Anyone But Me: Series Finale “We Went Down to Battery Park”

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The last episode from season 3 of Anyone But Me. This is a must see!!

I'm about to rewatch the wonderful webseries "Anyone But Me".

Just a warning, dear followers: the feels will be big. Incidentally, if you haven’t seen it, you really should. It’s about a girl named Vivian who has to move out of New York City so her aunt can help take care of her sick father. It follows her dealing with a new home and school, making new friends, pursuing her dream of being a reporter, and maintaining a long-distance relationship with her girlfriend Aster. This relationship, by the way, is adorable. This series is awesome for a lot of reasons, but VivSter is definitely my lesbian OTP.

I mean, don’t tell me that’s not cute.

I obviously have a particular interest in this story because I’m gay, but I think it’s something at least most teens can relate to. In other words: WATCH IT!

Okay, major feels time now!

Anyone but me!!!

 The season finale!!! OMFG the ending scene! Not gonna spoil anything but…

*looks for a tissue* The end made me so teary-eyed!

I wonder if there are gonna be another season? Where can I send my money?!?!? If there is another season, what are they gonna do about the east coast girl? And Jamie? And Sophie? And where was Archie this season? And all the other kids? And the awesome english teacher Hmm…