The legacies of traditional witchcraft, as I understand them:

Prophecy - seership, necromancy, dreaming, Story
Possession - spirit congress, hag-riding, shapeshifting
Flight - spirit ingress/egress/regress, vivification/reification, shape-shifting
Flesh - sex magic, dance, song, shape-shifting, martial sorcery

These are what a witch rides and is ridden by.


Lux Haeresis (The Light Heretical)
by Daniel A. Schulke; Xoanon Publishing, 2011.

As a magico-poetic cartography of the illuminant metaphysic present in the folkloric strata of traditional witchcraft, Lux Haeresis concerns the Arcana of the Witch’s Eye and its mutual interaction with Sentient Luminosity. Treating the twin mysteria of Ocular Malediction (the so-called Evil Eye), and Seership or ‘The Sight’, the book proceeds beyond this duality unto the realm of Telaesthesis –the unique perceptual modalities of the Witches’ Sabbath, grand abberator of the sensorial field. Explored in detail is the magical relation between Hand and Eye, the Body of Void, and the vivification of the Magical Image. 

This edition was limited to 729 hand-numbered copies. 

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