frequency’s first Tropes vs. Women in Video Games video, Damsel in Distress. I’m not particularly interested in this context of debating the quality/value of the series, but one thing that struck me was an aside that in your average video game, if a princess is captured, she waits passively to be rescued. Yet for heroes, being captured is just another challenge to be faced (and heroes getting captured happens all the time. It’s basically all James Bond does.)

Hence the set-up: in Knight and Damsel, one player takes the role of the Knight, questing to save the Damsel, and one player takes the role of the Damsel, who can quite happily save herself.

The twist is: what is a knight without a damsel to save? To avoid losing face, the Knight must do what he can to stop the Damsel rescuing herself, something she isn’t too happy about. So we worked up some video game magic that allows the Knight and Damsel to affect each other’s screens by throwing the blocks, axes and bombs that litter the level onto the other’s screen, allowing them to hurt or trap their opponent, while, at the same time, doing their best to navigate further into the level before their opponent.

Both the Knight and Damsel are inevitably heading towards each other, however, and at this stage of the game it becomes a tense, shared-screen face-off, with the Knight attempting to grab the dodging Damsel before she can run back to town. Once the Damsel either rescues herself or is “rescued” scores are totted up based on who managed to get further (plus some bonuses) and either the Knight is praised by the unsuspecting townsfolk for his heroism, or the Damsel gains new respect for proving she didn’t need to be rescued at all.

And that’s the game! As we only had a weekend, it’s currently only a proof of concept, but one that (I feel) definitely works. The majority of the team have other obligations right now (Super Time Force, for example) but we are looking at ways we can take the time to not merely “finish” it as a jam game but polish and tune the play and add a bit more content to put it out properly. I personally very much hope that we can.

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“C’mere, baby” (a-vixels-tale)

Riven pulled as far away from the Vixen as she could. “I- I’m fine.” She trembled in a shaky voice. She sat against a tree with her hands covering her mouth.

imagine Vixel biting into a burger that’s too big for him

he opens his muzzle really really wide and then when he takes the bite, everything just goes out the other end of the burger

poor Vixel, your mouth is too small!!

imagine a sleepy Vixel gently curled up in a little fur orb on his massive queen sized bed. he literally takes up like 10% of the bed

it’s canon that vixel has nosebleeds all the time because i fucking get like five nosebleeds a day and it really annoys me. i wish i was exaggerating, but it literally happens multiple times a day and they’re not small ones either.

it’s even worse in my class to the point if i just leave the room, the teachers know i have a nosebleed. sometimes i’ll be like “sry can i have a new quiz i got blood on it again” because it always sneaks up when i don’t know it.

god nosebleeds.