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block-of-writers  asked:

Sometimes I wonder if the LW ever helped MacCready after he grew up enough to be kicked out of little lamplight. I know mine did, but what are your thoughts on that?

Heck yeah, I definitely think mine did too. I mean Vix was already something of a goody two-shoes, and she had a real soft spot for the poor sods in Big Town. Hell, a bunch of kids growing up in a sheltered underground environment only to be tossed out unceremoniously into the harsh wide open wasteland and told ‘hahaaa, welcome to hell asshole. enjoy’? That hit close to home for her (not that the Little Lamplight kids ever had it particularly easy to begin with, but still). She worked pretty tirelessly to help them out, and continued to stop through on her travels for years and years and years.

I think once Vix realised Mac was out she probably helped set him up with a few of his first jobs to get his feet wet? And he was still obnoxious and rude but he caught on quick and made a name for himself, and Vix is just hearing these stories across the Capital like ‘fuck man, that MacCready kid is a great gun to have at your back no matter how young he is’ and she’s like ‘ -happy sniff- my little jerkface :’) ‘

Also Butch totally thought he was the best damn kid ever, no matter how many times Mac dumped all over his shooting ‘skills’. xD