If someone would ask me, what I want to do with my life, then I would show him this video, if at hand. Well, my straightforward goal in life is not hanging on a basketball-rim, but the aim to put everything I have into what I do. Be it art, music, literature: It doesn’t matter, but doing it and doing it with commitment. And to me this picture of Fugazi’s Guy Picciotto jumping and hanging in that basketball-ring somehow sums it all up: Absolute energy and not some airy-fairy half-ass bullshit. Since I saw the photo years ago it has been burnt in my memory since then and comes to mind every now and then for no reason. Sometimes I wonder, what it must have been like attending that Fugazi-show back then, probably knowing that you just saw something completely insane and incomparable, something “almost like a spiritual experience”.

And that is a quote of Nolan Strals describing a show of Agent Orange he saw as a teenager, shortly after he had witnessed a fatal accident just before the concert. This is indicated in the Double Dagger-Song “Vivre sans temps mort” and that’s the song you hear an excerpt of in the video, while I’m singing/screaming to it. The songtext and sounds sort of mean the same to me as the Fugazi-photo and so i put them together along with concert-scenes of Japanther, Abe Froman, Minor Threat and of course Double Dagger and Fugazi.

When Double Dagger played in Berlin about 3 years ago I wrote the lyrics on a piece of paper before I left the flat in order to memorize them on the way to the concert. Nothing happened on the train ride, I didn’t learn the songtext and a little later i hopped, jumped, danced the waltz with Nolan screaming the lyrics in fantasy-english with everything i had. One hour negation of death combined with an effusive awareness of being alive, leading to feel every single bone the day after the show. And in a revision of events, what I call so far “the best performance of my life.

Vivre Sans Temps Mort ... Live like there's no tomorrow!
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