Scenes from India’s massive general strike on September 2, 2015

Yesterday 150 million workers and millions of students in India went on strike against austerity and privatization, led by a united front of communist organizations.

Why is the U.S. media censoring it? Because they don’t want workers and students here to take up this great idea.

Photos: SUCI-C and AIDSO comrades (Special thanks to  Sarwan Kumar Gupta for helping to compile photos from different cities and regions)


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Inspired by Double Dragon and Streets of Rage, it’s a short, fun game in which you fight your way past company employees and cat-headed secretaries earning a bonus for each one you defeat.  Your workmates are fairly easy fist-fodder, but your boss is another matter – you’ll really need to work to earn your bonus from him!

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But this year,
I will get it right, I will stare at a single branch
for all of May. I will know what it’s going through
at least on the fructifying surface.
In May I will listen to the bark whimper and split,
the blossoms blink from sleep.
A few pains remain,
become formalized, enacted in dance
but I’m careful not to catch myself.
—  Dean Young, from “One Story,” Strike Anywhere (Center for Literary Publishing, 1995)

Them feels when you first got the #Mythoclast.

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Indian workers strike over Modi labour reforms
Workers across India are staging a day-long strike in protest against economic policies of the government.

Workers across India are staging a day-long strike to protest at the economic policies of the government.

They say the “pro-business” policies of the Narendra Modi-led BJP government will put their jobs at risk and hurt ordinary people.

The unions are demanding the government drop plans to sell off stakes in state-run companies and change labour laws.

Reports say some 150 million workers - mainly in banking, manufacturing, construction and coal mining industries - belonging to 10 major unions are expected to stay away from work on Wednesday.

The strike appears to have hit public transport, with long queues of commuters and school children seen at a bus stops in many cities, including the capital, Delhi. Many passengers were also stranded at railway stations and airports.

A large number of schools and businesses were shut in the states of West Bengal and Kerala, where unions enjoy significant clout, and public transport was disrupted, reports said.