Deferred New Year's Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are all well and good but enacting them come January 1 is near impossible in Austin. You end the year drunk, ambitious and ready to change yourself and the world and begin it hungover with the wonders of #FREEWEEK sabotaging any hopes of self improvement. Hundreds of bands at tens of venues all for free all week long! Fuck getting up at the crack of dawn, not drinking on week nights, eating unprocessed foods, running 4 miles a day. The only attainable resolutions are spending less on nights out and seeing more music.

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So I declare today, January 9 the official start of 2012, or at least the first day in which non-music goers can hope to hold you to the unrealistically high ideals you set for yourself eight days ago.

Here are mine:

Quit Smoking - 9/9 days 
Wake up at 5 every day - 0/9 Days
Work out every day - 0/0 Days
Run the dogs every morning - 1/9
Inbox Zero on all email accounts - 1/7 accounts
Filter lofty weekly to-dos into daily chunks - 1/9 Days
See more music - 5/9 Days
Stop creating new blogs that I eventually get bored of - Oops!