✶ *・  park sooyoung (joy) gif icons !

by clicking here you would be able to find #404 gifs of joy (red velvet). neither the original gifs or the psd ( thanks to vivigifs for it ! ) are mine, so thanks to the creators of these! they are absolutely wonderful. please like or reblog to know you are enjoying them ! this gif hunt will be updated constantly as i keep finding more gifs of one of my ultimate bias ! also, this is a little gift for my friend @celestitas i love you !

 KIM HYUNA’S MASTERPACK for hyuna stans like me!

hello! this is uli and i’ve decided to create this masterpack for those who love to use hyuna as faceclaim, just like me. i think masterpacks are really useful, makes it easier for us to find gif icons, hunts or static icons in one place only. so here we go. this masterpacks contains: gif icons, gif hunts, static icons and gif icons i edited myself since im craving to use this goddess as faceclaim again cough cough. if this masterpacks was useful for you as it is for me, please reblog and like!

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