vivid tangerine


After I got home from work last night, I started painting Bobbin’s features for my appliquéd parts of “Bobbin, the Bold.” I tried my Inktense pencils first, but I wasn’t happy with the results. This morning I started over with my old favorites, Tsukinenko inks.

Like Inktense pencils and paint, it’s easy to build up color with inks, but you do need to heat set it with an iron. Also like paint, you can mix your own colors.

Though Bobbin is an orange and white tabby, using straight Tangerine orange was far too vivid. I mixed Tangerine, Tuscan Beige and a drop of Sand to achieve “Bobbin Orange.”

Once the orange parts were inked, I added several drops of Lemon Yellow to get a nice amber gold to do his eyes.

For his nose and toes I used a very dry Fantastix brush with Rose Pink, starting where I wanted those sections the darkest, and rubbing the brush into the center to get a nice shading.

Karma illustrates another beauty to using these non-toxic, water soluble inks (properly capped when not loading a brush). They dry very quickly, and Karma isn’t likely to step into a color she could track all over the house, or get sticky paint all over her fur. Of course, she could still spill an uncapped bottle with that muscular tail she has.

My desk still has a lot of black “distress marks” from the time I lost a whole uncapped bottle of black ink.

The Signs as Crayola Color Names

aries: permanent geranium lake (#E12C2C)
taurus: antique brass (#C88A65)
gemini: jazzberry jam (#A50B5E)
cancer: robin’s egg blue (#00CCCC)
leo: razzmatazz (#E30B5C)
virgo: vivid tangerine (#FF9980)
libra: celestial blue (#7070CC)
scorpio: outer space (#2D383A)
sagittarius: inchworm (#AFE313)
capricorn:  canary (#FFFF99)
aquarius: wild blue yonder (#7A89B8)
pisces: granny smith apple (#9DE093)

source: (x)

Ok so today was our first practice for Cross Country, so I hang out w my friends and Trev (SirKitticus) when the teacher starts talking about uniforms and such, and how some schools have spandex suits to help you go faster, and how some people wear swim trunks and stuff, AND THIS MOTHER FKER LAUGHS AND PULLS UP THE CUFF OF HIS SHORTS SO WE CAN SEE THE SWIM SUIT HE’S BEEN WEARING ALL DAY


and THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is why Trevor is a real life Haruka Nanase