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Reason 487 why Uncle Phil is a BAMF

Okay so - I sat an watched Selma yesterday and found it both fantastic and heartbreaking.

Today I was thinking about the scene with Malcom X, I briefly remembered the first time I ever learned about him - watching the Fresh Prince as a British kid in the 90′s. And suddenly all I can think of is this scene in the very first episode

Uncle Phil: Look at me when I’m talking to you. Let me tell you something, son. I grew up on the streets just like you. I encountered bigotry you could not imagine. Now you have a nice poster of Malcolm X on your wall. I heard the brother speak. I read every word he wrote. Believe me, I know where I come from!

So I never really linked him saying that to actually visually placing him in that period of the Civil Rights movement. So I looked up a bit more of Phil’s past in the show and literally:
“Phil: ls that so, son? Let me tell you something.
The ‘63 March on Washington? l was there.
The '65 demonstrations at Selma, l was there.
The '65 Watts Riots, l was there, too.”

So yeah, I always knew Uncle Phil was badass, but goddamn


I posted these photos because I have noticed a pattern of colorism towards dark skinned black women. I don’t know if I am being paranoid but this is a pattern. First Aunt Vivian Banks originally portrayed by a dark skin woman and yes I am aware of why Fresh Prince replaces Janet Hubert but like they casted a lighter skinned woman to play her when she was originally a dark skinned woman. Then later it happened with Harriet Winslow. Another character portrayed by a dark skinned woman but the casting team of Family Matters replaced her with a lighter skinned actress. I mean wouldn’t the show at least try to cast someone close to the same skin tone? Then we have Simone Biles a success beautiful dark skinned gymnast who is 4’8 and when asked who she would have play her in a movie she said Zendaya. First off why would she say Zendaya? Zendaya like myself is a light skinned biracial woman who is 5’9. Why wouldn’t Simone say someone like Skai Jackson? Zendaya just seems like an odd choice. I have never seen a gymnast over the height of 5’4 (Also note I am a light skinned biracial woman who is closer looking to Zendaya and Who also happens to be 6’1 also I know jack shit about gymnastics but I just know I have never seen anyone near my height in gymnastics. ) Anyways am I being paranoid or observant. Anyways let’s talk!