How do you view medical drama?

vivianfairyland submitted:

Hi, dear doctor. Everytime I check your post, I get inspired and I sincerely appreciate reading high quality medicine-related fun stuff from your post. I’ve enjoyed so much since I began to follow your post. Never disappointed, I’d like to thank you for sharing those. For your question, I’m wondering how you as a doctor view these hot medical dramas, especially like Dr. House, my big time favorite! I’d like to know how you think about the ethical issue on the show.

(Egads, 2 Cranquis Mail replies within 2 days? What, is Cranquis on vacation or something?)

Hello, Viv! Thanks for your question. I don’t really watch much TV of any sort (for a number of factors: no TV + 2 young children who suck up all hypothetical TV-watching time), and the last medical show I watched was House MD (and HEY SPOILER ALERT: I had quit watching during the whole Season 7 “Huddy” nonsense, and then the internet informed me that Season 8 was actually quite good, and then the internet proceeded to totally spoil the ending of the show for me, so… *bitter*).

As you can guess from this blog’s House/Hugh Laurie motif, I certainly did enjoy certain aspects of the House MD show (particularly the outpatient clinic scenes, where Dr. House got away with all the things I wish I could do in my Urgent Care). I never got into the shlock-fests like Grey’s Anatomy or E.R., either – but I loved the original Scrubs series (and actually felt it did the best job out of ANY medical TV show in realistically portraying the ethical and medical issues that doctors deal with every day! How ironic, eh?).

So let’s just focus on the ethics within the world of House MD, shall we?

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