vivien draws

Hey, Tumblr folk. I haven’t totally disappeared. I’ve just been focused on doing my art, as you can see in my latest video here. I worked on Scarlett O'Hara today. I invented a new tool for myself to blend small spaces with a Q-tip and a mechanical pencil. When you have a disability like mine that makes you have to draw with your mouth, there is no market for artists who need tools like that and I have to invent things for myself all the time. Sorry you have to look at my rash. I have a condition that makes me allergic to sunlight and I was exposed to the sun over the weekend for a couple of hours. Allergic rash or not, I have to work. I will post a photo of my progress on this piece of art in just a few minutes. Keep an eye on my Instagram. I’m at jj9828 over there.

Here’s a photo of today’s progress.

And here’s the photo I’m using for reference.

I recently watched Gone With the Wind! I didn’t expect it to be 3 hours long but it was worth it anyway. 

That was the second film I watched that had Vivien Leigh in a leading role, the first being the film Streetcar Named Desire. I really like those types of movies that are based on classic literary works! (I guess that may compensate for my lack of reading? Hopefully… TTuTT ) 

Anyway, I’m going back to school tomorrow! (Or better yet…later…) I can’t really say I’m thrilled to be suffering again… but I am excited to see my friends! I hope tomorrow will be a good day. ⊂((・▽・))⊃