• Vivienne:Tell me, Iron Bull, is there anything I can do to assist you more effectively in combat?
  • Iron Bull:Uh, no. No, I'm good.
  • Vivienne:You do so much fighting at the front. I would help however I may.
  • Vivienne:If my skills can weaken your opponents to make your fight easier, please let me know.
  • Iron Bull:Well, nobody fights well when their clothes are on fire...but honestly, I do really like the ice.
  • Iron Bull:Whatever works for you, though, ma'am.
  • Vivienne:I am always happy to help.

k so according to a banter with cole viv creates tiny wisps whenever she casts magic and how they basically view her as their maker and??? i love it. viv and her little creepy wisp group. cheering her on in their weird yet sincere little way

granted that’s not really how dragon age wisps work as far as i remember but like….let me live y’kno!!

Apparently it’s Vivienne appreciation month. Also I just wanted to draw Vivienne in a pretty dress. I’m going to draw everyone in pretty dresses. Pretty dresses are fun.

EDIT: Thanks for all the love on this picture, now I’m planning on drawing people & naming it “Halamshiral AU” aka where everyone wears nice clothes instead of that Disney prince garb.
short info: Her outfit is based on her regular outfit, and French/English/Italian fashion during 1500-1600 (I know it’s a stretch but Thedas isn’t exactly historically accurate) I used desaturated colours because those work on her.

Halamshiral Series (WIP):

  • Blackwall
  • Cassandra
  • Cole
  • Cullen
  • Dorian
  • Iron Bull
  • Josephine
  • Leliana
  • Sera
  • Solas
  • Varric
  • Vivienne

Vivienne is the “I’ve been through it so I know exactly what that expression on your face means” type of companion or even friend to the Inquisitor. 

The “If you need to vent, my dear, I will close these balcony doors and we can be cut off from Skyhold for a few minutes.” type of companion.

The “You can scream, cry or even throw things if you like, I’ve seen it happen - and done it myself - more often than you can imagine, but never in public.” type of companion. 

“Every great individual throughout history has had their moments of doubt and even weakness, my dear,” she says at one point, squeezing the Inquisitor’s shoulder with a gentle but firm hand even if they aren’t on the best of terms.

The ’…and that’s perfectly alright,’  remains unspoken, but the Inquisitor will feel the presence of the sentiment long after the final battle.