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according to blizzard, gerard was some sort of ace in the hole and talons main enemy. does your gerard share that?

He’s certainly the most annoying member of the strike team

I like to think he hijacked talons comms on a counterterrorist mission and just… mouthed off this insufferable, self-indulgent, premeditated monologue that started with armchair philosophy and degraded to snide insults about their tacky boots

And the head talon guy was like ‘god someone just assassinate him’

  • Mashima: This week Im gonna surprise my fans with a colour page containing all their OTPs because I love them so much!
  • Mashima: And then I'll show them Zeref telling Natsu that Makarov is dead, while casually stabbing his hand through his chest lol
The Bumblr Strike continues!

Day three! All bees all the time! Bringing you every color of the rainbow and all the pins you can stand.

It shall not abate. Join me if you like and post only that one thing that you love most to share. Let’s cleanse this Tumblr house and give it a good salting.

KissAnime now requires viewers to sit through ads and blocks adblockers, unless you have a paid premium account. So the popular “why I use pirate sites instead of Crunchyroll” excuses of “I don’t like ads” or “I don’t want to pay for it” don’t even work anymore. 

 Torrenting is probably morally cleaner tbh than using illegal streaming sites. At least you’re not giving them money? 

 Also I get that a lot of people are broke af but I regularly see “I don’t want to pay for it!” from people who clearly can afford all kinds of merch and shit that I can’t on my grad student budget. A grad student budget that is still able to pay for multiple monthly streaming services!

its one am but also let me ramble man all the coursers on a road trip like X6-88and Z2-47 are in the front lit as fuck like the radio is so fuckin turnt and the rest of them are cramped in the back hoping to god z2 doesnt drive them into a ditch trying to keep up with the lyrics to sweatpants as good as X6 my god boy fUCK

“If you quit your training, if you take the quick and easy path, as Vader did, you will become an agent of evil.”

You and Obi-Wan are talking like Luke’s not coming back. He says himself that he intends to return to finish, this is taking a leave of absence from his studies because of a family emergency, not him abandoning his training!

Also, Yoda proves he still doesn’t get what happened with Anakin. Anakin turned to the dark side as a last resort, when he felt that the Jedi would never accept him or help him. He turned not because he wanted power but because he thought you’d slam the door in his face. And the fact that Yoda never realizes this over the last twenty years says he was right.

A gift for @disnerdpoketrainer :D :D
I noticed you like starwars as well as pokemon :D
Thank you for always saying nice things about my art even though I hate most of it. It makes me so happy that you like it :)
You encourage me to get better at drawing. I’m sorry i haven’t thanked you before for the nice things you say; I’m a little Internet shy, sorry!
I hope you enjoy the rest of your day and thank you for just being a really nice person to everyone on here!