More Than Just Friends.

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Pairing: Bucky x reader

Warnings: Fluff, 

A/N: This is all for you @bovaria !

Summary: Imagine You catch Bucky playing the piano and he is really good and then he sees you watching him and then he stops but you tell him to continue and feelings are exchanged. 

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Titled: ‘More Than Just Friends’ 

You were finishing up on closing up shop at the business you were currently residing employment. Your friend, Bucky came and visited you during your shift but you don’t think he ever left. 

It had been two or three hours or so you had seen Bucky but he never came up and said goodbye to you so you just assumed he stayed until closing. You were upstairs finishing up on some paper work and you were glad when you finally finished and at the fact you could go home. 

You turned off the light in the tiny office room and you closed the door behind you when you heard music playing and it sounded like it was coming from the piano down stairs on the main floor. You started down stairs quietly and wanted to investigate where the noise was coming from. 

You were pleasantly surprised to see Bucky sitting in front of the piano playing some song. You never knew he could even play the piano. Well, like your mother always say to you. 

You learn something new everyday. For awhile you just stood there and stared at him playing and you couldn’t believe he was still unaware of you standing there watching him. You thought too soon though.

Probably when you thought that, Bucky felt like he had an audience and turned around and saw you. “Y/N! How long have you been standing there!?” Bucky asks slamming the final keys and standing up. 

“Long enough. You never told me you played.” You say joining him on the first floor. “Yeah nobody knows and I would prefer to keep it that way.” He said in a warning tone. “Why are you giving me that look for I wouldn’t tell a soul!” You exclaimed even though everyone knows you can’t keep a secret to save your life. 

“Y/N.” Bucky says squaring an eye at you. “Bucky” You say mimicking the exact tone of seriousness in his voice. “Alright, alright I promise I will keep this secret.” You say throwing your pinky high in the hair for you and Bucky to pinky swear on. 

You and Bucky have been pinky swearing since you were kids and you were carrying it out when you were adults. 

“Thanks for that.” You say as the boy who looked to be around your age, help you up off the ground. “No problem.” He says shrugging one of his shoulders. You thought you had seen him before. “Are you in Mrs. Barret’s class?” You ask turning your head to the side a bit and squinting your eyes. 

“Why yes I am.” The boy says nodding his head. “I’m James but my friends call me Bucky. You can call me Bucky.” He says bringing his hand up for you to shake on. “My name is Y/N and instead of shaking on our friendship let’s pinky swear we’ll be friends for forever and ever.” You declare revealing your  pinky finger. 

Bucky intertwines his pinky with yours and you swore on it. 

Bucky chuckles to himself as you swear to him through pinky swear. He couldn’t believe you still kept up that little tradition from when you became friends in grade school. 

“Before I am supposed to forget about you knowing how to play the piano can you play for a little longer, Buck?” You say giving him your best puppy dog eyes. “Oh, I don’t know Y/N aren’t you suppose to be telling me it’s closing time?” Bucky asked raising an eyebrow suspiciously at you. 

“I can get overtime for this.” You say winking an eye. “Now you will please play some more?” You practically beg him, and you sat down at the piano and you patted the spot you left for him to sit. 

“Anything for you, Y/N.” He says sitting back down. You clapped your hands together quickly and then he began to play again. 

His finger tips swept across the keys like it was second nature. You were mesmerized by the he made music. You could never that and you wished you could. Bucky took his eyes off the piano and look you in the eyes. 

“Do you want to try?” He asks you, knowing you can’t play. “I can’t play like you can, but I guess I can try..” You answer uneasily. “Come on it’s easy I can teach you!” He offers you.

“That is very sweet of you Barnes but I am unteachable.” You declare sadly and . “Oh that can’t be true, Y/N. It’s easy to play the piano. Watch me.” Bucky instructs first. “You said the same thing about ice skating…” You mutter under your breath. 

“That’s completely different.” Bucky tried to rationalize with you. “Sure it is.” You say rolling your eyes. That is a different story for a different time though. Bucky started to go slower this time but he played the same song. 

“Do you think you want to try know?” Bucky asked after a little while. “Sure why not?” You say gesturing your hands to the piano. Bucky stopped playing and waited for you. You were nervous and your hands shook a little. 

You got the first keys actually right but you looked at Bucky who was staring you down and you got nervous and you messed up. “See! I told you!” You throw your hand up in a exclamatory manner. 

“It was only because you lost focus, so focus really focus.” Bucky said poking your shoulder. “Okay I’ll try again.” You say exhaling. 

So you tried again and you did better but not perfect. You stopped playing and you looked over at Bucky and asked if you did better. 

“Practice makes perfect and one day you might be as good as me.” Bucky said not being able to contain his laughter much longer after that. 

“Oh okay that’s fine, Bucky!” You say sighing to yourself a little. Bucky’s face inched closer to your face, you leaned your head over a little bit and you knew what was coming next. 

You and Bucky kissed for the first time. It was sweet and passionate and meaningful. It was a long time coming for you and Bucky and now it finally seems like you are going somewhere. 

Your lips left each other’s lips and you both opened your eyes and looked at each. You instantly stood, you were blushing red but not because you were embarrassed it was because you couldn’t believe you just kissed a boy, but not just any boy it was Bucky!

“That was…” You say but you couldn’t even finish what you were going to say because you just didn’t know what to say. Bucky remained sitting and he just was smiling like an idiot. 

“I have been waiting to do that for a long time.” Bucky admitted meeting your eyes. “How long?” Now you were curious. 

“A long time, Y/N.” He said licking his lips tempted to do it again. “Y/N, I have like you for a long time and kissing you was only the sart of what I want to do to you.” He said standing up. 

“I’ve liked you too Bucky but you need to slow down, Cowboy.” You say pressing a finger on his chest. Bucky laughed a little to himself. 

“Alright. So now what do we do?” Bucky wondered out loud to you. 

“This is usually the time you ask me out on a date.” You say grinning. 

“Oh right Y/N will you go out with me?” Bucky asked blinking his eyes.. 


“WHAT?” Bucky was very confused now. 

“I’m kidding yes I will go on a date with you, Bucky!” You giggle. 

“You had me there for a second. Now let’s get out of here I need to walk you home.” Bucky said offering you his hand. 

You grasped his hand and you walked out of the door together. 

The End!