vivienne du fer

A continuation of the “Anders Meets the Inner Circle” series, where Anders is recruited by my Inquisitor Adaar.

(Blackwall | Cullen | Cole | Dorian | The Iron Bull | Hawke | Vivienne)

Kicking off a return to this series with some of the people who don’t look so charitably on Anders and all he stands for, Vivienne. (Warning: Not Vivienne positive.)

Properly speaking, Anders never did meet Vivienne du Fer face to face. She hadn’t been in the courtyard during the first round of introductions; he found out much later that she’d sent a witty, indirectly insulting note declining the Inquisitor’s summon that day. She never came along in the sortie parties accompanying the Inquisitor when Anders was a part of the group; she never ventured into the part of the castle in which his infirmary was based; and somehow, she always seemed to have dinners or tours or other events scheduled to which Anders was not invited.

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