The World Tried to Break Me I Found a Road to Take Me Home.

Kelly was sitting in front of her mirror before the show a smile she forced on her face showed as she laughed with her makeup and hair stylists. “I want it big, like it was last time. I wanna look strong!” She said with a smile looking into the mirror as the woman put in her curly blonde hair extensions. She was wearing a one shoulder black dress it was flattering for her but her husband never liked it. He always thought she wasn’t dressing her age. She dressed how she wanted to though, but it didn’t change the fact that she was always trying to impress him and no matter what he never noticed her. No matter how hard she tried, nothing was the same anymore.. Not after Dallas.. Kelly sighed looking down opening the square with her pills in it swallowing the large amount he always put in there. She never understood why she had so many except maybe she just had that many problems,sure feels like I do..She thought to herself. A man with a com mike came in and had a pesent in his hand, “this is for you from a fan Ms. Canter.” She turned a smile lightening her face, “well look at that I just got here and I got a present?! I wonder what it could be!” She said excited opening the box, but the sight caused her heart to beat fast and her stomach to drop as she screamed. The box had a dismembered baby dool with fake blood comming out of it and on the sticky note it said ‘murderer!' She began hyperventilating,come on Kelly you’re strong. What would your husband say?!Just on cue he walked in and looked at the box, “who did this?! Why did you give this to her?!” He said and the man stumbled on his words with her reactions. Kelly got up trying to run to him to have him comfort her, but he was gone by the time she got there. He was never there for her, he never gave a shit about her.. She lost her baby and in turn lost everyone around her too, but what was she going to do?! She saw a bottle of Vodka and knew it was dangerous but she couldn’t stop herself. She was an addict, but never truely got over it over everything. She looked at it grabbing it and unscrewing the cap feeling it burn down her throat as she drank and she ran for the exit hearing her husband yelling at her. She closed the door crying hard as she continued to drink the bottle stumbling outside as she looked around her make up was messed up badly and all she could remember was what happened at Dallas, and how she would never be forgiven. She was a monster and a murderer, who could ever love her?

I would like to say, I absolutely love vivianthompson. He is an amazing Vivian RPer. I got chills when I first RPed with him. His character is so perfect and so well done. I cant even tell the difference between him and the character in the movie, In Dreams. This blog is worth a follow. The mun is also perfect in every way. She’s a beautiful person and a great, great friend. She has, and always will, hold a special spot in my heart.