line work by Vivian color by me :D

based on the amazing Vivian’s March Hare sketch thank you sooo much for giving me permission to color it!

sorry the best i could do for this color job was a photo with my not very sharp camera, crappy scanner won’t do. i’ll upload a better image when i get access to a good scanner :/


How to sketch an electric guitar

This is for you Vivian <3

so i’ve got my ‘fandom’ holiday cards *squee* aaaand…. ok well i’m wondering if any out-of-staters (or y'know otherwise can’t make it to the shows) whose address i don’t have yet would like to receive one? just send a fanmail/ask w/the info (all will be kept private).

(Becca, Vivian, i’d really like to send mah first mails to Australia & France *hinthint*)

k, i’m a go hide under my covers now…