So, I'm actually not happy with Celeste winning King of the Nerds.

Like, I still don’t like Genevieve. She’s still annoying, but you have to respect that she really played the game.

Celeste didn’t. She pretty much stayed under the radar and wormed her way out of one Nerd War.

Yeah, she grew during the game, but that’s not the point of shows like that. The point is to play it and win. And Celeste really didn’t play it.

If there is anything years of watching Big Brother has taught me, it’s that even if you hate a contestant, you still have to respect them when they prove themselves to play the game.

I would have stilled preferred Danielle to win, yes. Since it was out of Celeste and Genevieve, though, Genevieve is the one who really worked to get to that point, so she’s the one who deserved to win more out of those two people.