Anyone But Me: Series Finale “We Went Down to Battery Park”

I'm about to rewatch the wonderful webseries "Anyone But Me".

Just a warning, dear followers: the feels will be big. Incidentally, if you haven’t seen it, you really should. It’s about a girl named Vivian who has to move out of New York City so her aunt can help take care of her sick father. It follows her dealing with a new home and school, making new friends, pursuing her dream of being a reporter, and maintaining a long-distance relationship with her girlfriend Aster. This relationship, by the way, is adorable. This series is awesome for a lot of reasons, but VivSter is definitely my lesbian OTP.

I mean, don’t tell me that’s not cute.

I obviously have a particular interest in this story because I’m gay, but I think it’s something at least most teens can relate to. In other words: WATCH IT!

Okay, major feels time now!

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The last episode from season 3 of Anyone But Me. This is a must see!!